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My Old School
by  14Me_and_14Me   52M
Am I hard enough? Am I tough enough? Am I rough enough? 7 Sep 19 11:18 pm
Blog Entries By MistressCine
by  MistressCine   46F
Greetings and Happy Saturday Everyone 15 Sep 19 11:02 pm
My Blog
by  friendlyguy1422   50M
New to This and Need Advice 5 Sep 19 10:49 pm
My Blog
by  kinkyboots1234    44M/41F
Should we start a blog? 3 Sep 19 10:22 pm
Just Another Fucking Blog
by  ArdNaBo    50M
Eddie's in the space-time continuum. 6 Sep 19 10:12 pm
Your reflection !!!
by  shypetboy    51M
Meet ratchet 204 Sep 19 10:02 pm
Chaotic Serenity
by  tattooeddeviant   46M
Protecting stupid kids from themselves? 19 Sep 19 9:38 pm
fleeting thoughts
by  late_bloomer    48M
Okay... I can't do it. 51 Sep 19 9:32 pm
A Garden in the Wilderness
by  Larry421    54M
Because That's How I Roll 26 Sep 19 9:22 pm
My Blog
by  iceboxman52982    47M
pretenders of the lifestyle 38 Sep 19 8:16 pm
by  Teacherplus    61M
Clit Notes 352 Sep 19 8:11 pm
by  DancingDom    65M
Playing forward 37 Sep 19 8:10 pm
Caught In Kubrick's Maze
by  elustslave0099   42F
That Made Me Cry, Damnit 166 Sep 19 7:27 pm
A man with a mean axe
by  tahimikdrifter    43M
Where would the world be without Charity? 96 Sep 19 7:13 pm
My Blog
by  asianat2008    59M
Do You enjoy?... 489 Sep 19 7:02 pm
Random Impure Thoughts
by  49monitor   64M
Random Impure Thoughts...33 619 Sep 19 6:53 pm
Random ramblings
by  Expand_me   43M
Shaving 'down there' (19 Sept 2014) 52 Sep 19 6:52 pm
My Blog
by  WELOVECOCKS57   114M/53F
Weekend in Chicago 45 Sep 19 6:43 pm
My Blog
by  watersdrop1991   23F
going on a trip 51 Sep 19 6:15 pm
Master's Missives
by  MasterNYS    56M
I ALWAYS Knew She Had a Powerful Effect.. 495 Sep 19 6:00 pm

Most Active Recent Posts (one per blog)

Blog / Creator
Swine & Pearls exist even here
by  cuzisaid   44F
New pics to better reflect my Domme-y side? 12002 9/19
my journey
by  christyza   46F
Would you consider this a RED FlAG? 27677 9/19
ph balanced
by  poisoned_harlett   53F
Little girl lost 7366 9/19
hush, an angel is speaking ...
by  erotic_angel   39F
pod party 7714 9/8
Mistress' Thoughts
by  Mistress_Thought   41F
My Birthday is Friday, a Hallowed Day of Worship 23741 9/15
A Sucker's Blog
by  Sucker4Ever    65M
The Long Version of “Fuck This!” 31106 9/7
Picture Blog of a Bad Bad Girl
by  oziealt   54M/32F
There...Last Six Months of Pics Deleted 19132 9/14
Kitty's Scratchin' Posts
by  kittykitty1260   53F
A Domme, A Switch & A Submissive... 5972 9/18
Mr Lowther's Mandolin
by  SylviaSoulier   48F
Ass accountability 6404 9/16
Bloody Hell Katie!
by  Spikes_Kat   34F
Okay I baked who wants a slice of warm banana bread?? 13214 9/19
Thoughts Surrendered
by  wickedsurrender   43M/46F
Communicating the Need for Aftercare 25456 9/15
The Deep End...
by  tsarah   54F
Happy Clouds 2740 9/16
Your reflection !!!
by  shypetboy    51M
Some dog ate my dog ! 86905 9/6
paradoxical didactic discourse
by  hauntinglyblu   47F
vacation is long overdue... 29521 9/10
by  ralph696969    55M
if you wonder why you don't see me 40815 9/12
by  IAmMichaelURKnot    53M
This is not a 'read-only' blog post. 11132 9/10
by  boujie1   49F
"Only friends can read" or comment... fuck that! 11720 9/18
Ruminations of a Bargee
by  TheBargee   59M
I'm either a couple or a monarch! 9906 9/11
What happens to little girls
by  svetya   44F
Sometimes I feel like a FREAK 32960 9/8
by  fellahere    58M
With Topics to Include 'Friends Only' Comment Setting with Zero Historical Comments 9965 9/11

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