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Wet_Tropic 34F
80 posts
7/31/2007 8:38 pm
Daddy teaches his baby girl part 3

I wake up and feels Daddy's hands stroking my lil nipples and sqeezing my small chest with his hands. As Daddy holds me close to him, i feel Daddy's cock hard again and feel it rocking between my lil ass cheeks. A soft moan comes from his baby girl to let him know i'm up now and starts to rock my lil ass with Daddys cock.

MMM g'moring my lil sleepy head, did you have a good rest? Daddy whispers.

yes i did Daddy and i'm ready for your love Daddy.

Daddy's hand slides from my lil breast and trails down my tummy, Daddys hand finds my lil pussy and starts to pet at it. Daddy lets out a moan as my body rocks back against him, loving how Daddy's cock feels between my tiny ass cheeks. Daddy's fingers parts my lil pussy lips and a finger finds my clit, his finger starts to rub over it like how his tounge did b4.

Are you ready babygirl for Daddy to give your pussy my cum?

yes Daddy, i moan out.

mmm baby, your pussy is getting nice and wet for Daddy again soon my cock will be in here.

i moan and rock my hips to Daddys hand, my hands clench at the bed sheets as i feel that fire burn in my pussy again, that familiar pleasure soon to explode from my pussy. I cry out and my body shakes, Daddy knows his baby girl is about to cum and growls into my ear " cum for Daddy baby, make it nice and wet and get it ready for my big cock to slide in with ease my babygirl". i start trembling and cries out loud as my pussy gushes juice between my thighs, my breathin heavy and i'm panting as Daddy continues to rub over my lil clit. "good girl baby" Daddy kisses my shoulder then has me lay on my back. Daddy rises to his knees on the bed between my legs and parts my legs open wide.

"its gonna hurt a lil babygirl, but only for a lil while and then i promise it'll be the best feeling you'll ever feel. you need to trust me ok babygirl"

i look worried at Daddy, "but Daddy how can it feel good if it hurts?" I pout and whine afraid that it'll hurt too much.

"the pain will pass babygirl, but Daddy needs to stretch you open first then you can have my cum in your lil pussy"

smiling at the thought of Daddy cumming in my pussy i nod slowly and clench my eyes shut. I feel Daddy's finger slide into my lil pussy and i push my body away from Daddy's finger feeling pressure in my lil pussy. Daddy wiggles his finger in me and i squirm a lil, then i feel a second finger slide in and it hurts now i start to cry and beg Daddy to stop but he just shhh's me and strokes two fingers in and out of my lil pussy. Daddy spits into my pussy and says i needed to more lube, then i feel Daddys fingers to work faster in and out of my pussy.

The pain isnt as bad as i thought and i start to rock my pussy over Daddys fingers, feeling my pussy give Daddy more juice, Daddy's fingers start to thrust a lil harder into my lil pussy, then stops and he pulls them out. I watch as Daddy pulls my body down closer to him and holds my legs open wide, then daddy asks if i'm ready, nodding thinking that i've already been thru the painful part with daddy's fingers i smile and bucks my lil hips up.

Daddys tip of his cock slides into my pussy, and its much wider than Daddys fingers and stretches me more, i cry out loud and beg Daddy to stop, "please Daddy it hurts it hurts please stop" Daddy works just the tip in and out of my lil pussy then as i trash about on the bed, Daddy pushes more of his cock into my lil pussy and i scream louder begging daddy telling him now that i dont want to have his cum it hurts to much,

"it'll pass babygirl the pain will pass i promise" Daddy grunts as he pushes the rest of his cock into me my cries running thru the house, my pussy being ripped apart. i look down and see that theres blood over my nice lil care bear sheets, "Daddy there's blood i'm hurt i'm hurt Daddy oh please stop!" i cry out. But daddy keeps rocking slowly into my lil pussy.

"your doing wonderful babygirl, daddy is about to fill your pussy now and next time Daddy fills your lil pussy it wont hurt baby girl" my teeth clench tight together my nails clawing at the bed as i feel daddy's cock grow and Daddy's speed picks up, crying out loud as he tears me open. A few more strokes in and i feel Daddy push in deep and hard into my lil pussy and holding there, as he grunts out loud and fills my lil pussy, i can feel the cum runing down my lil ass leaking out of my pussy.

Daddy slowly pulls out, as he does i hurt so bad and cry more, tears streaking my face. Once daddy is finally out i curl up on my side in pain and sobs cause it hurt, my Daddy hurt me tonight. Daddy kisses me and takes me into his arms and lets me cry as he strokes my hair back. Rocking me back and forth on the bed, humming as i calm down.

Lifting off the bed Daddy carries me to the bathroom and starts the shower. Daddy washes all the blood from my body then from his. Daddy steps out drying himself off then takes me and dries me off and wraps the warm towel around my naked body, stopping at my door and looking at my dirty sheets daddy carries me into his and mommies room and lays me down on their bed. Dadddy hands me the remote and turns on the cartoons and heads to clean my dirty sheet. The pain not so bad now, i relax and wonders if Daddy is right and next time it wont hurt so much?

lilleth80 36F
1 post
7/7/2008 8:02 am

very nicly done

Wet_Tropic 34F
99 posts
10/8/2007 3:34 pm

Thank You, I'm very happy You enjoyed. The neighbors are always welcomed *s*

BeoWulf_Ont 46M
57 posts
10/5/2007 6:58 pm

Well done.
*pats your lil bum*
Can the neighbours play too?

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