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Group posts by brat304
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
Mar 22, 2017Tit LoversMy Wife's big beautiful naked TiTs and nipples for your viewing pleasure1   
Mar 22, 2017Knot Loving KuntsAn imagined birthday gift1   
Mar 22, 2017human cowsjust staying active1   
Mar 21, 2017Knot Loving KuntsSo long ago and yet like yesterday1   
Mar 20, 2017HerMastersbitchIf you want to talk to us leave your message here.1   
Mar 18, 2017Fisting, Big Toys & Stretchingfist fun NW indiana / chicago area1   
Mar 18, 2017Fisting, Big Toys & StretchingWhy Not Tell us About Yourself & Where You Live1   
Mar 18, 2017Fisting, Big Toys & StretchingAnal fisting4   
Mar 18, 2017OTK SpankingOTK or bondage/suspension1   
Mar 17, 2017human cowsadvice to get started2   
Mar 14, 2017human cowsneeding huge udders2   
Mar 13, 2017SCAT LOVERSScat Play in NYC or CT1   
Mar 13, 2017Anal SlutsYour First Anal Fuck3   
Mar 13, 2017human cowsI'm wishing to take a lovely new GF to lactation long term1   
Mar 7, 2017Forced feminisationBeing1   
Mar 6, 2017Caged..Leashed..Kenneledunderstanding pet behaviours1   
Mar 2, 2017BBW submissives and slavesI am looking for a dd1   
Mar 2, 2017Abuse my ass !WHITE ASSES1   
Mar 2, 2017Fisting, Big Toys & StretchingFeel of being streched out2   
Mar 2, 2017Forced feminisationUnderwear control...1   
Mar 2, 2017Caged..Leashed..KenneledAnimal control1   
Mar 2, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.Predicament Enema Situation2   
Mar 1, 2017true knot loversreturned1   
Mar 1, 2017KnottingNew member1   
Mar 1, 2017Anal with a strap-onStill looking, dreaming1   
Feb 23, 2017Medical Examsneeding a thorough physical exam1   
Feb 23, 2017Hard tit spanking slutsMost spankable tits1   
Feb 23, 2017Kennel & CagesLive Shows10   
Feb 19, 2017adult theater/ gang bangsready to go to sex shop and watch movies1   
Feb 19, 2017true knot loverscurious in Maryland1   
Feb 19, 2017smelly and dirty assHave you ever ...............?3   
Feb 16, 2017Anal SlutsWhat are your Anal Goals - 20175   
Feb 16, 2017shit and piss pigsAny Caviar & Champagne2   
Feb 14, 2017Forced feminisation***MEMBER ROLL CALL***1   
Feb 14, 2017Anal SlutsI'm back1   
Feb 14, 2017sissys for BLACK MENbbc for tight slut1   
Feb 14, 2017Anal SlutsI Love A Tight Anus2   
Feb 6, 2017true knot loversMy boy needs a bitch.1   
Feb 6, 2017Enemas for pain or pleasure.I wish I could find a woman1   
Feb 6, 2017Anal with a strap-onDoes any like it rough1   
Feb 6, 2017true knot loverswhats your fav breed of dog5   
Feb 6, 2017Anal Discipline & PunishmentNo 'warm-up'3   
Feb 6, 2017Forced feminisationlooking to be humiliated1   
Jan 30, 2017Humiliated White Slaves/SubsNew to the group1   
Jan 30, 2017Forced feminisationPanties....1   
Jan 30, 2017Kennel & CagesUK1   
Jan 30, 2017Forced feminisationWhen did you start your fem kink?2   
Jan 30, 2017sissys for BLACK MEN***MEMBER ROLL CALL***1   
Jan 30, 2017human cowsnew1