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Blog / Creator
by  __kitten__    47F
Mail? 2 Sep 22 1:06 pm
My soft voice
by  Faith__   41F
My decision... 10 Sep 22 1:01 pm
Lilith's Laughter
by  Miss_Kytt   25F
Affairs 20 Sep 22 12:55 pm
Writing erotica, fantasies..
by  scorpiovixen13   50F
Anyone else having issues with alt mail??? 62 Sep 22 12:54 pm
Bloody Hell Katie!
by  Spikes_Kat   34F
So, a question........... 53 Sep 22 12:38 pm
by  DivinityPuff   32M
Again... 43 Sep 22 12:36 pm
Sex, lust, and power tools
by  megadweezel06    60M
Still writing the rules I see. 12 Sep 22 12:31 pm
Erotica and Musings
by  Laffin   57M
Pretty Puppy Boy 5 Sep 22 11:47 am
Erotica and Musings
by  Laffin   57M
Looking Inside Feeling Outside( Bondage and Impact Play) 4 Sep 22 11:44 am
Erotica and Musings
by  Laffin   57M
The Ties That Bind Us ( Not Bondage) 1 Sep 22 11:43 am
Erotica and Musings
by  Laffin   57M
He Made It Fit 4 Sep 22 11:40 am
Erotica and Musings
by  Laffin   57M
The 5 Dimes ( inspired By A.M. Mashmans story in "Touching Fire" 0 Sep 22 11:34 am
My Blog
by  lingeringone   31F
Just a taste 17 Sep 22 11:30 am
A Sucker's Blog
by  Sucker4Ever    65M
Why? 82 Sep 22 11:02 am
Just Another Fucking Blog
by  ArdNaBo    50M
The importance of being Earnest,.. or Robin, or Mitzi... 6 Sep 22 10:52 am
My Blog
by  doittogether3   57F
Where did the weekend go? 17 Sep 22 10:46 am
by  Mazterovpuppet    45M
Crack me up 452 Sep 22 9:54 am
Just Another Fucking Blog
by  ArdNaBo    50M
Morning Messaging with My Girl 18 Sep 22 9:44 am
Who died and made you Elvis?
by  2ndTimeHere    50M
Summer Close Out 147 Sep 22 9:23 am
My Blog
by  naughtyknotty69    46M
Worked myself over really good back at the cabin 12 Sep 22 9:20 am

Most Active Recent Posts (one per blog)

Blog / Creator
Swine & Pearls exist even here
by  cuzisaid   44F
New pics to better reflect my Domme-y side? 13533 9/20
my journey
by  christyza   46F
Would you consider this a RED FlAG? 30640 9/22
ph balanced
by  poisoned_harlett   53F
Little girl lost 8993 9/22
hush, an angel is speaking ...
by  erotic_angel   39F
pod party 9345 9/8
Kitty's Scratchin' Posts
by  kittykitty1260   53F
A Domme, A Switch & A Submissive... 10377 9/21
A Sucker's Blog
by  Sucker4Ever    65M
The Long Version of “Fuck This!” 34347 9/7
Mistress' Thoughts
by  Mistress_Thought   41F
My Birthday is Friday, a Hallowed Day of Worship 25477 9/15
Picture Blog of a Bad Bad Girl
by  oziealt   54M/32F
There...Last Six Months of Pics Deleted 19631 9/14
Mr Lowther's Mandolin
by  SylviaSoulier   48F
Ass accountability 8805 9/16
Bloody Hell Katie!
by  Spikes_Kat   34F
Okay I baked who wants a slice of warm banana bread?? 13555 9/19
The Deep End...
by  tsarah   54F
Happy Clouds 3671 9/16
Thoughts Surrendered
by  wickedsurrender   43M/46F
Communicating the Need for Aftercare 26112 9/15
paradoxical didactic discourse
by  hauntinglyblu   47F
vacation is long overdue... 32221 9/10
by  ralph696969    55M
if you wonder why you don't see me 41519 9/12
by  IAmMichaelURKnot    53M
This is not a 'read-only' blog post. 12856 9/10
by  boujie1   49F
"Only friends can read" or comment... fuck that! 13684 9/18
Ruminations of a Bargee
by  TheBargee   59M
Popping off for a spell 5460 9/17
Cheers from the Cheap Seats
by  lastguymn    46M
I can't tell you how sick I am... 7133 9/22
A submissive Hyperbole
by  vloree   34F
Surveillance 6090 9/10
«« The Sway of Aphrodite »»
by  TheGentleD0M    45M
Per Your Request (Hair #2). 22242 9/4

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