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Discipline v Punishment (And Rewards)

by AsmodeusDom 10/25/2014

by slave191983 10/25/2014
Naive or realistic?

by subcurious1968 10/24/2014
What's the pain pleasure?

by Fiona9876 10/22/2014
Activity Decisions.....

by roguesangel 10/20/2014
Slave 24/7 question

by Pure12 10/18/2014
Car meet

by Tellmewea69 10/18/2014
Male slave seeking Leather Clad Mistress & Trainer

by g885298 10/15/2014
How do you like to be approached by a Dom?

by AsmodeusDom 10/14/2014
Why can't people just be real!

by Pegasus165 10/14/2014

by subsissybabyboy 10/14/2014
I need help

by heyblueboytoy 10/14/2014

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