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Popular posts including pain
Group Title Posted Respondents
Daddies Taboo DesiresTop five Anal Sex Tips5/2/2011  3  
Daddies Taboo DesiresA Fist Full of Pussy5/2/2011  0  
Daddies Taboo DesiresFor His Pleasure5/2/2011  0  
BBW and their loversWant to fuck a BIG girl5/1/2011  0  
SouthFLNewCumersKinky, Erotic, Dom/switch relocated to South Florida5/1/2011  1  
Snuffmy snuff dream5/1/2011  0  
InstructionsIn need5/1/2011  1  
DEGRADED CUNT HOUSEwhy was i there?5/1/2011  3  
CRUEL TORTURE & FORCED COLLARSeeking a Pain Slut for Slavery in the UK4/30/2011  8  
Pain sluts for use and abusePain in the UT4/29/2011  0  
Realm of PainNew here4/29/2011  2  
HELL'S PITwhere is everybody4/28/2011  0  
painNpleasuredo you check this?4/28/2011  0  
OTK SpankingHow about an erotic spanking?4/28/2011  4  
Daddies Taboo DesiresDaddy Doms4/28/2011  11  
Useless female fuckmeatFuckmeat in Philly Burbs4/27/2011  0  
the shit outta heryes its me4/27/2011  0  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingMarkings......4/26/2011  4  
Sinfull SensationsStill i rise...4/26/2011  4  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingThe Blog that Buggy mentioned......4/25/2011  2  
Brutal online fantasiesAmusement park stranger4/25/2011  2  
Just For Fun~Introduce yourself!4/25/2011  0  
Tasmanian Groupan offer4/25/2011  1  
SnuffThe slutty whores extreme weekend of humiliation and pain {part 2}4/25/2011  4  
the shit outta herRT in Ohio/PA4/25/2011  0  
SnuffJust fucking snuff me...4/25/2011  1  
DarkTwisted Lesbiana punishment endured...4/24/2011  6  
Female & their objectivescyberHi All4/24/2011  2  
Realm of Painso any so cal subsluts here4/23/2011  1  
Interracial Fight FantasiesErotic catfight story4/23/2011  5  
Capital District GroupNew Trainer in the Troy Area looking for worthy property4/23/2011  0  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingReal life experience and question for all4/22/2011  9  
The PlayroomNew Submissive to group.4/22/2011  0  
Bound and Gagged HousewivesKidnapped for Bondage Sex-Part 74/22/2011  2  
Slaves WantedNewbie to group and waiting to be owned and used as a submissive4/22/2011  0  
Slaves WantedSlave in need of punishment around WY,CO,UT, area4/21/2011  0  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingDacryphilia....please forgive the copy paste, was researching this and decided to share.4/20/2011  14  
Daddies Taboo DesiresThat Don't Impress Me Much4/20/2011  0  
Erotic Catfighters HumiliatedErotic catfight story4/20/2011  4  
Daddies Taboo DesiresWhat Makes a Great DaddyDom4/19/2011  3  
Submissives Seeking DommesCelebrity Masochists4/18/2011  1  
Realm of PainCelebrity Masochists4/18/2011  0  
SᴏCᴀʟ ALT.sᴇxA Fist Full of Pussy4/18/2011  0  
SᴏCᴀʟ ALT.sᴇxFor His Pleasure4/18/2011  0  
SᴏCᴀʟ ALT.sᴇxTop Five Anal Sex Tips4/18/2011  0  
EBONY GIRLS 4 IVORY GUYSwht male in N.GA seeks older blk lady 4 luv making4/18/2011  0  
submissive to submissiveNew and curious4/16/2011  1  
Lobby OverflowPain Whore4/16/2011  2  
NetherrealmPain4/16/2011  0  
Central MassFem Dom seeks sissy slave4/15/2011  2  
EyesWideShutTake the Test SUB or SLAVE4/15/2011  0  
Piggies Human ATMSMiss Lillith looking for one more Piggy. No timewasters4/13/2011  0  
DEGRADED CUNT HOUSEBeg for it4/13/2011  8  
Gay CBTready to take it4/12/2011  0  
twists trystsHi4/12/2011  1  
SnuffThe slutty-whores extreme weekend of humiliation n pain.....4/12/2011  5  
Pain sluts for use and abuseNew Guy - UK Dom4/11/2011  1  
SoCal EdgePlayersBDSM Questionnaire4/9/2011  1  
SoCal Chat Room Help4/9/2011  1  
SoCal TPE 24/7 Chat Room Help4/8/2011  1  
ROCK HARDSorry for not being here sooner.4/8/2011  4  
Marquette AreaBondage/play 4/7/2011  4  
DEGRADED CUNT HOUSECunt wanted South Coast England4/7/2011  2  
SCAT LOVERSLooking for scat Doms on west coast4/7/2011  3  
Dominas and male subsSearching an special Mistress4/6/2011  4  
Metro NY State / NYC VampiresChicago area women--make my fantasy come true....4/6/2011  0  
Pain sluts for use and abuseIs there a pain slut in Columbus Ohio for ready use?4/5/2011  2  
G.L.A.S.(Guys Loving Anal Sex)In need of some learning.4/5/2011  1  
Slaves/subs seeking master/domSERIOUS NEW SUB'S NEED APPLY4/4/2011  0  
Sinfull SensationsThe invitation...4/4/2011  6  
Sinfull Sensationssubspace and subdrop....4/4/2011  7  
Kidnap/Forced Fantasy -NE OhioLooking to be Abducted, and Forced Fucked4/3/2011  0  
Fort Myers BDSM FriendsKinky, Erotic Dom/switch relocated to Naples4/3/2011  1  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingNeedles.4/3/2011  7  
Realm of PainPain slut4/2/2011  13  
Dominas and male subsRockford Submissive here to Serve4/2/2011  2  
Gyno ExamGyno Exam 2.-Part I..stretching and taking it...well begging for it4/1/2011  14  
Surviving BreakupsSurviving A Breakup – A Rebound Relationship Is Not The Answer4/1/2011  0  
Surviving BreakupsSurviving A Breakup - A Simple Strategy That Always Works4/1/2011  0  
Surviving BreakupsBeginning and the end4/1/2011  0  
Surviving BreakupsEmotional Support for Relationship Break Up Advice4/1/2011  0  
Surviving BreakupsHow to Deal with a Break Up (without Losing Your Mind)4/1/2011  0  
Surviving BreakupsThree Must-Do Tips for Surviving Breakups4/1/2011  0  
Surviving BreakupsThe Do's and Don't of Surviving a Break-Up4/1/2011  0  
Surviving BreakupsSurviving a break-up...4/1/2011  0  
Bound and Gagged HousewivesKidnapped for Bondage Sex-Part 6 (aka Jesi Snatched)3/31/2011  0  
Bound and Gagged HousewivesKidnapped for Bondage Sex-Part 6 (aka: Jesi Snatched)3/31/2011  0  
Bound and Gagged HousewivesKidnapped for Bondage Sex-Part 5 (aka Jesi Snatched)3/31/2011  0  
Bound and Gagged HousewivesKidnapped for Bondage Sex-Part 4 (aka Jesi Snatched)3/31/2011  0  
Bound and Gagged HousewivesKidnapped for Bondage Sex-Part 3 (aka Jesi Snatched)3/31/2011  1  
I.DMusings of a n00b3/30/2011  4  
MZELLENs DungeonSadomasochism3/30/2011  14  
Taboo Daddy & daughtersThe Dom or Sub Test3/29/2011  3  
Daddy and daughtersThe Dom or Sub Test3/29/2011  1  
Daddy and daughtersWhat Makes a Great DaddyDom3/29/2011  1  
Taboo Daddy & daughtersWhat Makes a Great DaddyDom3/29/2011  4  
pig slutspig slut defined3/29/2011  1  
Yorkshire Erotic FictionAbby Carson and the House of Sexual Torture – Part 53/28/2011  0  
BRADLY AIRPORT AREAbad boys and girls cum to me and be used and spanked3/28/2011  12  
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem subLimits... (Yes, lol, 2 posts in a day since i have been slacking... enjoy)3/27/2011  2  
Gay Men BondageNorwegian straight male wish to be tied up and fucked of foreign gays.3/27/2011  0  
West Aussie Bdsmlooking to be dominated and controled totally3/27/2011  0  
BRADLY AIRPORT AREAI love fear and pain. looking for Doms and male slaves.3/27/2011  3  
Bound and Gagged HousewivesKidnapped for Bondage Sex-Part 2 (aka: Jesi Snatched)3/26/2011  3  
Daddy/daughter and Lil GirlsWhat Makes A Great DaddyDom?3/25/2011  1  
Daddy/daughter Taboo DesiresWhat Makes A Great DaddyDom?3/25/2011  1  
Hurt EXTREMEseeking in hickory NC, surrounding areas3/25/2011  0  
Metro NY State / NYC VampiresStraight Norwegian guy complete humiliationed,but now looking for more humiliation.3/24/2011  0  
Transgender Support and Advicenew member saying hello3/23/2011  4  
Daddys/daughters roleplayinggrins n giggles.3/23/2011  3  
Kinky KowzSwitch relationship3/22/2011  1  
Safe in Hampton RoadsDiscover the Ultimate sub Goal3/21/2011  1  
Sinfull SensationsThere is something....just something...3/21/2011  2  
"The Classic Porn Movie Group" Chat Room Help3/20/2011  1  
BDSM in BrisbanePleasure becomes pain becomes pleasure.3/19/2011  0  
SoCal Cock & Semen Chat Room Help3/19/2011  1  
SoCal Fist Chat Room Help3/19/2011  1  
SoCal Skull & Throat Chat Room Help3/19/2011  1  
Pain sluts for use and abusereal pain slut needed3/19/2011  1  
SoCal SadistsBreast & Nipple Torture3/19/2011  1  
SoCal SadistsGenital Torture3/19/2011  0  
SoCal SadistsMasochist VS. PainSlut3/19/2011  0  
SoCal SadistsSadomasochism3/19/2011  0  
SoCal Chat Room Help3/19/2011  1  
Hurt EXTREMELove games of fact temporary piercing needles and ' there we are disturbed people?3/19/2011  0  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingI can't believe that my daughter did this...3/18/2011  8  
Domestic Discipline UKHumiliation3/18/2011  1  
Useless female fuckmeatLove letters3/18/2011  2  
SoCal Anal slutsBDSM Questionnaire3/17/2011  1  
Anal SlutsStory of a Resistant Sub3/14/2011  1  
forced sex - roleplayYour first time with Sir and Mistress3/14/2011  2  
Forced feminisationLooking for Tops around the world...3/14/2011  1  
Daddy/daughter Taboo Chat Room Help3/13/2011  1  
Daddy's Taboo DesiresTaboo Part one (The Journey Begins)3/12/2011  2  
Daddy's Taboo DesiresShower Submission3/12/2011  2  
Daddy's Taboo DesiresWhat Makes a Great DaddyDom3/12/2011  2  
Masochist_slutsMasochism3/12/2011  0  
Masochist_slutsThe sexual BDSM masochist3/12/2011  0  
Masochist_slutsThe exhibitionist BDSM masochist3/12/2011  0  
Masochist_slutsThe endorphin BDSM masochist:3/12/2011  0  
Masochist_slutsThe context BDSM masochist:3/12/2011  0  
extreme painWhere are all those painsluts gone?3/12/2011  5  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingTexas Chili3/12/2011  8  
Submissive RealmExpectations Of A Submissive3/11/2011  0  
Submissive Realmsubmission3/11/2011  0  
SoCal Webcam Chat Room Help3/11/2011  1  
DEGRADED CUNT HOUSESlut Training3/11/2011  5  
anal loving slutssubmission3/10/2011  0  
anal loving slutsTop five Anal Sex Tips3/10/2011  0  
anal loving slutsAnal Play - Analingus and Anal Fingering3/10/2011  0  
Taboo_topicsTaboo Part one (The Journey Begins)3/10/2011  1  
Daddies and lil girlsShower Submission3/10/2011  1  
Daddies and lil girlsSomething New3/10/2011  0  
Daddies and lil girlsWhat Makes a Great DaddyDom3/10/2011  0  
Yorkshire Erotic FictionAbby Carson and the House of Sexual Torture – Part 43/9/2011  0  
F/F slave markethow a straight woman became a lesbian slave forever never looking back3/8/2011  3  
Snuffmy offer3/8/2011  2  
San Diego A*S* Chat Room Help3/8/2011  1  
Dom /sub activity in El PasoLonely Sub in Las Cruces, I need pain, do you need pleasure?3/7/2011  3  
Lesbian Romper Roomyou never know a story is true until it happens to you...3/7/2011  3  
Consenting Mature Lesbiansyou never know if stories you read are true ... until it happens to you3/7/2011  0  
Lesbian SubmissivesYou read the stories and wonder if its true and than it happens to you3/7/2011  6  
"The Classic Music Group" Chat Room Help3/7/2011  1  
PhillyPAgroup [D/s]Newbie/Novice, looking for introduction to lifestyle...can you help?3/7/2011  0  
Metro NY State / NYC Vampiresyou read about it and wonder I was like that until it did happen3/6/2011  4  
SoCal Chat Room Help3/6/2011  1  
Humiliation/exobitionist/sissyAussie webcam piggy3/6/2011  0  
"The Classic Cars Group" Chat Room Help3/6/2011  1  
"The Classic Television Group" Chat Room Help3/6/2011  1  
The Playrooma need to be fulfilled3/6/2011  11  
SoCal Chat Room Help3/6/2011  1  
Daddy's GirlsVery Interested in Exploring Daddy/Little Girl Role Play3/6/2011  1  
Dommes RuleWhere is my dom?3/5/2011  0  
SoCal Interracial Chat Room Help3/5/2011  1  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingheart torn out or not....unofficial poll3/5/2011  8  
Daddy/daughter and Lil Chat Room Help3/4/2011  1  
SoCal Anal Chat Room Help3/4/2011  1  
"The Classic Movie Group" Chat Room Help3/4/2011  1  
SoCal Chat Room Help3/4/2011  1  
Lower Mainland Anal_slutsTop five Anal Sex Tips3/4/2011  0  
Lower Mainland Anal_slutsAnal Play - Analingus and Anal Fingering3/4/2011  0  
Take It In The AssTop five Anal Sex Tips3/4/2011  0  
Take It In The AssAnal Play - Analingus and Anal Fingering3/4/2011  0  
SoCal Taboo Chat Room Help3/4/2011  1  
Sensual SubmissionOverview... for the newbies3/4/2011  3  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingExplaining spanking - corollary3/3/2011  0  
Anal-SlutsAnal Play - Analingus and Anal Fingering3/3/2011  0  
taboo-slutsTop 5 Anal Sex Tips3/3/2011  0  
Anal-SlutsTop five Anal Sex Tips3/3/2011  0  
taboo-slutssubmission3/3/2011  0  
Anal-Slutssubmission3/3/2011  0  
Yorkshire Erotic FictionAbby Carson and the House of Sexual Torture – Part 33/3/2011  0  
Beyond Slap and Tickle!3/2/2011 Discussion Notes on Aftercare.3/2/2011  4  
Adult Little Girls GroupDaddy's Baby doll3/2/2011  1  
Doms and Subs of Chicagolandfemale hands and feet on my throat3/1/2011  0  
Educated Dialoguedominance vs pain and asphyx fetish3/1/2011  0  
Dominas and male subsseeking female hands and feet on my throat3/1/2011  0  
Taboo slutsTitty Torture3/1/2011  1  
A Library in the DungeonStress to the right of ya, stress to the left of ya3/1/2011  7  
Bound and Gagged HousewivesKidnapped For Bondage Sex-Part 1 (was Jesi Snatched)2/28/2011  3  
HELL'S PITNew to group2/28/2011  1  
MASTURBATION,ENSEMBLEMasturbation Techniques ( tout ce que j'ai testé pour vous )2/28/2011  0  
DEGRADED CUNT HOUSEExtreme use2/28/2011  8  
Milwaukee Funfemale submissive2/27/2011  0  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingexplaining spankings......2/27/2011  7  
CBT& Female Gen/Breast TortureCastration2/27/2011  3  
Pain Sluts for Use and Abusesubmitting!2/24/2011  2  
Pain Sluts for Use and Abusesubmitting!2/24/2011  0  
DarkTwisted Lesbianhome time...2/24/2011  2  
DEGRADED CUNT HOUSEhello A/all2/23/2011  1  
Extremely Sadistic HumiliationAny Dommes out there to control electrotorture sessions?2/23/2011  0  
Kinky Manitobacaged2/23/2011  1  
TabooTopicsPublic Bestiality and get away with it.2/21/2011  1  
Taboo slutsSorry for being MIA lately.....2/21/2011  1  
Sinfull Sensationsbdsm poems2/20/2011  10  
Metro NY State / NYC VampiresDeceived into a cruel trap.2/19/2011  2  
EyesWideShuttake the test . Are you sub or slave2/19/2011  16  
TPE: Consensual SlaveryPunishment and reward.2/19/2011  10  
Gyno Examdental gag - pleasurable pain2/18/2011  2  
post your humiliation ideasextreme pain2/18/2011  3  
Sinfull SensationsDifferent Types of Submission in BDSM: Submissive, Slave and Pet2/17/2011  3  
the shit outta herBiker fantasy2/17/2011  2  
Forced sex & gang bangsBiker fantasy2/17/2011  1  
Forced Sex and FantasiesBiker fantasy2/17/2011  0  
Metro NY State / NYC VampiresBiker fantasy2/17/2011  3  
Domme seeks male cuntsWhite pain slut wants to be used2/16/2011  0  
Black Dommes for white slavesWhite pain slut here for abuse2/16/2011  0  
Force Fucked Fantasy Kidnap ~FLouisville KY Dom looking to Force Fuck2/16/2011  1  
Brutal online fantasiesForced to be a gaywhore of two german females.2/16/2011  1  
Daddys/daughters roleplayingbelated valentine's approach to 'the one' whoever she may be2/15/2011  5  
Yorkshire Erotic FictionAbby Carson and the House of Sexual Torture – Part 12/15/2011  0  
Sinfull SensationsThe Story Part 22/15/2011  0  
Sinfull SensationsThe Story Part 12/15/2011  0  
New to the crewPeekaboo2/14/2011  0  
Sinfull SensationsAbout me2/14/2011  4  
Black Dommes for white slavesAre you worthy of ME2/13/2011  3  
Master slaves hideoutSpank, Lick n Suck off the sting2/13/2011  0  
Squirting and the G SpotIt's starting to warm up...2/12/2011  1  
sub men for dom womenLet's warm things up....2/12/2011  9  
ANAL FISTINGBloody Ass2/11/2011  1  
Forced feminisationWilling to relocate...2/11/2011  2  
Brutal online fantasiesTaken to prisoner,kidnaped and brutal a couple of weeks.2/11/2011  1  
sissys for BLACK MENWilling to relocate2/10/2011  7  
Severe Painpain/submission2/10/2011  3  
A Library in the DungeonChili for Beta2/10/2011  10  
CBT& Female Gen/Breast TortureSelf torture ideas for this pain slut2/9/2011  1  
me!sounds wonderful2/9/2011  1  
Midnight ParadiseAnal Torture2/9/2011  0  
Midnight ParadiseSensual Play2/8/2011  0  
Midnight ParadiseSadomasochism2/8/2011  0  
Midnight ParadiseSensation Play2/8/2011  0  
Midnight ParadiseSwitch2/8/2011  0  
Midnight Paradisesubmissive2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutsBDSM2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutsPain Play2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutsSadomasochism2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutsSensation Play2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutssubmissive2/8/2011  0  
Oral_slutsBondage and discipline2/8/2011  0  
Piss_slutsSafe Words2/8/2011  0  
Piss_slutsSensation Play2/8/2011  0  
Piss_slutssubmissive2/8/2011  1  
Piss_slutsJust How Safe is Piss Play?2/8/2011  0  
Piss_slutsPiss Play Safety2/8/2011  0  
Safe in Hampton RoadsDetermining the worthiness of a novice slave2/8/2011  0  
Central Louisiana BDSM ClubPAIN LOVER2/8/2011  2  
Central Louisiana BDSM ClubPAIN LOVER2/8/2011  2  
slutsMasochism2/8/2011  2  
slutsSadism2/8/2011  1  
slutsSensual Play2/8/2011  1  
slutssubmissive2/8/2011  1  
slutssubmissive2/8/2011  1  
Wolf DenFood for THOUGHT (would love comments and opinons)2/7/2011  3  
breeder slavesNeed to Breed - Portland, Oregon2/7/2011  2  
Breeding Stock and MilkingNeed to Breed Portland, Oregon2/7/2011  4  
Forced BreedingNeed to Breed in Oregon2/7/2011  8  
A Library in the DungeonThe Superbowl's good, bad and ugly2/7/2011  4  
Sinfull Sensations5 ways to LOSE Your submissive...2/7/2011  2  
CRUEL TORTURE & FORCED COLLARAny Women From New Jersey?2/7/2011  1  
uk tit bondageLike to watch tit use cammed2/7/2011  2  
titpainslutCamming tit use2/7/2011  2  
Taboo slutsAnal Torture and Figging2/6/2011  2  
Taboo slutsSadism and Masochism2/6/2011  0  
A*T*M (not a cash dispenser) Chat Room Help2/5/2011  1  
CFNM DallasNew to this lifestyle2/5/2011  0  
the shit outta herAbduction of Jessica2/4/2011  0  
Metro NY State / NYC VampiresAbduction of Jessica2/4/2011  2  
Doms and Subs of ChicagolandNew Here - Pls help introduce me to Chicago Dominant Lesbians Into OTK Spanking a Fem Sub Woman2/4/2011  0  
Slaves Wantedscared/tired/ want to die2/4/2011  0  
Challenging BDSMIntro2/3/2011  0  
BDSM/Bipolar and Other IssuesIntro2/3/2011  0  
CDs looking for PW playtimeBristow area2/3/2011  2  
Fisting Funlooking for a new toy!2/3/2011  0  
Male Supremacythoughts of a female animal2/2/2011  3  
UK Humiliation and Degradationhi from hampshire2/1/2011  2