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Almondnut 43F
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2/14/2005 7:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:28 pm

What good is Art school again?

Today was one of discovery. I have discovered how to make felt from sheeps wool. Now, if there is a total breakdown of society and I'm stranded somewhere with some sheep, I can make cloth for fabric. (See! my arts education is good for something! really). Course, the way I learned, I would need to have some soap and some bubblewrap..not the usual things one finds in post-apocalyptic society. Also, no one wants to wear the cloth that I made today - itchy, smells like wet dog, and my color selection is brown, grey, and more brown. Still, I felt rather swanky today as I created a wool purse with an inlaid pattern and a cover flap.

After my wool adventure I proceeded to my next class where I continued chiseling a copy of my head/face in a block of plaster. (once again, can't you see how useful this art education will be in the real world *heh*) I have a new respect for people like Michaelangelo, who had to use stone. Plaster is really difficult enough. I can say that I'm excellent at carving hair. The face on my carving looks rather like a grey alien, all narrow and flat instead of looking like a human face.

Tonight after school, I headed off to Whole Foods to pick up my current drug of choice: Silk Soy Coffee. As I walked in the store I was bombarded by the abundance of flowers for sale. Usually the store only has a few sorry specimens and a handful of potted plants...but not today. Today there were asiles full of roses, tulips, and other cheaper flowers - all for prices that you only see once a year. My personal thoughts on flowers at Valentines day is that I beg my boyfriends to NOT get them for me. I really find that the tripling of price of flowers is just so bad that it does not make sense to buy them. I also do not buy flowers for my dates either. I actually prefer to not celebrate Valentines day - not cause I'm a bitter single (which I'm neither) nor because I'm anti love...I would call it "Anti-commercialism in the name of love". I don't see the sense in anyone spending extra $$ just because it is a certain day. If I want an offical day of "Love the Almondnut" then I would pick a day that is unnoticed so that prices would be normal. I'm quite happy to be sitting at home, updating my blog, and playing chase with my three cats.

Tonight: homework. I have a huge test on Thurs.

Almondnut 43F
7 posts
2/14/2005 7:44 pm

no homework I have to work

Davis1450 35M

6/10/2005 3:28 pm

well, I've actually wondered how they make felt for a while... I read soemthing on the Khans and their people were all about felt. I don't think that they used bubblewrap though.

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