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Caught In Kubrick's Maze
by  elustslave0099   42F
Double Dose 6 Sep 17 6:32 pm
The word from downstairs
by  mrnaughty7885    36M
STOP!!! Time to overreact!!! 6 Sep 17 6:22 pm
My Blog
by  Expand_me   43M
Post-coital tradition 1 Sep 17 6:16 pm
by  quietlylearning   64F
Just a note... 21 Sep 17 6:05 pm
The word from downstairs
by  mrnaughty7885    36M
Some poetry for no reason 14 Sep 17 5:31 pm
by  ralph696969    55M
i think i'm in need of a keflar vest 509 Sep 17 4:53 pm
My Blog
by  Master4SlaveLTR   56M
Master and slave 9 Sep 17 3:52 pm
Thoughts Surrendered
by  wickedsurrender   43M/46F
Thank Goodness I Noticed Before Leaving the House 237 Sep 17 3:38 pm
Thoughts Surrendered
by  wickedsurrender   43M/46F
Forgiveness is More Comfortable than Anger 260 Sep 17 3:21 pm
My Blog
by  capt2pls    49M
The cyber trap! 20 Sep 17 3:10 pm
Jenny's musings
by  jenny14   65T
Thankful 140 Sep 17 3:07 pm
The Pandaemonika Collective
by  Pandaemonika   64F
Outing 22 Sep 17 2:45 pm
Your reflection !!!
by  shypetboy    51M
why can't I get the scary bird to stay on ? 483 Sep 17 2:33 pm
Just Another Fucking Blog
by  ArdNaBo    50M
damnit, Kate.... 43 Sep 17 2:09 pm
Just Another Fucking Blog
by  ArdNaBo    50M
....But so do ducks. 25 Sep 17 2:06 pm
Kink on the Horizon.....
by  EuphoricHorizon   28M
More on munches 10 Sep 17 1:53 pm
Interview with a Vampire
by  VladVampireLord    40M
Girls Gone Wild Series: The Continued Epidemic Of Female On Male Surprise Sexing 226 Sep 17 1:30 pm
Bloody Hell Katie!
by  Spikes_Kat   34F
For Miss Benoite, and everybody really, an honest open frank discussion on being whipped 366 Sep 17 1:29 pm
Daisy's Garden
by  daisygirl25   41F
And the littlest get overlooked 55 Sep 17 1:15 pm
one step beyond
by  sissyman11    54T
summer time is still here in the uk 58 Sep 17 1:08 pm

Most Active Recent Posts (one per blog)

Blog / Creator
Swine & Pearls exist even here
by  cuzisaid   44F
New pics to better reflect my Domme-y side? 10551 9/17
my journey
by  christyza   46F
Would you consider this a RED FlAG? 24959 9/16
hush, an angel is speaking ...
by  erotic_angel   39F
pod party 6221 9/8
ph balanced
by  poisoned_harlett   53F
Little girl lost 5734 9/17
A Sucker's Blog
by  Sucker4Ever    65M
The Long Version of “Fuck This!” 28159 9/7
Mistress' Thoughts
by  Mistress_Thought   41F
My Birthday is Friday, a Hallowed Day of Worship 20435 9/15
Picture Blog of a Bad Bad Girl
by  oziealt   54M/32F
There...Last Six Months of Pics Deleted 18669 9/14
Mr Lowther's Mandolin
by  SylviaSoulier   48F
Ass accountability 4082 9/16
Bloody Hell Katie!
by  Spikes_Kat   34F
Okay I baked who wants a slice of warm banana bread?? 12885 9/4
Kitty's Scratchin' Posts
by  kittykitty1260   53F
some things I just cannot wrap my brain around 19102 9/8
Thoughts Surrendered
by  wickedsurrender   43M/46F
Communicating the Need for Aftercare 24847 9/15
The Deep End...
by  tsarah   54F
Happy Clouds 1806 9/16
by  boujie1   49F
The bitch within me... 32493 8/24
by  ralph696969    55M
hypocrisy and molly's question 65121 8/24
Your reflection !!!
by  shypetboy    51M
Some dog ate my dog ! 78741 9/6
paradoxical didactic discourse
by  hauntinglyblu   47F
vacation is long overdue... 26925 9/10
by  IAmMichaelURKnot    53M
This is not a 'read-only' blog post. 9558 9/10
Ruminations of a Bargee
by  TheBargee   59M
I'm either a couple or a monarch! 8594 9/11
What happens to little girls
by  svetya   44F
Sometimes I feel like a FREAK 32661 9/8
by  fellahere    58M
With Topics to Include 'Friends Only' Comment Setting with Zero Historical Comments 8902 9/11

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