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Some call me Nikki....
by  MsSwanger   25F
Alt is giving out gold 2 weeks at a time. 0 Sep 15 5:43 pm
Some call me Nikki....
by  MsSwanger   25F
Another year is comng to pass 11 Sep 15 5:23 pm
Blue bell is here
by  xYourSlave92x   22F
My own chastity belt.... 26 Sep 15 5:00 pm
My Blog
by  2just   44F
it's another day... 7 Sep 15 4:56 pm
Unworthy Slave / Dark Master
by  nslavment   42F
Dom search... 9 Sep 15 4:32 pm
Why Hello and Welcome!
by  curious2try82   31F
There IS a difference! 26 Sep 15 3:59 pm
Jenny's musings
by  jenny14   65T
Tired Jenny 67 Sep 15 3:52 pm
My Blog
by  Marie_sexybbw   44F
Can you look at my equipment, please? 21 Sep 15 3:44 pm
Thoughts Surrendered
by  wickedsurrender   43M/46F
A Day That Begins Like THIS... 215 Sep 15 3:26 pm
My Blog
by  MistressLatina4u   37F
Tell me what's your place. I know mine 44 Sep 15 2:19 pm
by  ralph696969    55M
Learning from Roscoe and Ringo 1995 Sep 15 2:16 pm
My Blog
by  DaddySadist80    35M
A Must Have 37 Sep 15 2:05 pm
My Blog
by  doittogether3   57F
My Fantasy 51 Sep 15 1:26 pm
Thoughts Surrendered
by  wickedsurrender   43M/46F
Why Can't She Step Up and Do the Dirty Stuff? 43 Sep 15 12:50 pm
My Blog
by  milky692   46M
first post 25 Sep 15 12:45 pm
Things I ponder
by  js_again   49F
Sometimes she waits 114 Sep 15 12:31 pm
one step beyond
by  sissyman11    54T
Men and Hygeine 54 Sep 15 12:17 pm
communion precedes deviancy
by  bbl_btt_hntr   66M
achieved second base 57 Sep 15 11:58 am
Just Another Fucking Blog
by  ArdNaBo    50M
Oh dear God in heaven... NOOOOOoooooo! 35 Sep 15 11:37 am
My fantasies!
by  _rapeslut_   34F
About Me 46 Sep 15 11:32 am

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Blog / Creator
Swine & Pearls exist even here
by  cuzisaid   44F
New pics to better reflect my Domme-y side? 9322 9/14
hush, an angel is speaking ...
by  erotic_angel   39F
pod party 4914 9/8
my journey
by  christyza   46F
Would you consider this a RED FlAG? 22559 9/15
by  ralph696969    55M
alt never lets me down 98006 9/3
ph balanced
by  poisoned_harlett   53F
Little girl lost 4424 9/15
A Sucker's Blog
by  Sucker4Ever    65M
The Long Version of “Fuck This!” 25870 9/7
Mistress' Thoughts
by  Mistress_Thought   41F
My Birthday is Friday, a Hallowed Day of Worship 17626 9/14
Picture Blog of a Bad Bad Girl
by  oziealt   54M/32F
There...Last Six Months of Pics Deleted 18282 9/14
Kitty's Scratchin' Posts
by  kittykitty1260   53F
some things I just cannot wrap my brain around 18922 9/8
Thoughts Surrendered
by  wickedsurrender   43M/46F
Communicating the Need for Aftercare 24392 9/15
Bloody Hell Katie!
by  Spikes_Kat   34F
I wasn't going to write this........but 4963 9/14
Mr Lowther's Mandolin
by  SylviaSoulier   48F
Ass accountability 2117 9/15
Drawing from the Well
by  Doc_Sonar   56
"Sometimes the first mistakes happen so you can learn"... 53039 9/2
Your reflection !!!
by  shypetboy    51M
Some dog ate my dog ! 72165 9/6
by  boujie1   49F
The bitch within me... 31721 8/24
paradoxical didactic discourse
by  hauntinglyblu   47F
vacation is long overdue... 24997 9/10
The Deep End...
by  tsarah   54F
Happy Clouds 1099 9/15
by  IAmMichaelURKnot    53M
This is not a 'read-only' blog post. 8370 9/10
Ruminations of a Bargee
by  TheBargee   59M
I'm either a couple or a monarch! 7505 9/11
What happens to little girls
by  svetya   44F
Sometimes I feel like a FREAK 32406 9/8

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