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Don't Stop Now   by Kris Kennedy

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If you're a man or a woman considering menstrual cunnilingus, good for you! Both of you are about to cross a large divide of cultural taboo that goes way back into prehistory. But why miss a whole week of cunnilingus out of every month?

As it turns out, it's actually good for a woman to have orgasms while she's menstruating. During her period, there's a lot of tension in her uterine muscles -- she may experience it as cramping. Orgasm consists of some happy muscle contractions that actually relieve some of this tension. That's because menses was designed to expel the monthly supply of material in the uterus intended for producing a baby. And the muscle pumping contraction action of an orgasm helps pump this material on its way. There is one other little benefit to sexual activity during menses -- it's a time when the woman is very unlikely to become pregnant.

Is menstrual blood unhealthy or unsafe? No more than other bodily fluids, which means that yes, it does contain micro-organisms. It also has its own taste and scent. These can be appealing to some and a turn-off to others.

Either way, if you're interested in menstrual muff diving, you want to put the pussy in the best light possible: start your experimentation in the bath tub, shower, or secluded skinny dipping pond.

How do you eat a menstruating pussy? Well, the same way you eat any pussy, except you do it in the shower. This way, you can be assured that her pussy is squeaky clean. If you're not particularly blood-thirsty, keep the shower running and keep your tongue action all focused on her clit (she'll love it). Her clit is far from the scene of her flow. And when you come up for air, hold her lips open and let the shower refresh her pussy lips (she'll love that too). When you're not eating her, use the shower head to tease her sensitive vulva. Get just the right spray to pelt just the right parts of her cunt, and you'll have her all aroused and swollen in no time. A strong jet on her clit will drive her wild. And there's nothing like the sight of a happy cunt to help you forget what time of month it is.

If you absolutely don't want to know about her period, period, there are other options:

1. Do it while she's taking a bath. Her flow stops altogether while she's in a bath due to the effects of water pressure. So float her bottom up just enough to let her cunt lips fall open on the surface. It's a great position for her because her mound is thrust up and her clit, which should be just popping out of the water, is more stretched for max sensation. As long as the opening to her vagina is submerged, it will be just like eating her out any other time of the month.

2. Do it while she's wearing a tampon. (And to a lesser degree, a diaphragm will have the same affect.) Both of these catch/absorb the menstrual fluid before it leaves her vagina. (And the diaphragm acts as a prophylactic for extra pregnancy prevention).

3. Do it using a dental dam. Or using a sheet of plastic wrap over her pussy parts. For new partners, this may be the best option anyway. Cunnilingus, menses or no, always has the potential for carrying STDs. The dam or wrap has the added benefit of blocking off her taste and scent for those who may be sensitive to them.


If the idea of a bleeding pussy turns you on, you are not alone. But even if every sensory element of her menstrual blood turns you on, doing it in the shower or bath is still the ideal way to go. It saves you a lot of hassle -- no stains; no clean-up -- and you can keep her cunt moist -- menstrual blood dries quickly and begins to chafe; then it's no fun for anyone.

Want to make her bleed? The best method is for her to stand, opening her legs wide, bending her knees a little. If you want a close-up view, kneel down and open her cunt-lips. Pull them away until you get a clear view of her hole. To start her flow, have her bare down with her PC muscle as though she were trying to pee hard. Have her push out, stop, and repeat two or three times. If there is any blood gathered in her lower vagina, this push should bring drops, strands, or trickles of it out.

Blood play anyone? If she's a sub and you're into humiliation, you can do all kinds of things with the blood her cunt has offered you. We'll leave that to your wicked imagination.

Play that has a nice visual component (for those less fond of menstrual scent or taste) involves a sheathing the pussy parts in plastic wrap. Get her to bleed by bearing down while you hold or secure plastic wrap over her open cunt. Then have her lie down in the tub while you eat her out through the wrap. It's a delightful squirmy feeling for both of you. Plus you'll have all the visuals of a shiny, blood-red pussy without the smell and taste. A great introductory repast.

The brave and the blood-lusty may want to get their mouths on her fluids. You can start by tongue-diving into her hole and up her vagina. Go ahead and lap up the juice if you like -- it's not harmful. More blood-thirsty? Suck hard around her hole and draw her blood into your mouth, smear her pussy in her own menses. It's ideal for vampire role play (but if you're a blood player, you already know this). Here we'll just say that the face of a menstrual muff diver comes up looking pretty Vlad.

Remember, even this is best done under a warm flow of shower water. No matter what activities you're up to, the best process is one of taste and wash; taste and play and wash; suck, smear, nibble, lick and wash.

Everyone has their own level of sensitivity to the sensory components of a woman's menses. And given the taboo that's rigorously enforced in most cultures, the mere thought of eating a menstrual cunt can put people off who otherwise have no problem with the physical aspects. Some will hate the idea that people do such things; others will dive in and eat up all the sights, smells, and tastes along the way. Consider your level of attraction, before you begin because the worst thing you can do is to abort the mission with your "ew-yuk" response. Start with the clean shower methods first, and monitor your responses. Then take the slow approach to experimentation and turn her red days into green-light days.