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cumvisit2 67M/38F
233 posts
10/10/2008 3:33 am

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12/6/2008 12:55 pm


Everything that i do revolves around sex.As soon as I meet a person all can think about is what it would be like to suck their cock or pussy or ass.I immediately fantasize them naked and get hot just talking to them.I try that day to masturbate thinking of them.I am a real nymphomaniac and can literaly cum all the time.I have gangbanged hundreds at a time (true) and came with each one.When i was 12 years old I blew my piano teacher and he fucked me up the ass.I always had a big round ass and everybody always wanted to fuck it.He then set me up with all his friends and i gave my first gangbangs.They would dress me as a whore,black garter belt 4 inch heels and make me walk around like that all night.I was taught everything,fucking .sucking ,ass fucks,rimming,ass licking,enemas and being pissed on.I then realized that i was a nympho.I couldnt wait for my meetings with them.I used to masturbate all the time.I,also began being an exhibitionist.I used to get a thrill.letting my neighbors see me undressing and wacking off thru the window.I particularly liked seeing the husband the nexr day,after he saw me do my show the night before,and me acting so innocent,but knowing he was probably getting a hardon.I then started to fuck anyone with a cock.big ones,smallones,as long as it was a cock..In highschool and college I did every team in the school.I was the school tramp and loved it.I,also fucked every boss I ever had,When i would go for an interview,I would ask the boss how big his cock was.For 6 years I fucked thousands of guys and couldnt get enough.I then met hubby and I knew that he was the perfect one for me.20 years,older,very handsome,big cock.,kinky and super rich .We married after a few months and have had a wonderfull relationship.He has become my sissybitch but we like it that way.Due to him i got into women and today like them as much as men.I do miss them not having a cock,but tvs are a perfect substitute .I have fucked and sucked some of the most famous people in the world and get off on that.Afew weeks ago I was sitting on the face of one of the most important woman politicians.I loved watchng her on tv and thinking of her begging me to piss on her.Im 32 now and hope to continue my lifestyle for at least another 40 years.Ill bet at 72 I still will be a good fuck.Today i enjoy performing in front of groups,especially on a stage.I have made scores of porno movies and vids.I love the fact that people masturbate to my pictures.Im now into being humiliated and degraded.Im trying scat for that reason alone.Im still not sure about it.I was getting into it but last week i was being initiated into a scat club and about 6 couples shitted on me and i threw up.I hate that.Recently i performed for charity where people gave large donations to charity if i would perform any acts that they requested in front of an audience of about 40 people.Th e wierdest request that anyone made was one very well known actor who donated 50,000 if i would do a strip,masturbate and pick my nose in front of the crowd.I dont know why picking my nose would turn anyone on but i certainly was the biggest donation of the night.Another of my big kicks is humiliating hubby.I love watching my sisters,nieces and friends do things to him He is now a beautiful tv who can pass anyplace.Watching him licking a guys ass as the guy is fucking me is a turnon.I also like to stuff food up my cunt and ass and have him suck it out.Pissing and shitting on him is a big power trip.I really wish that I could fuck and lick the asshole of everyone reading this blog.I have probably done every man in my building and every shopkeeper in the neighborhood.The people in my building can ring the bell and come in for a quickie.They tell their wives they are bringing out the gabbage or getting the mail and cum for a blow job It turns me on to walk down the sreet wiggling my big ass(I have a great wiggle) knowing that they are getting hot thinking of when i sucked their cock.My most fun was when I got naked and got on my knees behind the counter of the convenience store and sucked the indian owners cock while he was waiting on a customer.He couldnt stop cuming in my mouth.I have done the guys in the deli,cleaners,drug store, chinese laundry and the whole crew in the garage,including customers.. I right now have one finger up my asshole and another in my pussy
I like smelling my ass and then cuming.I dont think ,how I am is bad.If I was a guy I would be called a swinger and people would look up to me.Because I am a woman i am considered a tramp,you know what FUCK YOU ,and thats what i intend to do.I will sit on your face,fart in your mouth,fuck you with a strap on and then piss and shit all over you.Now whos the slut???????

Speleologist 71M

5/16/2011 7:58 am

I'm a dirty old man who's frequently into NY city on business. Eight inch long and two inches wide and very hard, ready to spread your ass and make you beg.

And, unlike a young 'stud', I can fuck for hours without a desperate need to cum, so you're going to be sore and sorry by the time I'm through with your ass.

If you want to get in touch, it's Captainvonfolter at yoohah for kinky e-mails.

bottminid 57M

1/29/2010 4:15 pm

Take my hot little ass with your strap-on and I'll do pretty much anything you want!!

Koala1980 33M

8/18/2009 11:11 pm

Well, I'll be back in NYC this Hallowe'en... unless you guys don't like hot, 28 year old kinky boys?

Always looking, rarely finding

Read my darkest thoughts & filthiest writing!

numbnudz 39M

11/28/2008 10:13 am

ahhhh..what great slut you are!! really enjoyed reading about your experiences w/ my cock in hand!!...wish i could suck & smell your asshole right now!! mwuah, slurp..

brunoier 69M/54F
409 posts

11/24/2008 4:36 am

from one slut to another. your new picture of a cock in your ass is perfect. love having my black ass filled with cock pumping me full of cum. i just love being filled in every hole a once, then when there is cum dripping out of me from every where i grab my cucolds cock, squeeze him and let cum drip from my mouth in to his and tell him how much i enjoyed the other cocks. i'll do gang banging with you anytime. i also enjoy eating a cum filled cunt. lets fuck together.

Koala1980 33M

11/17/2008 9:21 pm

Bah, I completely forgot.. I was in NYC over hallowe'en... and it would have been hot as hell to play some nasty cuckold games with you two..

Always looking, rarely finding

Read my darkest thoughts & filthiest writing!

cumvisit2 replies on 11/19/2008 2:38 pm:
always looking never seeing thats whyrarey finding

aublooking 61M
2 posts

11/3/2008 3:17 pm

Waiting for you to get to this area

brunoier 69M/54F
409 posts

11/1/2008 7:42 am

wife here. i am just like you and my hubby. a total cum drinking, ass fucked and fucking slut. want to do every one i meet but they have to be clean. no scat , piss or shit. love being DPed and 2 cocks in my ass or pussy. people can't believe me being DPed because i am so petite 5-1 110 lbs.. ever had cock in ass and cunt, another in your mouth, 2 guys sucking your tits and a cock in each hand at once? i have many times!! your my kind of slut.

cumvisit2 replies on 11/1/2008 1:59 pm:
send some pics sweetie I want to wack off to them,especially some ass and face shots.

Koala1980 33M

10/24/2008 11:43 pm

I'll have to keep my eye out when I'm in NYC next!

Always looking, rarely finding

Read my darkest thoughts & filthiest writing!

cumvisit2 replies on 10/25/2008 3:46 am:
better try both eyes

aublooking 61M
2 posts

10/22/2008 4:18 pm

Do you ever come to the Syracuse area? I would love to have you lick my ass, suck my cock, and let me fuck that ass of yours!

cumvisit2 replies on 10/25/2008 3:45 am:
so whats new????????????????????

dave_the_slut 66M

10/19/2008 4:31 pm


In answer to my comment on YOUR blog psot (this one) YOU wrote:

cumvisit2 replies on 10/19/2008 6:12 am:
josie you little devil you actually got me hot.

MISTRESS (CUCKOLDRESS) LEE, reading YOUR blogs and relooking at YOUR photo albums it is YOU MISTRESS LEE who have made me so hot that i had to remove my chastity cage and masturbated while thinking of YOU and then eating all of my mess up.


i would please orally also you can strapon fuck me with my cock locked in CB 3000.

jumpertaz 51M/27F
108 posts

10/18/2008 7:16 am

toi your other
afraid to meat!!!

most are fakes or liars or married people ONLY fantasizing
or merely fat and ugly and insecure


and yes easy to say online as ONLY in person will people know how they feel and hoe willing and eager they are to perform and to be pushed

as a maid and in heels and maids apropn and serve drinks and snacks as i have friends over and watching a ball game!!!!!

the hubby on his knees licking and sucking and being the fluff girlie and ass cleaner for ALL who get hard or dirty!!

you as the sex toy to be used and shared


YOU dressed as a slut and taken out and as men and women look i offer YOU to bare all and have them take body pics of you in private and no face shots and charge them to do so as well


and yes tired of the fakes here so no longer a gold member

cavallo212 52M

10/17/2008 5:51 am

No offense meant Cumvisit. Just a request that you use a few more paragraphs when you write.
As for having a big cock. You will have to wait until I visit. My cock is called Hamish by the way,not me. All cocks should have a name.

cumvisit2 replies on 10/18/2008 3:25 am:
Guys are talk big but most of you are really shy little dwebs.i showed you fucking,sucking,fisting,pissing,shitting,etc and you show notthing and thats what you will get nothing.

readynow68 60M
6 posts

10/16/2008 5:50 pm

WOW, your a beautiful woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. That turns me on in a huge way. I wold love to show you how much it turns me on. Let's talk and share each others dreams and seee if we can act them out together.

cumvisit2 replies on 10/17/2008 3:57 am:
you saw my goodies,wheres yours????????????????

bigmac01 60M
670 posts

10/16/2008 11:10 am

    Quoting Badgirl8859:
    Very nicely put Mistress..We should talk more as we both love to fuck and we both have sissy submissive tv's..I am sure i can find some males for us to play with..
Like me... count me in, please!

The best lack all conviction, and the worst are full of passionate intensity. - WBY

jhno2 52M

10/13/2008 5:14 pm

When I was a young boy growing up, on school holidays Legacy arrange places and families in the country for us to be billeted out and stay during the holidays. When I was 9 I was billeted to a young family in Narrandra. They were a young couple with a baby 12 months old. Their names were Ray and Beth, Ray worked as a relief Ambumanman around the southern riverina. I can remember Ray would drink 2 bottles of beer at night then go to bed. The baby always sleep with Beth and Ray with me. From the first night Ray introduce me to sex. He play with my little boy cock telling me that this makes you feel really good and that it a special thing for us to know and not to tell anyone. Well this lead to me sucking his cock and fucking him but when he try to fuck me, it was hurting me, so he stop and went out of the bedroom returning with Beth. Beth comfort me, cuddling and rubbing and kissing until she notice my little boy cock. Beth look at me and said while hugging me, look Ray johnny got a stiffy, I should show him what we do with stiffies and started to suck my cock. Beth sucked my cock until it started to hurt really bad, a pain I have never felt before. The unreal pain of not being able to cum if you know what you mean. The pain subdue and all three of us continued. Beth took off her PJ and showing a beautiful young body and Ray did the same. Beth got me to suck and fist her pussy while she suck Ray cock showing me what a blowing cock look like in full fight. This was my first night with Ray and Beth and this happen nearly every night for 2 weeks. I didn't realise to latter on in life that this was very inappropriate behavior and thought of myself as a bit of filth in my teenage years. But I came to realise that these to people were child abusers. Would you stand by now and let the same type of fucker do your 12 year old granddaughter. I know that if I was there I shoot them all saving the child from such act and years of try to work out the meaning of it. This did confuse me when I was in my teen because of Poofer factor in sociality in those day.

jumpertaz 51M/27F
108 posts

10/12/2008 7:04 pm

fresh fruits and veggies and later watch YOU lick them clean
see if any security will stop you
but have the hubby takes pics as you do


and wheres my movie!!!

cumvisit2 replies on 10/19/2008 3:13 am:
its cuming,its cuming

Badgirl8859 50M/50F
40 posts

10/12/2008 3:44 pm

Very nicely put Mistress..We should talk more as we both love to fuck and we both have sissy submissive tv's..I am sure i can find some males for us to play with..

cumvisit2 replies on 10/17/2008 3:58 am:
fuck males,I love your yummy ass

gldshwrcpl 62M/64F  
15 posts

10/12/2008 4:27 am

i will take a picture of her ass spread wide open for you so you can stick your tongue deep into her shit hole

cumvisit2 replies on 10/12/2008 4:53 am:
yum yum,that smells good

dave_the_slut 66M

10/11/2008 5:37 pm


YOU are a true SUPERIOR DOMINANT WOMAN. men to worship YOU and YOU to use men as YOU desire and we to do what YOU desire.
That YOU get YOUR pleasures and sexual release while we stay locked in chastity for YOUR enjoyment.
Thank YOU


cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 1:25 pm:
Dave, you too. instead of standing there with your cock in your hand, start pulling on it. I think that I would like to straddle your face, rise up, fart in your mouth and then take a dump on you. If you're good I might piss on you to wash you off.

Dave/josie replies 10/11/2008 8:21 pm:


As a SUPERIOR DOMINANT WOMAN to be worshiped and YOU to use men as YOU desire and we to do what YOU desire.

Quote ""instead of standing there with your cock in your hand, start pulling on it.""
MISTRESS, i am holding my male clitie which is locked in a CB 3000 chastity cage.

Quote ""I think that I would like to straddle your face, rise up, fart in your mouth and then take a dump on you. If you're good I might piss on you to wash you off.""

my male clitie has gotten so hard and only as big as my chastity cage will allow it to expand as i read YOUR answer.

Yes MISTRESS, i dream of having YOU straddling my face and i would like to suck the fart from YOUR beautiful ass, though i have never eaten a SUPERIOR DOMINANT WOMANS dump i would egarly devour YOUR dump and if YOU allow to drink YOUR golden nector.

on other email

i would please orally also you can strapon fuck me with my cock locked in CB 3000.

cumvisit2 replies on 10/19/2008 3:12 am:
josie you little devil you actually got me hot.

gldshwrcpl 62M/64F  
15 posts

10/11/2008 8:44 am

dam we wish we were your neighbor, girlfriend is searching for another female to piss all over her. While you two are eating each other and pissing on each other I would love to take a nice big dump on your face and smear my shit all over the two of you. Then the both of you can take a dump on your siisy/bitch husband and play in all the shit. I know you dont like it but I would love to have you two puke on each other also. If you ever feel the need to piss on another female she would be more than willing to drink your piss. Hope we hear from you. Chris and Ed

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:12 am:
lets see your girls ass i love to suck on a big ass

PissaShitmouth4U 65M

10/11/2008 7:30 am

I would love to meet her and her hubby (and all her friends, male and female) but I wouldn't want them to piss and shit on me, I would want them to cum, piss AND shit straight in my mouth because I love the taste of all three.

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:15 am:
Amazing how everybody on paper is such a big shot,but when we get them at a party in person they become like little babies.Whinning and crying and being to stop.

SuckU4Hrs 47M

10/11/2008 3:53 am

INCREDIBLE!!! Absolutely incredible!!

And i thought i was perverted and deviant!! i'm a piker compared to you!

i just LOVED reading this blog, (and your other blogs too)! So fucking hot that i have to jerk off now!!

i admire your embracing the slut inside of you. A true libertine in every sense of the word!! (De Sade would be proud!!)

And i think that your beautiful ass is simply STUNNING, especially when it's framed by that sexy red garter belt!!

i aspire to be as slutty as you!! ROCK ON BABY!!!

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:19 am:
what anice answer.I love that someone jerks off to my really gets me hot.Especially when its such anice big black cock.MMM,Id love to stick it up my ass and then suck it off.YUM YUM

cutty240 52M
21 posts

10/10/2008 7:11 pm

Dear, you are truly a unbelievable woman.I'm sure you did everything you said,thats shit's to crazy to make up,you might have left some stuff out.Thanks for being real,and a REAL good slut.I salute you.I would drink your bath water baby.

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:20 am:
Im picturing you jerking off to my Pics.Why dont you do it now,Ill watch you.I like to watch.

dave_the_slut 66M

10/10/2008 6:40 pm


YOU are a true SUPERIOR DOMINANT WOMAN. men to worship YOU and YOU to use men as YOU desire and we to do what YOU desire.
That YOU get YOUR pleasures and sexual release while we stay locked in chastity for YOUR enjoyment.
Thank YOU

i would please orally also you can strapon fuck me with my cock locked in CB 3000.

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:25 am:
Dave ,you too.instead of standing there with your cock in your hand,start pulling on it.I think that i would like to straddle your face,rise up .fart in your mouth and then take a dump on you.If youre good i might piss on you to wash you off.

jumpertaz 51M/27F
108 posts

10/10/2008 3:24 pm

how absolutely phenominal

and NOTHING wrong with being a slut as long as YOU enjoy doing so

imagine you walking into a grocery store and you get a HUGE cucumber and put it in your pusy, and then a carrot and fat end in your ass and walk out with it

thou i would LOVE to get a porno if you and have YOU autograph it for me


cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:27 am:
Hi baby hows it hanging?can always count on you for a good idea.How about a salami?

sissykarencd 31T  
48 posts

10/10/2008 3:15 pm

I too love smelling my ass and cuming. I put a finger in my dirty unshowered ass and get it nice and dirty and wipe it all over and around my nose and top lip, shove a toy in my ass and jerk off like crazy licking the cum up off my fingers and still loving the smell of my ass.
Great BLOG, loved every second of reading it. Keep up the great fun tramp....cause I'm eager to be a tramp like that too.

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 3:29 am:
how about visiting for a few days?

trickyd69 48M

10/10/2008 1:14 pm

Wow I bet your apartment block is the only one in the world where the cost hasn't gone down! Must be a waiting list to buy there with you looking after the residents!! Can I just drop in when I'm passing?

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:28 am:
with that cock,definitely

856 58M  
58 posts

10/10/2008 1:12 pm

Sounds just how I like them ;to bad for me you are on the east coast . These winter when the weather turns cold come out to nor cal you two and we can have some fun playing around town .

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:30 am:
I cum to frisco alot and love your cock(I love every cock)

cavallo212 52M

10/10/2008 10:46 am

It is all I have under my kilt !!

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:31 am:
Cum on Hamish,you dont be shy,lets see your cock.

bigdguy2 59M
171 posts

10/10/2008 10:36 am

Oh my - I would love to be your hubby - sharing you with all those other men - sounds beautiful to me.

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:32 am:
Hey Pal, I will do you one day.

Dark_Angel1956 58T
9 posts

10/10/2008 6:35 am

You're the kind of girl I wish I was and hope to become

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:39 am:
Honey let me tell you something.You are areal piece of ass.You really turn me on.I cant remember why we didnt get together,and why you didnt cum visit me.You are really my type.Wow would i do a job on you.Me ,you and hubby,oh my god Both of you in garter belts with your cocks hanging out Id love to suck your cock while hubby fucks you up the ass.I swear Im cumming.

brunoier 69M/54F
409 posts

10/10/2008 6:11 am

this is the hubby. i agree with you. i meet some one new and later play with my cock fantasing fucking her or sucking his cock wondering about how much cum i'll get or the taste of her pussy. how his cock will feel in my ass, is she a good strap-on fucker, what kind of kinky things we will do. i also like to sit on a guys lap with his cock up my ass, jerking off, watching my wife fucking and sucking cocks. your confession is like a bio.

read our blog. a lot of them are true. enjoy your selves

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:41 am:
Love to see your goodies and what you look like.

kinkseeker2 64M  
2 posts

10/10/2008 5:59 am

MMMMMM....... great blog. Really wish I could play with you, your husband and family.....

cumvisit2 replies on 10/11/2008 10:48 am:
I looked at your site.Nice asshole.Write me at cumvisit2.can always use an asshole like that.

xkartgo 58M

10/10/2008 5:41 am

Most guys want a slut... they just don't want to admit it. Keep doing what you do... because you enjoy it... and for the few people who have the pleasure of enjoying you for you. Hopefully, someday... you'll want a piece of me too...

cumvisit2 replies on 10/10/2008 5:44 am:
I want a piece of verybody its just a question of time

cavallo212 52M

10/10/2008 5:29 am

Did you ever think of moving to Newmarket

cumvisit2 replies on 10/10/2008 5:45 am:
is there a big cock under your skirt,sweetie??????????????????

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