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Simply Old School BDSM
Cocks an eye..................................... Once upon a time, this was as real as One wanted it to be....

There are those of us in alt who have grown weary of longing for what once was . We remember the discussions.mundane to perk-able,to down right extreme,that helped us to grow, share, and learn with and from each other...............

The scening the laughter and the countless hours of enjoyment that were experienced in the rooms. This was a place where etiquette and protocols existed, where one's desires, fantasies, and adventures had the possibility of coming true,regardless of what Ones specific limitations may have been, cyber, R/t, or just plain fun.•

Recreating that type atmosphere in this room is My goal.

*******Serving and scening , entrances are encouraged ****.

Respect, respect, respect. Really this should be self-explanatory. We are all adults and are expected to act accordingly. If there is an issue, , please feel free to use the ignore the time.and bring it to the attention of a Mod or Myself.. For the love of all things holy, remember this is a BDSM site and chat room.. not the entrance of a WalMart.

The Owner or mods will ban without warning. If after asked , one does not respect the room and its members.We also reserve the right to ban those whose behavior we deem as being incompatible with our intentions for this room...Enjoy what you find,..and keep it in the room for all to enjoy....

If this is not for you,,,,fine ,,,there are many wonderful rooms on alt for you to visit..but please dont come in and explain why you dont like it or be disruptive .

Membership to this room will be at the discreation of the Owner[/COLOR


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