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My soft voice
by  Faith__   40F
Why 2 Apr 24 1:33 pm
My Blog
by  BohemianGypsy66   47F
feeling abandoned 4 Apr 24 1:22 pm
Passions Unleashed
by  demonsex666    45M
4-24-14 3 Apr 24 1:20 pm
by  ralph696969    55M
gangrene!!! 42 Apr 24 1:16 pm
by  CorpsAcoeur    60C
27 heures ensemble 1 - Retrouvailles 1 Apr 24 1:05 pm
by  CorpsAcoeur    60C
2 - Sex-shop puritain à Strasbourg 1 Apr 24 1:02 pm
by  CorpsAcoeur    60C
3 - Un bon repas et au pieu ! 0 Apr 24 1:00 pm
by  CorpsAcoeur    60C
4 - Perçages divers 0 Apr 24 12:58 pm
by  CorpsAcoeur    60C
5 - Cane 0 Apr 24 12:56 pm
by  CorpsAcoeur    60C
6 - Réveil brutal 0 Apr 24 12:52 pm
Bits and Peices
by  chicaboomboom   48F
So Upgraded? hmmm... 6 Apr 24 12:50 pm
Bloody Hell Katie
by  Spikes_Kat   34F
This mornings conversation.......... 42 Apr 24 12:42 pm
My Blog
by  Tatted_FemDom    36F
A good pet 5 Apr 24 12:38 pm
Plutarch's Tawse
by  Pigy2serv    58M
Foot of the Mountain 34 Apr 24 11:57 am
by  ralph696969    55M
this was missing a title but alt informed me of such and now i have added this 217 Apr 24 11:50 am
Up in the Attic
by  Vivianfantasy    25F
Hints 31 Apr 24 11:42 am
The Occasional Slut
by  patchworksub   46F
EHMERGERD! I Got Gold! 14 Apr 24 11:14 am
My Blog
by  kinkypoet69    69M
Dark Star Liaisons 66 Apr 24 11:13 am
My Blog
by  kinkypoet69    69M
Oldie 67 Apr 24 11:11 am

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Bloody Hell Katie
by  Spikes_Kat   34F
Happy Birthday to me.......The spankings may commence...NOW! LOL 1428 4/24
Thoughts Surrendered
by  wickedsurrender   42C
Which would you you choose? 3837 4/22
Drawing from the Well
by  Doc_Sonar   56
Do Women Trust Men More Than They Do Men? (Simul-Post 01) 2915 4/20
Xcite_id ......
by  sophis_id   50F
Instant Messages 2983 4/22
Is this thing turned on???
by  frankief_56   57M
First thing that comes to your mind... 3673 4/22
my journey
by  christyza   46F
:( was told to bring family in 7713 4/8
Cheers from the Cheap Seats
by  lastguymn    46M
SOC: Doctor! Doctor! Gimme the news..any fucking news... 2084 4/24
Swine & Pearls exist even here
by  cuzisaid   43F
Not just an activity, its a way of life 3047 4/20
kneeling Grace
by  Kneelingrace   41F
Kiss First, Talk later? 6402 4/6
new chapter..dragonflies
by  elegeion_scars   37F
qoute of the week......... 21677 4/11
Around the bend.
by  brimmingover   37F
I love it when I get my buzz just right. 1100 4/23
by  ralph696969    55M
another day in paradise 37721 4/2
Kitty's Scratchin' Posts
by  kittykitty1260   53F
we could all use a little George 2602 4/22
Mr Lowther's Mandolin
by  SylviaSoulier   48F
Words can light fires #keywords 5684 4/9
Casualty Reports
by  BostonBoi    45M
Get Off My Lawn and Go Listen to the Pixies! 4155 4/12
Picture Blog of a Bad Bad Girl
by  oziealt   54C
Pic Requests From The Secret Inbox: A Mixed Bag of Tricks… 6333 4/19
ph balanced
by  poisoned_harlett   53F
Two faced, fair weather friends 5764 4/10
Ruminations of a Bargee
by  TheBargee   58M
This'll make you laugh 3830 4/12
Hidden Passions & More
by  Deviant_Passion   38F
Today it's my birthday 1661 4/19
Who died and made you Elvis?
by  2ndTimeHere    50M
Wow. Tagged. It's Been A Long Time... 10666 4/14