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surfacerobbie 76M
3 posts
6/19/2009 6:52 am
clit masterbating

have u ever been in a situation where ur completely aroused and would do almost anything to reach that ultimate climax. i was in that situation with a young lady who had got so carried away with her feelings that she asked me to suck or pump her clit to see how far i could pull it down, in saying that she never new that i was quite experienced in doing this so i agreed. i then went to get the neccessary implements, and also tied her hands to the bedposts and her legs were stretched very wide and also tied at the knees so she could not close them. starting on her breasts i then started to massage them by moving my hands around and in an upward motion, pausing only to suckle her nipples. i could hear her starting to breathe faster and new she was ready for clit sucking. ducking my head down to her pussy i imediately applied my mouth to her clit and started to suckle and tongue in circular movements until i could feel her trying to move her legs at that i applied my syringe to her clit and surrounding flesh and started to pull and push in a pump like manner, i could hear her groaning with pleasure and started to apply more pressure to her clit at which stage i must have extracted her clit about three inches inside the syringe. letting the syringe hang down i then tied a lead weight to it, so there was always a slight downward pull to her clit. using my well oiled finger i then began rimming her pussy and her butt until she was moaning.pursuing my objectives i proceeded to work my finger into her butt slowly and going quicker as i pushed it in deeper, withdrawing my finger i then continued to rim her pussy and repeated the same operation of inserting my finger slowly and quicker as i pushed it in deeper, without any warning she orgasmed so i quickly put my mouth down to her pussy and sucked her sweet juices, i noticed also that her clit had come down even more because of the weight on the syringe so i released the syringe and started to masterbate her clit which now looked like a small penus, which of course it is, as i worked my fingers up and down holding her clit i felt it starting to swell and harden so i put my mouth on her clit and started to suck so it wouldnt go back to normal for a while. the womans body was covered in sweat from her sexual feelings and she was writhing and groaning until she gasped and shouted im coming at which i saw her orgasm run down from her pussy and she started to cry, no more please no more. i then arose from her pussy and released her at which stage she noticed her clit was still hanging down about four to five inches and was also still hard, i told her not to worry it would go back of its own accord, but while it was down she would be extremely sensitive and easily aroused and to prove my point i told her to try and masterbate her clit like a penus, which she did and within seconds she spread her legs and said lets do it all again

ready2chat1016 36F

6/19/2009 8:34 am

*smiles* Nice!!

LIFE is not about waiting on the STORM to pass, but rather, LEARNING to DANCE in the RAIN!

Missdomminant 38M/38F
27950 posts

6/20/2009 3:07 am

Nice pic, yummy.
Nice to meet you, and welcome to blogland.


surfacerobbie 76M

6/21/2009 1:31 am

many have tried and many have failed, and many still come after there clits have been snailed, but when clits are pulled down and swell up and get thick, the woman agree its a wonderful trick,so cum you young ladies and reach for the sky, pump down your clits and give it a try

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