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Slave Auctions Meat Market
This is an auction room where volunteers can auction themselves off to bidders for exciting play time. Time, offers and limits are preset by the auctionee, so safe play can commence. This is also a room for people to meet, gather and make friends. Scening is encouraged in the room if you are so inclined, but there are scene rooms connected to this room for winners of an auction if privacy is referred.

The SAMM scene rooms are listed below and are accessible via the links provided. Our busiest auction times are between 10PM EST - 2AM EST. While auctions are going on during these times, we do ask that you refrain from scening until the auction is complete. We hope that you enjoy the fantasy of being auctioned off and play. Enjoy everybody!

Please be respectful to one another.

Posted below are the links to the scene rooms for everyone.
Click on the appropriate room and it will take you directly to that scene room.

SAMM scene room
SAMM scene room 2
SAMM scene room 3

Auction Rules

1 - The auctioneer will speak in CAPS. Please do not while this is happening.

2 - Please do not scene or "greybox" during an auction...

3 - Bids will be made in increments of 10 going up to a maximum of 100..

4 - The auctioneer will acknowledge winning bids and then ask for the next bid in increments of 10.

5 - If your bid is the winning bid you cannot rebid until your winning bid has been beaten (except when your winning bid is the 90 bid).

6 - Once a 90 bid has been accepted there will be a short pause. The auctioneer will announce the maximum bid of 100 can be made and then everyone can bid 100 and try to win.

7 - When you have won you can claim your prize and enjoy your scene in the SAMM scene room(s)there is a link to scene room putting you directly in to them under post "Links to the SAMM scene rooms" KINKY GROUP is also connected to this group for overflow of scene rooms.

Room Rules

1 - Show respect to all member and moderators regardless of their "status"

2 - Drama will NOT be tolerated. If you dont like someone please simply ignore them and enjoy the company of the other members.

3 - Please do not flashchat/greybox while in this room.

4 - You are welcome to be on cam while in this room but please do not advertise that fact.

5 - If someone is bothering you please do not suffer in silence, let a moderator know.

6 - People will be banned from the room for bad behavior. Bans for persistent breaches of the rules WILL be permanent.

7 - If a moderator bans you and you think the ban is not warranted please contact the room holder politely and that ban will be reviewed...

Topic(s): Fantasy rough sex
Associate Moderators: __ChristinaJoy__, RUMISSINGOUT, therightsub2, mallory_, _ryleigh_, bottom_lass, sosweet_618, interval, Dreamsailor13, ptedc, sunluver68, lilamihere, surreal_Dream, IMREADYRU2000, ally_secret, MasterRonald32

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Seeking a dominant/switch lady to use me over cam
21  1  16/1/2015
Christmas and Holiday greetings to Aall.
111  2  10/1/2015
I would like to be place on the Auction Block. Open bid?
1196  31  2/1/2015
Passing of a room member
149  5  2/1/2015
looking for 1 on 1 cam fun with Dom
50  1  28/12/2014
Slave looking for a Real Time Deal MASTER - Serious Inquires only!
158  5  18/12/2014
Seeking a Dom?
585  15  7/12/2014
New to room
116  1  5/12/2014
Woman as a prize
256  5  4/12/2014
Male slave on market for Female DominantItalianAm166  1  3/12/2014
Male slave(66) want to be owen 24/7.
46  1  21/11/2014
slave or slaves?
398  13  20/11/2014
mistress 2 train me
64  0  8/11/2014
up date post
76  0  3/11/2014
I would like to put on the auction block for a week of RL slavery
322  6  1/11/2014
70  0  31/10/2014
To auction or not to auction....that is the question
270  13  30/10/2014
How it is possible to end up with TWO handles without really trying
141  2  28/10/2014
loving all the auctionsivand1980157  1  23/10/2014
I would like to be auctioned off for couples or dominant women, not men alone. Thank you.
203  3  19/10/2014
My 3 monh post
86  1  17/10/2014
sub bi sissy for group
51  0  12/10/2014
Thank you friends and mods 5000 members now
110  4  10/10/2014
My apologies, a forgotten post
167  5  2/10/2014
Seeking a Dom?
150  2  22/9/2014
20 years male willing to be a 24/7 slave.karanjain199444  0  21/9/2014
Any femdoms wanting a sub?
70  0  20/9/2014
164  1  7/9/2014
Not really new to room per say??
36  0  18/8/2014
my required postingAJunkYardDawg48  0  29/7/2014[View All]
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