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TPE: Consensual SlaveryPunishment and reward.2/19/2011  10  
Gyno Examdental gag - pleasurable pain2/18/2011  2  
post your humiliation ideasextreme pain2/18/2011  3  
Sinfull SensationsDifferent Types of Submission in BDSM: Submissive, Slave and Pet2/17/2011  3  
the shit outta herBiker fantasy2/17/2011  2  
Forced sex & gang bangsBiker fantasy2/17/2011  0  
Forced Sex and FantasiesBiker fantasy2/17/2011  0  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~FBiker fantasy2/17/2011  3  
Domme seeks male cuntsWhite pain slut wants to be used2/16/2011  0  
Black Dommes for white slavesWhite pain slut here for abuse2/16/2011  0  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap ~FLouisville KY Dom looking to Force Fuck2/16/2011  1  
Brutal online fantasiesForced to be a gaywhore of two german females.2/16/2011  1  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingbelated valentine's approach to 'the one' whoever she may be2/15/2011  5  
Yorkshire Erotic FictionAbby Carson and the House of Sexual Torture – Part 12/15/2011  0  
Sinfull SensationsThe Story Part 22/15/2011  0  
Sinfull SensationsThe Story Part 12/15/2011  0  
New to the crewPeekaboo2/14/2011  0  
Sinfull SensationsAbout me2/14/2011  4  
Black Dommes for white slavesAre you worthy of ME2/13/2011  2  
Master slaves hideoutSpank, Lick n Suck off the sting2/13/2011  0  
Squirting and the G SpotIt's starting to warm up...2/12/2011  1  
sub men for dom womenLet's warm things up....2/12/2011  9  
ANAL FISTINGBloody Ass2/11/2011  1  
Forced feminisationWilling to relocate...2/11/2011  2  
Brutal online fantasiesTaken to prisoner,kidnaped and brutal a couple of weeks.2/11/2011  1  
sissys for BLACK MENWilling to relocate2/10/2011  7  
Severe Painpain/submission2/10/2011  3  
A Library in the DungeonChili for Beta2/10/2011  10  
CBT& Female Gen/Breast TortureSelf torture ideas for this pain slut2/9/2011  1  
me!sounds wonderful2/9/2011  1  
Midnight ParadiseAnal Torture2/9/2011  0  
Midnight ParadiseSensual Play2/8/2011  0  
Midnight ParadiseSadomasochism2/8/2011  0  
Midnight ParadiseSensation Play2/8/2011  0  
Midnight ParadiseSwitch2/8/2011  0  
Midnight Paradisesubmissive2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutsBDSM2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutsPain Play2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutsSadomasochism2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutsSensation Play2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutssubmissive2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutsBondage and discipline2/8/2011  0  
Piss_slutsSafe Words2/8/2011  0  
Piss_slutsSensation Play2/8/2011  0  
Piss_slutssubmissive2/8/2011  1  
Piss_slutsJust How Safe is Piss Play?2/8/2011  0  
Piss_slutsPiss Play Safety2/8/2011  0  
Safe in Hampton RoadsDetermining the worthiness of a novice slave2/8/2011  0  
Central Louisiana BDSM ClubPAIN LOVER2/8/2011  2  
Central Louisiana BDSM ClubPAIN LOVER2/8/2011  2  
slutsMasochism2/8/2011  2  
slutsSadism2/8/2011  1  
slutsSensual Play2/8/2011  1  
slutssubmissive2/8/2011  1  
slutssubmissive2/8/2011  1  
Wolf DenFood for THOUGHT (would love comments and opinons)2/7/2011  3  
breeder slavesNeed to Breed - Portland, Oregon2/7/2011  2  
Breeding Stock and MilkingNeed to Breed Portland, Oregon2/7/2011  4  
Forced BreedingNeed to Breed in Oregon2/7/2011  8  
A Library in the DungeonThe Superbowl's good, bad and ugly2/7/2011  4  
Sinfull Sensations5 ways to LOSE Your submissive...2/7/2011  2  
CRUEL TORTURE & FORCED COLLARAny Women From New Jersey?2/7/2011  1  
uk tit bondageLike to watch tit use cammed2/7/2011  2  
titpainslutCamming tit use2/7/2011  2  
Taboo slutsAnal Torture and Figging2/6/2011  2  
Taboo slutsSadism and Masochism2/6/2011  0  
A*T*M (not a cash dispenser) Chat Room Help2/5/2011  1  
CFNM DallasNew to this lifestyle2/5/2011  0  
the shit outta herAbduction of Jessica2/4/2011  0  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~FAbduction of Jessica2/4/2011  2  
Doms and Subs of ChicagolandNew Here - Pls help introduce me to Chicago Dominant Lesbians Into OTK Spanking a Fem Sub Woman2/4/2011  0  
Slaves Wantedscared/tired/ want to die2/4/2011  0  
Challenging BDSMIntro2/3/2011  0  
BDSM/Bipolar and Other IssuesIntro2/3/2011  0  
CDs looking for PW playtimeBristow area2/3/2011  2  
Fisting Funlooking for a new toy!2/3/2011  0  
Male Supremacythoughts of a female animal2/2/2011  3  
UK Humiliation and Degradationhi from hampshire2/1/2011  2  
Wolf DenThe Story ((Part 2)) ((again, a work in progress))2/1/2011  0  
"The Classic Rock Group"The more things change the more they stay the same1/31/2011  3  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingSleep, the overrated operation.1/31/2011  10  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subBDSM Glossary (P, Q, U, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z)1/30/2011  0  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subBDSM Glossary ( I, J, K, L, M, N,O)1/30/2011  0  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subBDSM Glossary ( C, D, E, F, G, H)1/30/2011  3  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subBDSM Glossary1/30/2011  0  
FANTASY CATFIGHTINGNew Extreme painslut1/29/2011  1  
The Whip & only the WhipThe Whip will make you Free1/29/2011  0  
Woman to Woman Foot WorshipFor my Mistress Anna1/29/2011  0  
Miss Anna's private quartersFor slaves Miss1/29/2011  1  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingDaddy Doms1/28/2011  30  
Agony and ExxxstacyHell Week..(or heaven and hell) Please read and make comments or give ideas1/28/2011  6  
*Realistic* and Forceam i so strange1/28/2011  0  
Horymom making men suck cockDom Bull in Toronto/Niagara Canada area looking for hot wife with sub cuck1/28/2011  1  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingPain Infliction...1/27/2011  18  
Anal with a strap-onmy first expirence1/27/2011  6  
"Planet Trickz"Submisson Again:1/26/2011  2  
Clit Torturepainful pleasure1/26/2011  3  
London and surrounding areaLondon ontario1/25/2011  0  
HELL'S PIThi looking for pain slut1/25/2011  0  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingWell that was a waste of my time!!1/25/2011  14  
Daddys/daughters roleplayinginnocence?... from incensed into sense and forward...1/23/2011  3  
Wolf Denthe story a work in progress1/23/2011  3  
TabooTopicslooking for extreme pleasure and pain1/21/2011  2  
FemDom ForumSeeking Pleasure for my New Mistress/Owner. Are You here?1/21/2011  0  
Humiliated White Slaves/Subswhite sub pain slut slave for Mistress pleasure and ownership.1/21/2011  1  
Transgender Support and AdviceMy recent rejection letter - is it appropriate?1/20/2011  9  
South West Dominationslave seeking Mistress/Owner...a scene endured and loved.1/19/2011  0  
TRANSSEXUALS IN WEST LA/SMDom Guy for TS/TV sub1/19/2011  0  
DEGRADED CUNT HOUSEdiary of an un-used sub. my 1st encounter w/ Master W......1/19/2011  4  
sub men for dom womenwilling slave in San Diego. New to area needs Mistress Owner.1/18/2011  0  
Sugar's Racial and Ethnicindian whore for your use1/17/2011  8  
London and surrounding areasensation whore vs pain slut1/15/2011  0  
HELL'S PITLooking for some hints1/15/2011  0  
The Naughty HomeFUCK YOU!1/15/2011  8  
fantasy Norwegian straigth male being brutal of two foreign gays.1/15/2011  1  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~FWelcome New and Returning Mods, Please Sign IN!*1/14/2011  8  
submissive to submissiveFaith & D/s etc1/14/2011  6  
Cocks and Balls in Bondagehung by my balls1/13/2011  1  
T Mistresses and sissy boisjust another1/12/2011  2  
Southern Illinois Spankingsfun at the office1/12/2011  0  
The Naughty HomeHello from blossom :)~ My limits1/11/2011  2  
Pain sluts for use and abuseReal pain slut needed1/11/2011  1  
The Queen's Palace and Stablea beautiful service1/10/2011  2  
The Cuckold ForumDom Bull in Toronto/Niagara Canada area looking for ongong1/10/2011  0  
Nipple TortureDelivering the utmost and exotic pain to nipples & other things1/10/2011  4  
Forced Fem, Femdom and Beyondsissy pain humiliation slut slave1/10/2011  0  
STRAP_ON Citygetting fuck by wife with strapon1/9/2011  2  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingWhat's this foot thing?1/8/2011  9  
CBT& Female Gen/Breast TortureAussie new guy's thoughts1/8/2011  0  
BOSS LADY CLUB***white pain slut1/8/2011  1  
The Coffee ShopUn-Chain Yourself, Lately? Feeling Repressed?1/7/2011  1  
Sluts that crave tortureDegradation1/7/2011  2  
Fat pig slut loversWANTED..A BBW aged 18+ for adult fun,sex and light bdsm in east london.UK1/5/2011  0  
Girls Only Ass-FuckingFantasy forever???1/5/2011  0  
Bull want ads - for Cuck CplsDom Bull in toronto/niagara/hamilton canada area1/4/2011  2  
BBW Ravaged and left1/4/2011  3  
Enemas for pain or pleasure.Enema Bag Height1/4/2011  4  
Web Cam subs TrainingTraveling BBW F-Switch & M-Sadist seeking distance Dom(me) for online play and training!1/3/2011  0  
On-Line TrainingTraveling BBW F-Switch & M-Sadist seeking distance Dom(me) for online play and training!1/3/2011  0  
Online/Cyber RolePlay OnlyTraveling BBW F-Switch & M-Sadist seeking distance Dom(me) for online play and training!1/3/2011  0  
Fantasy ConnectionBalls in a pony tail?1/2/2011  0  
Naples,Bonita Springs,Ft.MyersHello1/2/2011  0  
Chastity and made to serveLet my pain be your pleasure.12/30/2010  0  
Pain sluts for use and abuseLove to find a pain slut in NC12/30/2010  0  
TV UK PlayChester - TV Slave - for new Owner12/28/2010  0  
Minenyourstraning12/26/2010  1  
submissive to submissiveT'was the night before, the night before...12/23/2010  7  
Naughty SchoolgirlsNew Daddy/Teacher in Chicago12/23/2010  0  
Fantasy GroupJust a story...for now at least...12/23/2010  1  
*Realistic* and ForceBe careful girls.....12/23/2010  2  
Severe PainEmotional pain with life implications12/22/2010  0  
Ageplay EroticaOut of School12/20/2010  0  
Cuckold HumiliationDom Bull looking for sub cuck with hot wife12/20/2010  4  
Ageplay EroticaFlying to meet you old post12/19/2010  0  
A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSStraight guy looking for CD/TV/TG12/19/2010  1  
Oakland County BDSMlooking for a slut.....12/19/2010  0  
Japanese Rope BondageIntroduction to the Art12/17/2010  1  
enemasenemas12/15/2010  1  
enemasenemas12/15/2010  0  
CAIRNS CONTACTSwant to try bi sex12/15/2010  2  
EXTREME STRETCHINGHi All12/15/2010  1  
cbtslave 4 MistressMilk bottle Treatment12/14/2010  0  
the shit out of herA tale from London12/13/2010  0  
Erotic Electrical PlayNew to Electro Stim12/13/2010  4  
Little fantasiesLittle, sisters and sycophants (The fourth story)12/12/2010  0  
Bristol & SW BDSMEmail orders12/11/2010  0  
Brutal online fantasiesNeed help 4 a book I am writing12/11/2010  3  
Big Titslove to force lactating12/11/2010  0  
Black Dommes for white slavesbeing addicted, dependent and willingless for black sadisitc Misstress12/11/2010  6  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~Fobsessed12/10/2010  0  
Wolf DenChristmas Carols12/9/2010  1  
Anal with a strap-onindy area sub would love to find a strapon lover12/8/2010  0  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingbeen sick and had a moment of clarity12/7/2010  11  
Daddy's DesireThe Wolf Poem12/6/2010  3  
Looking to meet Bucks/Montgomesub white male12/6/2010  2  
Forced feminisationDo you fine that ??12/5/2010  12  
A CD/TV/TS for STRAIGHT GUYSLooking for 1st cd in central fla12/5/2010  1  
Extreme Humiliation OnlineLooking for a bitch to humilate on cam (+9GMT, night)12/5/2010  2  
The Wild SideHemorrhoidectomy12/4/2010  4  
Male Humiliation ChatI've a fantasy of dressing as....12/4/2010  15  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subThe Importance of Aftercare (Important for Doms AND subs to read)12/4/2010  5  
Pain/Pleasure & HumiliationPain cravings or torture?12/3/2010  0  
Dominas and male subsNew sub seeking advice.12/3/2010  4  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~FThe Gypsy girl and the big bad Wild WolfKing Dec2/201012/2/2010  0  
CBTBall stretching ideas12/1/2010  6  
Humiliation ChatLooking for a bitch to humilate on cam (+9GMT, night)11/30/2010  4  
APEX: Arizona power exchangeIs this why I’m the way I am Pt1 True Story11/29/2010  1  
F..... on demand!Forced Slut?11/28/2010  6  
Little fantasiesLittle, my fantasy whore. (The first story)11/28/2010  0  
DEGRADED CUNT HOUSEAudience request night in chat...11/28/2010  3  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subWhat it means to this girl to be a slave11/26/2010  14  
Kinky FunhouseQuestions You Should Ask a Dom/me BEFORE Accepting a Collar11/26/2010  16  
Fantasy!!The Ride Home Pt 511/26/2010  8  
Fantasy!!The Ride Home Pt 411/26/2010  3  
Fantasy!!The Ride Home Pt 311/26/2010  1  
Fantasy!!The Ride Home Pt 211/26/2010  0  
Callipygian Connoisseurs Clubbums over seats11/25/2010  3  
Force-Sex/ Fantasy StoriesThe Ride Home Pt 511/24/2010  0  
Erotic Writers Workshopsubmissive's gift11/24/2010  0  
GangBangExceptional hung men only for group sex, photos, or GB11/23/2010  0  
Quad City Area AltMonmouth11/22/2010  0  
south alabama subs/domspain verses grossness11/21/2010  0  
titpainslutBreast Torture11/21/2010  16  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingExonerated.11/21/2010  6  
Use and Abuse of Womenshort story11/20/2010  5  
Lobby Overflowshort story11/20/2010  0  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subTime and Space11/19/2010  7  
Dom/Sub Lifestyle In WNCSub searching in WNC11/19/2010  0  
Force-Sex/ Fantasy StoriesThe Ride Home Pt 411/19/2010  1  
Force-Sex/ Fantasy StoriesThe Ride Home Pt 311/19/2010  0  
Force-Sex/ Fantasy StoriesThe Ride Home Pt 211/19/2010  0  
Girls that just want it nowseeking real time, permanent/parttime???11/18/2010  0  
BDSM Exchange Groupseeking women for real time vould be perment/ parttime position11/18/2010  0  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingA story by a friend.11/18/2010  3  
Nipples 4 Bondage & SuckingBisexual Woman in Long Beach Needs Male and/or Female Nipple Lovers11/17/2010  10  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subDifferent types of submissives (taken from Someone else)11/17/2010  6  
Bristol & SW BDSMUrtica dioica and obedience!11/17/2010  0  
Sub males for Dom femalesuseless males11/17/2010  12  
Male Slave Humiliationuseless dick headed males11/17/2010  16  
Humiliation Chatuseless males11/17/2010  3  
titpainslutsuggestions on too much11/16/2010  3  
TORONTO ROOMAny Pain Pigs out there who want to feel my wrath??????????11/16/2010  0  
TORONTO ROOMAny Pain Pigs out there who want to feel my wrath??????????11/16/2010  2  
useless inferior malesuseless males11/16/2010  0  
Sub Human Femalesolder sadist seeking entertainment11/16/2010  0  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~FFantasy that became a reality part211/15/2010  1  
Extremely Sadistic Humiliationpain slut11/14/2010  6  
Gay San Angelo Slaveryswitching11/14/2010  0  
Looking For PlaymatesI WANNA BE YOUR PAIN SLAVE11/13/2010  1  
Subs4Doms&vice versaLooking for a sub11/13/2010  0  
Useless female fuckmeatCalling all Calgary fuck meat11/13/2010  0  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~Fthe adventures of policewoman debbie11/13/2010  4  
Useless female fuckmeatinterested????11/12/2010  1  
SFV Anything GoesInterested???11/12/2010  1  
Pain sluts for use and abuseinterested???11/12/2010  1  
useless inferior malesFollowing My own RULES11/12/2010  0  
Force Fuck, Torture Fantasiesthe adventures of policewoman debbie11/11/2010  1  
Brutal online fantasiesthe adventures of policewoman debbie11/11/2010  3  
Force-Sex/ Fantasy StoriesAbduction of Jessica11/10/2010  0  
Cuckold Humiliationcuckold dice game11/9/2010  7  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~Fhome alone11/7/2010  2  
Milwaukee FunRelatively new BBW sub looking for local Master - MKE/CHI11/7/2010  4  
Mistress Strapons Chatroomindy area submissive seeking discreet relationships11/7/2010  0  
Night SchoolAssignment #1: Labeling11/5/2010  0  
BDSM Night SchoolAssignment #1: Labeling11/5/2010  0  
the shit out of herA fantasy in the UK11/5/2010  4  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~FBlissfully happy to be His11/5/2010  1  
Transgender Support and Advicehair removal the step to electrolysis...11/4/2010  4  
Fat pig slut loversPlump, busty, painpig needed to serve in DC Metro Area11/4/2010  0  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subBDSM 101 FOR DUMMIES11/4/2010  4  
Useless female fuckmeatTrained for use11/3/2010  5  
Serious NJ Playmatescalling all daddy Doms11/3/2010  3  
Los Angeles Loversseeking11/2/2010  0  
looking for beginnersThought I found someone for me, but alas I was wrong11/2/2010  0  
BDSM Exchange Groupseeking play partners and more11/1/2010  0  
Los Angeles Loversseeking play partners and more11/1/2010  0  
Los Angeles LoversSWLC11/1/2010  0  
BDSM Exchange Groupfemales for SWLC11/1/2010  0  
Fat pig slut loversFat pig painslut needs a good sadist11/1/2010  5  
Yorkshire Erotic FictionTales of the Fetish Land of Foreordain – Helen’s Folly – Chapter 310/31/2010  0  
Stiletto Slave IITips for avoiding high heel pain10/31/2010  0  
Forced feminisationny tv wants to be told what to wear and how to be10/31/2010  3  
HELL'S PITLove the idea of Hells Pit10/31/2010  0  
Stiletto Slave IIFoot pain after wearing high heels10/30/2010  1  
TRANSSEXUALS IN WEST LA/SMPlay Doctor?10/29/2010  0  
Mistress Strapons Chatroomindy area sub seeking strapon training now10/29/2010  0  
Anal with a strap-onindy area mature sub seek a strapon Mistress10/27/2010  0  
post your humiliation ideasAt the Track...Chapter Two.10/23/2010  0  
Cuckold HumiliationBack Seat Cuckery10/23/2010  3  
SFV Anything GoesExperienced Sadist and Dominant seeking10/22/2010  0  
Young Dommes And Older SlavesCaught and Exploited by Young Daughter part 310/22/2010  0  
* CumSluts for Hard Use *Irene10/21/2010  2  
Forced feminisationlooking for dom sex not important10/21/2010  0  
Aussie Girls & SubmissionSubspace10/21/2010  4  
Pain sluts for use and abuseMature sadist seeks female pain sluts and masochists to be used hard10/20/2010  1  
Naughty SchoolgirlsA Lesson To Learn10/20/2010  0  
North Bay/ Sudbury Areatough being a sissy in Sudbury10/20/2010  4  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~FJust a Dream10/19/2010  6  
Traveling subs for local dommesintro10/16/2010  0  
Slaves/Subs seeking DommesWhat pleasure and pain can a sub expect?10/15/2010  0  
A Library in the DungeonLifestyle music... remembering the heat10/15/2010  2  
Crossdressing / TS / TVXdresser seeking same or T's for fun10/15/2010  3  
financial services for the domSensuous/Sadistic /Strict Goddess ISO Wealthy Masochist10/14/2010  1  
DEGRADED CUNT HOUSEBuy Me part110/14/2010  2  
DEGRADED CUNT HOUSEBuy Me part210/14/2010  4  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap~FFirst experience with forced sex.10/13/2010  13  
MARRIED SLUTS / cuckold hubbysLondon Dom seaking bodies to use and abuse10/13/2010  0  
Nipple TortureAlligator or Clover10/12/2010  0  
Gay Male Masters Wantednobody here10/11/2010  1  
cyberwritersThe Snake -- part four10/9/2010  0  
Demons Hell HouseWho Are We?10/9/2010  6  
Daddy and Daughters PlaytimeTime to Pay!10/9/2010  0  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingThe Three Great Lies About SM (and a few others)10/6/2010  4  
Male Humiliation ChatCuckolding my boss pt.410/5/2010  0  
Black Dommes for white slaveswhite pain slut10/4/2010  0  
MasochistIs this group still active?10/4/2010  1