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Group posts by TieYouSpredNaked
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 30, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentCaning A Submissive's Spread Butt Crack And Anus11   
Mar 29, 2017Clit TortureElectro Suction Clit Torture7   
Mar 20, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Clear Enema Bags5   
Mar 8, 2017Erotic Electrical PlayDeluxe nipple sex therapy4   
Mar 8, 2017Brutal online fantasiesHIYA Everyone1   
Mar 8, 2017Brutal online fantasiesNahjlyta1   
Mar 7, 2017Anal SlutsPain2   
Mar 7, 2017Clit TortureNeed suggestions6   
Mar 5, 2017cunt-spanking and whippinghard to find...4   
Mar 5, 2017cunt-spanking and whippingCunt And Clit Electrotorture5   
Mar 1, 2017cunt-spanking and whippingLegs spread wide....3   
Feb 28, 2017Erotic Electrical PlayMale Electrode Positions?5   
Feb 22, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentIvory Soap Buttplug Punishment20   
Feb 21, 2017women who want a domBondage1   
Feb 21, 2017Macomb Area for Kinky PlayLet's Revive This Group!5   
Feb 21, 2017Real Players for Hook UP!action????????1   
Feb 21, 2017MICHIGAN ENEMA SEXHow Do You Like Your Enema Play?2   
Feb 21, 2017Michigan Anal Sex ClubAnal Sex In BDSM Play4   
Feb 20, 2017Midwest gangbang/ fantasyBondage Gangbang Forced Sex Fantasy1   
Feb 20, 2017Clit TortureI like letting people use & own my clit1   
Feb 20, 2017Midwest gangbang/ fantasyTied Spread Naked2   
Feb 20, 2017Fantasy gang BBW WANTS GANG 5   
Feb 15, 2017GangBangBondage Gang Bangs3   
Feb 15, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Forced BDSM Enema Expulsion Experience1   
Feb 15, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Forced Enema Expulsions5   
Feb 15, 2017Anal SlutsWhat are your Anal Goals - 20172   
Feb 15, 2017GangBangmy "go to" fantasy1   
Feb 15, 2017Anal SlutsI'm back1   
Feb 15, 2017Anal SlutsYour favourite position if one day you get to feel my tight ass cherry wrapped around you hard meat?1   
Feb 14, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentAnal Discipline & Punishment For "Sex Slaves"2   
Feb 14, 2017Macomb Gang And Torture"Submissive", "Slave", or "Sex Slave"?1   
Feb 14, 2017Anal Discipline & Punishment"Submissive" Or "Sex Slave"2   
Feb 14, 2017Macomb Gang And Torture"Submissive", "Slave", or "Sex Slave"?1   
Feb 11, 2017Clit TorturePussy And Clit Whipping7   
Feb 11, 2017Anal Discipline & Punishmentanal punishment9   
Feb 7, 2017Anal Discipline & Punishmentpopular methods7   
Feb 6, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.The trickle down effect.6   
Feb 6, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Preferred injection method5   
Feb 3, 2017Anal SlutsI Love A Tight Anus1   
Feb 2, 2017Erotic Electrical PlayElectro Torpedo1   
Jan 25, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentMy Favorite Enema Solution19   
Jan 24, 2017Daddys/daughters roleplayingposting1   
Jan 21, 2017Clit Torturewanted someone that wants to destroy my ability to orgasam1   
Jan 21, 2017Fantasy gang CNC BDSM Forced Sex7   
Jan 17, 2017Erotic Electrical PlayElectro Suction Clit Torture8   
Jan 16, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentGINGER ROOT12   
Jan 11, 2017forced sex roleplayForced Sex Roleplay with Bondage1   
Jan 11, 2017forced sex roleplayForced Sex Roleplay with Bondage1   
Jan 11, 2017forced sex roleplayplaces that will arouse nasty fantasy1   
Jan 9, 2017MICHIGAN ENEMA SEXHappy New Year 2017!1