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Useless female fuckmeatin need of a new fuckmeat ,cumslut asap6/18/2013  0  
SLUTS FOR USEPlease Use for Entrance Post6/17/2013  95  
Las Vegas KinksMistress or sluts wanted6/16/2013  0  
The Filthy Sluts TavernRoom Sluts needed!6/12/2013  0  
Beg For Mercy !bbc6/11/2013  0  
Anal SlutsAnal Sluts in DFW6/11/2013  1  
Use and Abuse of WomenSluts for use in south Florida6/10/2013  0  
SLUTS FOR USELooking for submissive sluts in Oost Vlaanderen6/10/2013  1  
YourBlackSirs Whorehousewhite sluts6/7/2013  6  
Anal SlutsAny Oklahoma Anal Sluts6/4/2013  2  
True Teleiophiliasluts6/3/2013  1  
Beg For Mercy !Room slut contest6/2/2013  14  
BBW4 force Arkansas BBW sluts for 5/30/2013  0  
females inferior to Malesposting5/28/2013  1  
Let's Talk M/s.........What are some creative disciplines and punishments?5/27/2013  5  
The Filthy Sluts TavernLaws of the Filthy Sluts Tavern5/25/2013  0  
The Sluts TavernLaws of Sluts Tavern5/25/2013  0  
GangBangSluts wanted in Hampshire5/18/2013  2  
Breeding StockSluts for Breeding5/15/2013  0  
hornymoms caveMeet Mistress Minifats5/11/2013  6  
SᴏCᴀʟ ALT.sᴇxPᴀɪɴ Sʟᴜᴛ5/3/2013  1  
Humiliation Chatworking out Master's way4/30/2013  1  
YourBlackSirs Whorehouseslut and whore and slave4/30/2013  16  
WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKActivity4/29/2013  2  
Male Humiliation Chatanybody4/29/2013  1  
Useless female fuckmeatAny cumdump sluts in NYC4/27/2013  0  
Useless female fuckmeatlooking4/25/2013  0  
Anal SlutsMature Anal Sluts IN SOCAL4/22/2013  0  
she worships the cockuk cock suckers4/14/2013  0  
Central FloridaBeautiful Breast Pics.4/13/2013  0  
Cunt Degradationreal slut for online or real degradation4/11/2013  2  
Black Breeding White Slut 24/7mounting4/9/2013  1  
Useless female fuckmeatAny Sluts Doggies looking to be used in Edmonton AB?4/9/2013  0  
Dirty Whores for useSeeking Nasty Theater Slut in Portland Oregon.3/29/2013  5  
Fat pig slut loversany fat pig sluts in louisiana3/28/2013  0  
Sluts Need UsedDom looking for slut that needs used in the NW3/27/2013  0  
Cuckold HumiliationDom looking to play!3/26/2013  0  
Less Than Humanworthless dumb cunts3/24/2013  5  
sissys for BLACK MENLooking for sissy sluts in SF Bay Area3/23/2013  6  
Black Girls for White CockBlack sluts3/12/2013  0  
Anal SlutsHi3/12/2013  3  
The Quiet SeductionHardcore in mid MO.3/11/2013  0  
Cock Craving SlutsBest position for full penetration?3/10/2013  8  
Anal Slutslooking for anal sluts in ks or mo.3/8/2013  1  
BBW submissives and slavesHello3/7/2013  0  
EBONY GIRLS 4 IVORY GUYSDark skinned sluts in the caribbean3/6/2013  2  
Humiliation ChatSeeking Dark skin sluts to humiliate3/5/2013  1  
Sugar's Racial and EthnicBlack sluts in Trinidad and Tobago3/5/2013  1  
WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKLooking for whites sluts in Vancouver Canada2/28/2013  0  
Racial Humiliation4WHITE slutsWhite Slut Wanted Vancouver Canada area2/28/2013  0  
WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKbbc sluts2/27/2013  4  
Anal SlutsAny female anal sluts?2/26/2013  1  
WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKSeems the quest moves on2/25/2013  0  
Anal SlutsAny anal sluts in jersey,md,or pa?2/25/2013  0  
Delaware slutsAny sluts in jersey,pa, or Maryland?2/25/2013  0  
Toronto Kink KlinikAttn Kinky Female Subs2/24/2013  0  
whore fantasyAttn Whores2/24/2013  1  
Younger subs for Older Dom/mesTo be trained to serve2/24/2013  0  
Human Toilet ServicesLooking for Connecticut real time group2/23/2013  0  
Delaware slutsWhere are all the delaware sluts at?2/23/2013  0  
Anal SlutsAny anal sluts in Delaware?2/23/2013  0  
Play in TorontoTo be trained to serve2/22/2013  0  
SUB females apply here!To be trained to serve2/22/2013  0  
Just Take me Daddy!To be trained to serve2/18/2013  2  
Cock Craving SlutsTo be trained to serve2/18/2013  2  
Useless female fuckmeatTo be trained to serve2/18/2013  4  
TORONTO ROOMTo be trained to serve?2/18/2013  0  
Use and Abuse of Womensubmissive slut, whore, and bitch2/17/2013  8  
WhiteBitchs want tobeBBC BBC Needs- white sluts apply Vancouver Canada2/16/2013  0  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~Fseeking sluts for forced gangbang fantasy in wny2/14/2013  3  
Anal SlutsUpstate ny anal sluts2/14/2013  1  
Sugar's Forced Breeding Barnwelcome all-2/8/2013  8  
Dunedin chatlooking for sluts2/6/2013  0  
Racial Humiliation4WHITE slutsNew To Group2/6/2013  1  
TabooTopicsDance Moms, etc2/4/2013  4  
Racial Humiliation4WHITE slutsFun2/4/2013  1  
KatScratchFeverChampagne Super Nova......or why adding a third in our play works for US2/3/2013  0  
Anal SlutsAnal sluts, are you here.....2/2/2013  5  
Useless female fuckmeatVancouver BC Area _Sluts Need Apply here1/27/2013  5  
Slaves WantedIntentional Bad Behavior1/26/2013  0  
Taboo Daddy and daughtersMods1/26/2013  7  
Anal SlutsIllinois Anal Slut1/21/2013  1  
Use and Abuse of Womenwhere is everyone?1/18/2013  3  
A Place 4 Ladies Who Love CumLets get this started1/14/2013  0  
Anal Slutsanal sluts denver1/11/2013  0  
WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKAccepting White Sluts In Vancouver, BC Canada1/10/2013  0  
Cock Craving SlutsNew and Revised rules1/10/2013  21  
Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYWhere are the sluts from NY1/7/2013  0  
Dumb Bimboslooking for an online slut1/5/2013  0  
masterspike&torri slave roomNew stories for you slaves and sluts1/2/2013  0  
Anal SlutsGirth or Length ???1/2/2013  11  
masterspike&torri slave roomHappy New Years to all....1/1/2013  0  
BOSS LADY CLUB***shaking..but happy12/30/2012  0  
masterspike&torri slave roomRules for sluts, slaves, sissy-gurls and bitches12/30/2012  0  
Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYWestchester sluts..12/29/2012  0  
Twisted Horny Perverted Slutsass lickts like to have12/29/2012  0  
The Gangbang UndergroundHello12/26/2012  0  
Female Fuckpigsnew 2 group12/26/2012  1  
Racial Humiliation4WHITE slutsWhere are all the white sluts12/25/2012  2  
Treat me like a little slutSluts that want it all and lots of what is at hand !!12/20/2012  0  
THE NEW CUNT DEGRADATION ROOMHello...12/18/2012  0  
horny sluts for hard usewelcome to my room12/17/2012  1  
Fat pig slut loversLooking for Ohio fat pig sluts12/16/2012  0  
black slaves white mastersLooking for black sluts for online play12/16/2012  1  
Horny kinky girls gone wildpanties or no panties12/16/2012  3  
Bound Sluts Being Tortured.Posting for Postings sake12/14/2012  0  
Racial Humiliation4WHITE slutsHello from the worthless white slut12/12/2012  4  
The Quiet Seductionlooking for cunt to use as I want NW UK12/11/2012  0  
Anal Slutswhere are you?12/6/2012  0  
WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKDenn from migeriaa12/5/2012  1  
Dolls Housewhere de sluts12/1/2012  0  
At Your Commandtotal control11/30/2012  2  
BDSM Exchange GroupLooking to find a woman who needs and wants to find her partner and Master11/27/2012  0  
The Quiet Seductionyoung sluts11/27/2012  0  
Horny kinky girls gone wildIn regards to the chat:11/23/2012  12  
Anal Slutsany anal slut in dallas11/21/2012  1  
The Cuckold ForumBull for visitors to Capetown11/15/2012  1  
Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYsluts check in...11/14/2012  9  
South Africa Roomcuckold couples, and training your sissy11/14/2012  0  
Young girl wants old cocksOlder group for Young Slut Gang Bang in IL11/13/2012  2  
Perversions UnLtd.Hello11/10/2012  2  
Love, Blood & TearsLayout of the room & Equipment11/10/2012  4  
scene room 1heeeeeyyyyy everyone11/8/2012  2  
scene room 1any sluts for a older cook ?11/8/2012  2  
Racial HumiliationWanted in Maine11/7/2012  0  
Use and Abuse of Womensluts for use in UK11/3/2012  5  
The Quiet Seductioncaptive forced and trained to become a whore for sale11/1/2012  11  
Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYUK sluts for my use11/1/2012  2  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subNew sluts apply...10/27/2012  4  
Anal Slutsany anal sluts in dallas tx..10/24/2012  0  
Pain sluts for use and abuseLooking for Subs and pain sluts in LA or OC10/23/2012  0  
Anal SlutsAny anal sluts in Phoenix?10/23/2012  0  
UK groupMerseyside / Manchester10/21/2012  4  
Bear's Lair for UUSubmission - by anna10/14/2012  8  
Pain Sluts VictoriaA new place for pain sluts10/10/2012  0  
Bear's Lair for UUSubmission... to Me.10/7/2012  13  
Worship roomCock sluts rota...10/2/2012  4  
Fat pig slut loversStill looking10/2/2012  0  
The Gangbang UndergroundNasty slut/whore wanted.10/1/2012  6  
cheapwhore's domainwanted on line sluts9/29/2012  5  
HORNY Lesbian lovershello everybody9/29/2012  0  
HORNY Lesbian loversHey horny ppl9/29/2012  2  
Horny kinky girls gone wildRoom Rules Please Read9/29/2012  14  
Asian HumiliationUk Asian Sluts9/27/2012  0  
Anti-femaleWow9/23/2012  2  
Toilet Play in GeorgiaAge, race marital status, appearance unimportant9/23/2012  0  
209 FUCK FINDER GROUPvalley anal sluts9/22/2012  0  
looking for beginnersQueen Ann9/21/2012  6  
Useless female fuckmeatFuck Meat in Chicago area.....9/21/2012  3  
Horny kinky girls gone wildWhats up9/21/2012  0  
* CumSluts for Hard Use *need a cum slut in upstate new york for use and cum baths9/18/2012  0  
ALT SussexSeeking filthy sluts9/13/2012  2  
Anal SlutsEast London UK Anal Slut Required9/13/2012  0  
Anal SlutsWhere are all the anal sluts?9/13/2012  16  
GR lifestylersLooking for daytime sluts willing to serve9/12/2012  1  
Useless female fuckmeatLondon Fuckmeet9/11/2012  1  
The Quiet SeductionSouth London9/10/2012  0  
Subs Seeking humiliationhumiliation sluts in Melbourne9/9/2012  0  
Taboo slutshello from austin9/6/2012  0  
Girls that just want it nowHello there sluts9/5/2012  0  
The Gangbang UndergroundLong Island GangBang Bull8/31/2012  1  
Asian HumiliationAsian slut for online/RT control8/28/2012  0  
Cunt Degradationcunt cum slut 24/7 slave wanted for Vancouver BC8/28/2012  0  
Useless female fuckmeatLooking for a 24/7 cunt cum slut slave in Vancouver BC8/28/2012  0  
NEW Cumsluts for Hard UseLooking for 24/7 Vancouver cunt cum slut slave8/28/2012  2  
Useless female fuckmeatLondon Master requires BDSM cleaner/maid!!!8/27/2012  0  
Use and Abuse of WomenLondon Dom seeks BDSM cleaner/maid!!!8/27/2012  1  
Use and Abuse of WomenLondon Dom seeks BDSM cleaner/maid!!!8/27/2012  2  
Sexy BBW'S and Young StudsLondon Dom seek BDSM maid/cleaner!!!8/27/2012  0  
SPANKING IN LONDONLondon Dom seeks BDSM cleaner/maid!!!8/27/2012  0  
Humiliation ChatLondon Dom seeks BDSM maid/cleaner!8/27/2012  0  
Fat pig slut loversLondon Dom seeks Maid/cleaner...8/27/2012  0  
Dirty Whores for useLondon Dom seeking nasty whore to be a maid...8/27/2012  0  
Cunt DegradationLondon Master here: Seeking a nasty whore to be a maid...8/27/2012  0  
TabooTopicsTelephone8/25/2012  1  
The Quiet Seductionany whores in calif. that love the idea of being forced??8/23/2012  0  
Asian HumiliationAsian sluts near Boston8/22/2012  1  
Las Vegas Golden ShowersAnybody here?8/21/2012  0  
SLUTS FOR USEWelcome to Sluts Need Use8/15/2012  106  
Taboo slutsany taboo sluts in Seattle area?8/14/2012  2  
hornymoms cavelatex / pvc sluts....8/14/2012  0  
Anal Slutslooking8/12/2012  0  
Anal Slutslooking8/12/2012  0  
The Gangbang UndergroundSlut List8/11/2012  28  
the haremfor harem girls sluts bitches slave girls for use of8/11/2012  0  
Anal Slutsanal sluts in new york8/11/2012  1  
Pain sluts for use and abuseslut wanted for my fun8/10/2012  0  
EBONY GIRLS 4 IVORY GUYSWhite Master seeks black slave8/10/2012  3  
WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKwhite sluts8/9/2012  10  
Asian Humiliationwhere are the sluts8/9/2012  0  
Shemales in the BDSM LifestyleGREETING WITH REAL STORY8/5/2012  7  
SCAT LOVERSHi to all8/2/2012  0  
Cunt DegradationStrict Dom in Bournemouth8/1/2012  0  
az clubHot lil sluts7/30/2012  0  
DaddyDoms and Lil BratsOnline Daddy7/29/2012  0  
Black Breeding White Slut 24/7hope this isnt just talk7/28/2012  1  
Use and Abuse of WomenSluts for use in Melbourne Australia7/26/2012  0  
Young girl wants old cocksLong Island and CT7/26/2012  0  
Anal SlutsLooking for anal sluts in the valley of the sun!7/25/2012  0  
Useless female fuckmeatUK bondage girl required7/23/2012  2  
White Slaves, Black MastersUK white sissy ass and mouth for use7/19/2012  0  
Anal Slutswhere are all the female anal sluts at?7/14/2012  0  
Anal SlutsEast London UK, Dom Guy Looking For Anal Sluts7/14/2012  2  
Fat pig slut loversblack farmer looking for a fat pig slut7/13/2012  1  
Fat pig slut loversTo all the pig sluts in this group7/13/2012  1  
* CumSluts for Hard Use *posting7/12/2012  0  
Fat pig slut loversFat Pig Sluts Wanted7/12/2012  0  
midwest /gang bang fantasyWant to fulfill your fantasies7/10/2012  0  
Racial HumiliationSearching for nigger slaves7/7/2012  6  
Gang bang/fantasy now!wc il sluts for use7/6/2012  0  
Anal Slutsany asian anal sluts out there?7/4/2012  0  
Fat pig slut loversfat pigs wanted7/2/2012  0  
Jjwhispers cumsluts subwhoresTri-State Gangbangs6/27/2012  0  
Young girl wants old cocksTri1State Gangbangs6/26/2012  1  
Gals Very Open.Tri1State Gangbangs6/26/2012  0  
Anal Slutssaying hi6/26/2012  0  
human cowsTri-State Gangbangs6/26/2012  0  
GangBangTri-State Gangbangs6/26/2012  0  
Northeast Arkansas FetishTri1State Gangbangs6/26/2012  0  
Useless female fuckmeatTri-State Gangbangs6/26/2012  0  
NEW Cumsluts for Hard UseTri-State Gangbangs6/26/2012  0  
Face-FuckingSF Bay area- any sluts need their throats punished ;)6/25/2012  0  
bbw in kentCalling BBW sub sluts6/24/2012  1  
Anal SlutsAnal sluts in Atlanta?6/24/2012  0  
Anal Slutsohio anal sluts?6/23/2012  3  
Fat pig slut loversOlder fat pig sluts in Atlanta?6/23/2012  1  
Cunt DegradationWhen should a cunt be taken.....6/22/2012  5  
Cunt DegradationWhen should a cunt be taken.....6/22/2012  0  
Fat pig slut loverslooking for piggies in mass & r.i6/22/2012  0  
Sluts Need UsedUsed Sluts6/22/2012  37  
* CumSluts for Hard Use *New to the group6/19/2012  0  
Pain sluts for use and abuseLooking in MA / Lowell area6/18/2012  0  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subGone for awhile6/18/2012  5  
slutsCentral coast sluts6/18/2012  0  
anal sex meeting placesluts6/18/2012  1  
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Master wantedFemasle sluts and bitches wanted !!6/15/2012  0  
Asian HumiliationA couple questions for the sluts out there6/13/2012  0  
Asian HumiliationWhat is it about Asian Sluts that most turns you on???6/13/2012  0  
slutsWe have sluts!6/11/2012  2  
Fat pig slut loversUK Pig Sluts6/11/2012  4  
Dominatrix Divasslave trade / switching6/9/2012  5  
Dom/sub Bareback FanaticsSlaves and sluts6/6/2012  1  
Dom/sub Bareback FanaticsSlaves and sluts6/6/2012  0  
Pain sluts for use and abuseCleveland, GA6/6/2012  0  
Anal SlutsAm I To Old6/5/2012  5  
Anal SlutsAny anal sluts in Phoenix?6/3/2012  0  
Brutal Fucking NO SAFETYthis room is great6/2/2012  0  
Dirty Whores for usediry fuck whore wanted5/26/2012  15  
Useless female fuckmeat(East) London UK Fuckmeat Sluts required5/25/2012  2  
Anal Slutslooking for anal sluts in the west5/25/2012  2  
* CumSluts for Hard Use *Master Bear is here5/25/2012  0  
* CumSluts for Hard Use *Sluts for use in NC list self here5/24/2012  1  
* CumSluts for Hard Use *New to the group5/24/2012  1  
NEW Cumsluts for Hard UseAuditions and Openings for the following positions:5/21/2012  4  
Degredation of femalesWell Sluts lets make this room..5/20/2012  4  
Racial HumiliationWanted-Asian female sluts large or small old or young for The Boss5/20/2012  0  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~Fgenuine sluts for kidnap/ South london-where are you?5/20/2012  1  
Useless female fuckmeatAny fuckmeat in NorthWest UK?5/19/2012  8  
GangBangNW ARKANSAS GANGBANGS5/18/2012  0  
NEW Cumsluts for Hard UseStarving Cum Sluts5/18/2012  1  
Anal SlutsChicagoland or Wisconsin Anal Sluts?5/18/2012  0  
Cuckold HumiliationLong Island, CT and NYC area Bull for couples5/14/2012  0  
Taboo slutsAɴᴀʟ Fɪsᴛɪɴɢ Is ....5/14/2012  1  
Fat pig slut loversAny So-Cal fat pig sluts?5/13/2012  0  
The Island of Misfit PervertsHappy Mothers Day, Sluts5/13/2012  7  
Useless female fuckmeatwashington state fuck meat5/11/2012  0  
female slaves/male DomsMinnesota Master/Dom SERIOUSLY seeking nearby sub/slave for REAL TIME talk and more5/9/2012  1  
NEW Cumsluts for Hard UseMinnesota Domlookin for nearby cumslut for REAL TIME talk, and more.5/9/2012  0  
hampshire tv's help lineDom's in Hants and the Isle of Wight5/8/2012  1  
SᴏCᴀʟ ALT.sᴇxAnal Fisting Is ....5/6/2012  1  
Pain sluts for use and abusepain slut needed in baltimore5/6/2012  0  
Medieval torture chamberPain Slut5/6/2012  2  
The Natural OrderSluts check in...5/5/2012  0  
Anal SlutsPhoenix area anal sluts needed5/5/2012  0  
WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKBBC 4 sluts visiting Los Angeles or who live here in area4/30/2012  1  
WHITE SLUTS FOR BLACK COCKany white sluts near dover, delaware looking for BBC4/30/2012  5  
Nipple TortureSo theres NO nipple sluts in calif. that need nipple play???4/30/2012  2  
NEW Cumsluts for Hard UseNew Member..4/28/2012  1  
The Island of Misfit PervertsDLM inspects all sluts4/27/2012  6  
* CumSluts for Hard Use *Minnesota Dom seeking nearby cumslut for talk and more4/25/2012  0  
CUM GUZZLING SHEMALE SLUTS!M/F couple near Albany NY4/25/2012  6  
NEW Cumsluts for Hard UseThe Farm....Post #74/24/2012  0  
Asian Humiliationtraining for wannabe asian sluts in Kuala Lumpur4/23/2012  0  
BlaqueSupremacy's white slavesimpressed sub4/22/2012  1  
Fat pig slut loversAre You Happy Fat Piggy ?4/20/2012  1  
Anal Slutsanal sluts4/20/2012  1  
Cocksuckers Centralwhy did u join CC4/19/2012  20  
Female Sought For BreedingWhere are the UK Breeding Sluts?4/17/2012  8