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Cruel_Sex_Master 43M
12 posts
10/30/2008 7:51 am
Toilet training

Toilet training.

I use scat/piss as a method of humiliation and punishment for a slave girl but there is a training period where slaves are introduced to the idea of toilet play.

Rewards and punishments.

The rewards and punishments are a personal thing as you probably know, in the lifestyle a beating maybe a reward and forced orgasm a punishment.

Humiliation Training.

I like my slaves to ask before they go to the bathroom and sometimes I deny them and make them wait as a punishment, sometimes I watch them go and sometimes I make them go in their pants. You may want to train your slave to work in this way by making them leave the door open but not watch, stand just beyond the door so you can listen. Be in the room but look away, and finally watch your slave go to the toilet. You can do this with piss or shit and it can be very humiliating to the slave. You can make them squat on the toilet seat so you can see them better if you wish.

Piss Training

If your slave really struggles with piss, practice it while she is having a bath or shower. Make her piss for you in the shower, piss on her foot while in the shower etc.

Piss Swallowing

I start by pissing on the slaves body, normally cunt and ass after a scene. I then work up to pissing in her tits and then move to her face. The slave closes her mouth and eyes while I piss over her face. Then I get her to cut her hand and I piss on her hand. She collects some of the piss and tries a little bit on her tongue. Once this stage has been achieved then I piss just a small amount into her mouth and she can spit it out. Eventually I can piss lots of piss into her mouth. And eventually she swallow most of it. Sometimes I make a slave swallow the whole lot, stopping and starting while she swallows.

Scat Smearing

I usually start with the slaves scat first, I finger her ass and scoop out some shit. I wipe it on her ass and cunt. Once your slave gets used to this begin to smear her tits. This is a big step. Then finally you can move to her face. There is nothing more humiliating than a slave shitting in front of you and you rubbing it in her face. You may want to train your slave to have your scat smeared on her, You can shit on her tits and then rub it around her tits, face and cunt.

Scat swallowing.

I start by making sure the slave get used to rimming me on a regular basis, and the idea of having her tongue in my clean hole should be a day to day sexual activity and already shows the slave her place and humiliates her.
I then go through the process of introducing the slave to the taste of very small traces of shit by going to the bathroom before the slave rims me, I wipe but dont wash. After this phase I discuss with the slave how I will wipe less and less until the slave is licking my ass straight after I shit. She becomes my ass cleaner as well and rimming me.

I then introduce more ass to mouth training, using my cock, my fingers and sex toys to probe her asshole and making her lick the items clean. I make her lick them in various dirty states until she is quite used to her own shit.

I then put chocolate balls (aero balls) into my ass and push them into her mouth. After a few successful attempts at this I begin to squeeze small amounts of shit out with the chocolate balls.

Next I move to pushing small amounts of shit into my slaves mouth as she rims me. Not every time or you will put your slave off the pleasure of rimming.

With time and patience you can work up to larger amounts of shit and you may even get to a stage where a slave will swallow an entire ass full and clean you up afterwards.

LoyalT 31M
4 posts
11/15/2008 5:25 pm

Sounds like a long process, do you ever get slaves who are interested in eating scat from the start? is it possible for people to naturally be able to handle it straight away?

digdug03 38M
8 posts
11/26/2008 3:27 pm

Why is it so hard to find women willing to do all of those things? I think scat is best experienced in a BDSM setting where the slave excepts everything the master is willing to give her or him.

As a heterosexual male, I've had no problems finding women into watersports but for some reason scat is where everyone draws the line. But I do agree it should be a gradual thing. Both slave and master should be comfortable with relieving themselves first then take it from there.

I've been a submissive for dommes for the longest time but now I want to be a switch just so I can tell a women to "go" when I tell her, however I tell her whether its in panties, on newspaper or whatever. I have a huge collection of scat porn. Its become a major fetish to watch women "go".

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