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MissJenandSlut said
Mistress and this slave have known each other for over fifteen years thanks to W/we met here years and years ago and now we are a very happily married 24/7 couple. If not for this Mistress and this slave likely never would of met. this slave is personally thankful for this website and for that very reason alone if nothing else!

as a couple W/we have gotten to know our BDSM neighbors through this site specifically. this is mostly due to the fact that locally there really isn't much of a "scene" here. so as mentioned without the internet and this dating site W/we likely never would of met.

because of W/we have shared O/our Journey through out the last two decades. logging hundreds of hours blogging and chatting and sharing ideas with friends met all around the world. it is quite a very joyous thing if you think about it. all of O/our pictures and videos as well as O/our blogging, magazine, and groups are available for all O/our kinky friends to see.

this slave is excited to see where O/our life will lead from here. through W/we plan on continuing O/our Journey for all to see and share in. W/we have already made many precious friendships beyond O/our own love and commitment to each other. so it's just amazing that W/we can be a part of a much larger community than just O/our local environment.

W/we met here, W/we chatted and fell in love here, W/we spend a great deal of time just sharing O/our Journey here. personally this slave cannot think of anywhere else this slave would like to be. is where this slave met the soul mate that was desperately desired as well as a giant group of like-minded friends to share O/our hopes and dreams with. has changed this slave's life in so many great and wonderful ways!

things are going well W/we have been happily and deeply in love for over a decade, W/we are married now, and the rest of O/our lives are ahead of U/us. is what made all of this happen! again this slave cannot state enough what impact this website has made on this slave's life, nor can this slave understate the joy this slave feels from just logging on here! W/we wake up daily just to join O/our friends here!
simba105 said
my first meeting with this member was great we met for a drink and discussed possibilities. we met the next week at my apt. i went into the bedroom and stripped down to my panties and bra. he came in and took off my bra and put nipple clamps on me. the then had me lie down and tied my hands together. he had me suck his cock. he then spread my legs apart and started to play with my pussy. my pussy was so wet. he put three fingers inside of me. he took off my panties, he got a whip and started to whip me and make me swollen. when it was swollen enough he fucked me. then he untied my hands and hand me on my hands and knees, and he fucked me from behind. he then fucked my ass. when he was done, he turned me over and whipped my pussy again. it was so swollen, could not go yo the bathroom. but it felt great. had a good time
simba105 said
masterslaveinluv said
2 years ago, i was searching for a Master as i am a slave. i have been very fortunate to meet the man/Master of my dreams. Since then, i have relocated my life to be with him 24/7. We are very happy and thank Alt. for helping us to find each other especially in particular, a match to our lifestyle. Once again, thank you and we recommend Alt. to anyone who is searching for that special someone. Sincerely, Master Ron and slavedebra
ur_adoring_slave said
I have been an ALT member for several years. I have met several fantastic Dom's on here.

I am very happy to say i have found "THE ONE" here.

My Master is Loving, Respectful and Hottt. I love him, very much.

But we do not live in the same state.. yet !

So Master allows me to keep my profile up and I can meet other Doms with his permission.

I do so reluctantly but only until i relocate to serve Master.. in the near future.

I am still looking to meet others in the lifestyle.

This is the best place i've found so far.

If you haven't found someone yet, keep looking, they are out there.

milkluvr said
I have been a gold VIP member for 10+ years now. Two years ago I met a 19-year old sub here on Alt and we began an incredible journey together. We were married in Fiji on July 2, 2009 and we just had out 1st anniversary a couple months ago. We had a brand new baby daughter on August 17th and life gets better for us with each and every passing day.

Thank you for bringing us together!
foundthelost said
Over 6 years ago, I was but a lowly slave. A "naturally dominant male" contacted me. Well, what a surprise, the bitch switched on me and we have been on a journey of kink, growth and love ever since. He is the love, light, strength, and power in my life. Thank-you ALT.
SatyrOne said
I have been an Alt member off and on for four years. Recently, I became active again and began a mail conversation with a new sub/slave looking to learn more. We both have busy schedules and children obligations but W/we hit it off and began daily correspondence. We met in a Del Mar restarant with immediate attraction. As she sat across from Me I put My hand between her legs and inserted My fingers. W/we talked in that postion for some time. When it was time to leave, she followed Me to the parking lot and licked off My fingers saying she was ready for more. I met with her twice since and laid our her training program. she has been wearing My ben-wah balls, has started her journal and has climaxed, on command, over the phone. The first session begins next week. Alt was the best safe way to find and begin, what may be a joyous LTR.
Lasherhard1 said
My name is Shawn I'm a lifelong kinkster and Former Marine. I started young enslaved by a coven of horny housewives and rapidy grew into my DOminance eventual having a Poly house. I've kinked around the world a time or three and always struggled to find and identify others like me or curious in the vast underground of pervs. The BDSM symbol and other societies of the lifestyle were VERY private and often hard to find and harder to get inside. Getting my kink on broke alot of relationships and it was hard to find those like me.

I first joined alt back in 2005 or so and almost immediately started chatting with people. I had my first ever cybersex here and got connected to my local BDSM community. Alts fetish checklist and additional questions make for great screening tools so I was able to contact those with similar interests and out of the herd am blessed to have meet the choicest folks. This is a different day and age but in many places alternative lifestyle behaviors are still viewed as 'sick', 'perverted', 'twisted', (not in good ways like us pervs view these words either)and otherwise unacceptable. I learned what it was like to be in the minority, shunned, derided, and villafied for my private preferences. What a relief when the computer age finally allowed places like Alt where I could connect with others without having to sneak around.

Like a public bar, of course, anybody can come in. Many for different and unhealthy reasons. I think we kinksters should keep the doors open and be inclusive while policing our own. If Alt is used as stepping stone in addition to real life: it's a great forum and place to expand and grow. I would encourage those really seeking to not give up. I'm glad Alt is here and look forward to being a community member for a long time.
doodle64 said
In 2004 one late and lonely horny night i found i joined the site not really knowing what to expect. After having fun chatting and cybering for a few weeks, i made a local contact and was introduced to a local Domme. She came and picked me up to go to my very first munch and not long after that agreed to give me training. After six months i moved in and lived with Her 24/7 for three years. Last year i asked to be released from Her collar to pursue my own path in the lifestyle. i am now very happily collared and living with my Master. If it was not for none of these fantasies would have come to fruition, and for that i am grateful. So thank you alt for providing the catalyst to my present state of happiness which is far better than anything i ever imagined possible when i first joined five years ago.
Wiccaone said
jmpgh said
I met up with a member who was getting married the next day. We went to a club after a while we went outside and started to kiss and feel each other up. We left and when I got close to her house she had me stop. We got naked in my truck and she blew me till I came and the she got me hard again and we fucked like hell. She invited me to her wedding the next day and we ended up in the ladies room in a stall with her bent over and me hitting her from behind she came as I did and she had cum running down her leg and she had to run back to cut the cake i don't think her husband knew anything but I seen her dancing and I could see cum all over shoes. I have only seen her once since and she was with her husband and I got introduced as a friend who really helped her out with some things befoe she was married.She was the hottest woman I ever been with!
trickz_peach65 said
My Master and I met on alt little over 2 years ago now. For the past year and a half we have been living together and been very happy. He was in Az when we met, thinking of moving back to Ky and popped into the tn/ky room to see what was going on in there and he said hello to me and the rest is history as they say Very much in love and very happy

Thank you for giving me this chance at happiness with a truly wonderful man :)
happyyyy2 said
As she gets behind me and slowley inserts a larg cock she has strapped to her body I take a deep breath in antisapation for whats to come. waiting for her to tell me its all the way in and she waits for me to blast a shot of pure extacy in my body. she know what to next as she slams my ass with her 12 in dildo I can fill the cum flow out of my ass wishing she had abigger cock than the one she is using. Then I start to fantize about a real cock in my mouth and the next thing I know is I have a hand full of cum in my hands. As I countinue getting fucked I know she is doing the best she can but I need more so she takes the strap-on off she hands it to me I slam it in so fast that a wade of cum shoots out of my cock she cant belive how hard and fast that 12 inch cock is going in and out of my ass. To tell you the truth all im thinking about is that its well hung stud fucking me like that.
CuriousWidow said

I have met a couple Doms through Alt, One i hooked up with for a couple months, but that relationship just didnt fit or feel right. I have now met a Dom, who is the best, most awesome guy! I am His slave, in training, and a very happy subbie am I! I was beginning to think that most Men on here were players or wannabes. Thank You ALT, for bringing Master Dan and myself together. Many, happy spanks! skye, who is no longer a "curious widow"! LOL.
nicksgirl5463 said
the first time I meet my master now was online he was on myspace and he went by reaper on there he found out that there was a site that I loved to be on and chat on and it was alt so he got on here and was master jeff he was from cc ky he found me working at a carnvile I was running a kiddie ride jeff walked right behind me and told me he was master jeff I asked my boss fogr my break and took off he waited there intill I came back and waited tell I was off work and caught me and told me he was not lying so I went back to his place and he told me that if I ever run from him again he will whip me I said I wont do it again master jeff he told me at that time to call him jeff unless we r alone do u understand me yes jeff good girl now undress and lay down where I can look at u my slave and now I am soon to marry my master
Nora2221 said
I met a couple on here a few weeks ago and after chatting it up a few times they felt comfortable enough to invite me over for alittle play time. That day I showered and completely shave all over, did my makeup, put on a sexy short black skirt and a low cut stretchy patterned top, Ofcourse my seethrough bra and silcone breast along with thigh high stockings. They lived a half hour away so it didn't take long before I was ringing the door bell. I was very nervous but the gentleman that answered the door put me at ease. We sat together on the couch and before long he was running his hands up and down my smooth stocking clad legs, I got an immediate erection so I just pulled skirt up alittle to allow full view to my new friend. My cock is about 7 inches and and almost 2" thick when fully aroused, my new friend Gord immediately started stoking it while he leaned over to kiss me. I wanted him to suck me but he wanted me to wait for his wife to join us. When she arrived she was wearing the most sexy outfit a seethrough nylon top with spandex stirrup pants. After a short introduction she was giving me a very sensous blowjob while I sat on the couch, mean while her husband had stripped down and had his cock inches from my lips. I couldn't deny him so I quickly took his cock between my lips and using my fingers stroked and massaged his balls His cock was about 4 " so I had no problems taking it all in, we kept this up until his wife ask me to penetrate her with the cock she had been working on, changing positions she was now doggy style on the floor I was behind her, I slowly guided my cock inside her with her husband placing his cock once again into my mouth. I knew he wanted to shoot in my mouth and over my face. After getting the right rythym I was in heaven, my mouth full of cock and the most beautiful sex blonde letting me fuck her till she started to cum. Her husband hearing her moans started shooting into my mouth, he pulled out in time to leave a few drops on my cheek. My host were nice enough to both go down on me until I shot my load all over their carpet. They didn't seem to mine. Nora
trickz_peach65 said
Hello I am Peach and I met My Master Trickz on alt, I was so down in the dumps and thinking of quitting alt and the internet all together, He Came into the tn/ky room one night to just check the room out thinking of moving back here, we started talking that night, we talked everyday and then he did move back to kentucky but still 4 hours from me, we fell in love. I got sick and he stuck by me all the way, we started hanging in the tn/ky room...building it up some...have planned and attended several room meets and still have our own room on alt, we are now living together and still check in with our friends and go on alt daily, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing me the love of my life and letting me and life was still out there...Huggles from the Peach
Buttmonkey2005 said
After spending a while searching on Alt & meeting up with the occasional perspective that I seemed to hit it off with initially, but turned out to go nowhere, I eventually decided to take a chance & sent a message to a woman who lived miles away from me - almost at the other end of the country !!! She liked the sound & look of me & replied, much to my surprise. We talked at length via emails through Alt, then through our real emails, then exchanged phone numbers (you can see where this is going), & eventually we decided to meet & both journey'd to get together half way between our distance. The result was fantastic for us both. After several months of meeting up & staying at each others homes & missing each other terribly inbetween, we felt that we couldn't be without each other & to cut a long story short (too late !! ), she quit her job after finding another one near me & moved 400 miles to be with me, leaving her family & friends behind. It sadly went wrong recently when we discovered we wanted different things but are still close friends, and the year that we lived together was AMAZING. We discovered so much about ourselves & each other & grew so much with each others help. I don't regret a day of it, & it's all thanks to Alt & a little courage, self belief & hope. Keep the faith, people. It'll serve you well.
jmc42561 said
On June 22 2008 my Master and I will have been married for 5 years. I knew since i was a teenager that i was submissive, but knew nothing of the lifestyle so instaed of the D/s realtionships i thought i was getting into they were abusive. Then i was turned on to ALT by a friend and that is where i met my Master/husband. He has been so paitent and very loving in teaching me the lifestyle. There is no better lfe than this!!! Thank You ALT!!!! XO sub jeanne
shyone230 said
I would like to thank the people who came up with this site. I had just about givin up on meeting anyone. 5 months ago Master contacted me. We exchanged email thru Alt for 3 weeks. From there we exchanged phone #'s. Enjoyed talking to each other for hrs. Decided to meet in person. And have only been getting closer since. I will be moving in with Master in 2 weeks. I feel a closness to him that is hard to describe. My love for him gets stronger every day. Ther is no doubt that he to feels the same about me. So again thank you to the people responsbile for this site. I have found happiness and true love once again!!!
Moxie2007 said
Love to last a lifetime! I met my Master on ALT in March 2003 - We have lived 24/7 since and have spent the next 5 years honing and perfecting our relationship - this will be an ongoing committment for the rest of our lives. We are very much in love and plan to get married in the vanilla world. I wear His permanent collar to signify our committment to each other. Also we have invited others into our BDSM life to play and He has now got a 2nd sub to join us as a poly family. She also wears His collar with pride. I have branched out to discover I am switch and have a sub of my own. This would not have been possible without total support from my Master. If it had not been for ALT, chances are we would have missed out on true love - we both believe we are soul-mates destined to spend the rest of our lives together. Thank You to ALT for helping us find our destiny.
naughtybear672 said
I wanted to say thankyou. As of February 10, 2008 I have been in the realtionship I started here on alt one year. We are engaged to be married. We tell everyone we meet about how we met on alt and sing your praises. We can't help , but tell you how much we especially loved your fetish check list. So many times you meet someone on like regular sites. Well you never know wether or not to approach some things. Well because of the check list we already knew what the other liked and what they were ready to do. We still haven't tried all of it, but we love finding new things. We both were out to have fun with someone not get serious. What started out as something on the side has been excellent. We weren't planning on what we found in each other. So thanks I now have it all the lover of my dreams whom I can do anything and my pefect mate from all the other things we have in common. We still meet people on here and enjoy thier company too wether it be male, female, or couple. thank you again for your web site and help. I will send more pics after we are married thanks! Carrie and Pete
Sinamynlee said
I came to at first just to thank a couple of women who had posted poetry of mine in their blogs, and had the decency to leave my penname in. After looking around I realized this was the type of place I could find my niche in.

Although originally after joining, my boyfriend and I were looking for a Domme to teach me more about submission, I found myself doing webcam broadcasts regularly (I was apparently quite an exhibitionist which alt helped me learn). I developed minor friendships with many of the guys who had come to watch and a very close friendship with one.

Wabbitz became a regular at the broadcasts, even "working from home" Tuesday mornings to catch the longest of my shows in its entirety. When I seemed to disappear from the site, he continued to mail me small notes to let me know he was still there, and would be on my return.

He is a Dom, and now my best friend. When things did not go well with my boyfriend and me, I thought I had nowhere to turn. I can't work, I'm not stable enough to live alone and my mother and I had agreed that I would not move back in there.

Wabbitz took me in without a second thought. There are not many in this world that would take a bipolar with anxiety stricken sub into their home as simply their friend. This proves to me that there is more to be found here than what one is looking for, as long as both eyes are kept open.

So thank you alt, for providing me with a lifelong friendship with one who will not judge me for my desires nor my past. I don't think there's any other place I could have found someone so open and accepting.
Girlieboy1971 said
A friend of mine admitted to me he was turning gay tricks and encouraged me to do it, "as good looking as you are" he said, I'd pull some cash. He informed me that all I'd have to do is let them suck me off. I wasn't afraid of gay sex, only being known for it. I was a stud with a reputation as a brawler and a ladies man. But I'd been molested, and had spent plenty of time in youth homes. It sounded like easy money.

My buddy told me of a bar in downtown Grand Rapids and gave me a guys name, said to tell him that he had sent met. Of course, he described the guy and assured me he hung out at this bar often.

When I entered the bar from the sunny street it took my eyes a moment to adjust, and when they did I was surprised to find the place seemed no different than any other bar I had seen. Still, I was overwhelmed by what I was there to do and how turned on I was by it. I couldn't remember the guys name or what he looked like. My heart was racing and I was in utter fear. Two guys sitting at the bar caught my eye. One was tall, well dressed and handsome, dark haired, the other was dirty blond and chunky. When I finally mustered the courage, I walked up and pretended they were who I was looking for. I told them my buddy had sent me.

As it turned out neither was the guy I was looking for, but they knew my friend, and what I was doing there. I was seeking money for sex. I just laid it on as if I were trying to score with a woman and before long they had me at their house, a real nice house. I wanted to do the dark-haired guy, but the chunky guy was the man, and he wanted me to himself. He took me to his bedroom and started sucking me. I always wanted to be good sexually, so I kissed on him and sucked him the best I could, then I was fucking him in the ass.

When I awoke the next morning they cured my hangover with another dose of booze, then took me gay club hopping. I stayed with them for three days and as long as I was in the gay clubs I had no problem with my inexperience or inhibitions. I jacked with a guy in one bathroom who had the largest cock I'd ever seen and departed company with the first dudes to be with a younger, more handsome fella with an impresive cock and nice crib. I took no money from any of them. They helped me be me.
joins_girl said
Seven years ago ALT was recommended to me by a friend who knew i was looking for something different. I didn't know what it was i was looking for, but ever game i figured i had nothing to lose!

48 hours after joining i recieved an altmail from a Dom nearby, but i didnt reply as i got an attack of 'what ifs'. However He emailed me the following day and i decided nothing ventured nothing gained. we messaged each other thru alt before i added Him to my messenger and gave Him my mobile phone no. (yeah i know not the safest thing to do!)

We met 5 days after first contact and the moment i met Him i knew He was the one for me. We have been together for over 7 years and i have been His collared slave for 6 years. We have a wonderful family together and i love and adore Him more now then ever.

While it hasn't always been smooth sailing - the word rollercoaster comes to mind, it has been worth it.

Thankyou ALT for bringing us together :)

Wo_Hya said
I've been a member of Alt for several years, switched handles & had a few connections I hoped would be the one. They never were. That's until September 2007. Then a pic & profile for a member, pinkpixie_girl posted; she's local, so when her profile popped up as on auto match, I winked. A couple of days later, she winked back, so I invited her to my friend list, & she accepted. I also recieved a short msg sasking if she might speak to Me? I msg'd back to say she was welcome to ask whatever she wished. We went through several on-site msgs before we swapped 'regular' email addresses. Quite simply, we were each looking for what the other was seeking. I'd been looking for a younger woman, anywhere from 18 to 40ish, preferably with little training as a sub but looking to be trained. Race, height, religion all unimportant, as long as she's reasonable & healthy, ie.; not sickly thin or life-threateningly obese. I was open to numerous possibilities. pinkpixie_girl was seeking an older dom as she'd read plenty, but was a newcomer to the real BDSM lifestyle. She'd had a couple of bad experiences with 2 other doms from the site, but had heard & read good things about Me, taken time to read My blogs, stories I'd written & My posts to other's in Magazine. In short she checked Me out before she ever asked to speak to Me. It became serious enough, so we decided there was no choice but to meet R/T and see. I wasn't prepared for love at first sight. In 49 years it never happpened to me. But October this year it did. In November we made a commitment to one another to an exclusive relationship. Presently we live apart as we prepare for a life together. I've finally after many years seeking, found My one. As she just started her search seriously, she has found her One. When My house is ready to be occupied in late March/ early April, she will move with Me to what we refer already as O/our home, wearing her 1st collar. If 24/7/365 life turns out as we hope & trust it will, when we have lived at least 6 months as an M/s couple, she will receive her life collar. She lives a mile from Me, but without Alt, we probably never would've met. Thanks to Alt, we did & each found the O/one we sought. Thanks
MMnMMsprincess said
I wasn't looking to be collared or owned when I accepted a ride to the November Kinkynic in MD but that is exactly what happened and I'm loving it.

I'd just broken up with my boyfriend and was feeling a bit down in the dumps and decided to go in the MD/VA chatroom on here. There I met and started talking to MMandMM. He had me laughing so hard that if I had been drinking anything it would have been squirting out of my nose. I'd forgotten what I was so down about. Then what seemed to me to be completely out of the blue He and MistressMind offered to come and get me and take me to the Kinkynic. I'd have been a fool not to accept. When I met the both of them in person for the first time I was floored. They are both very good looking as well as kind and caring and wonderful. I had a blast spending the weekend with them and when I got to play with them oh my!

We all had a talk that weekend and they asked me if I would like to be their princess because they really cared about me and wanted to spend as much time with me as possible. Of course I said yes. I care about them so much and love being with them. Yes it was quite sudden but when you find a good thing you just have to grab it. I've found the best thing or People in the world and don't intend to give them up ever.
squea1er23 said
Gurls Imagine the following I'm stand behind you and place one hand on your breast my other hand will roll down to your belly making small circles towards your Semi wet pussy. My hand on your breast is slowly, seductively caressing your nipple. As my other hand reaches your pubic area I stroke the hairs and find the top of your PUSSY. My hand on your breast has made the nipples stand alert to attention, my cock is semi hard and against your arse. With my knee I move your legs apart and slightly bending you forward I ease my cock towards your Anal Opening I now bring my hand from your breasts down your back to your ANUS and slide my forefinger over the passage. I then slide my hand further down to the lower part of your Pussy. I'm caressing your pussy from the Labia with 1 hand and the bottom of your pussy, and caress the opening. and the I'm feeling your juices drip from your Pussy. I slide my hand back and forth caressing your semi wet Pussy My Cocks getting harder. You feel this so you bring your hand towards my cock and start to masturbate me whilst caressing my balls at the same time. I make you turn and get you on your knees, you take my stem and place the head in your mouth caressing the head with your smooth tongue teasing the head and the slit to open but not actually penetrating. You 're now caressing my sack with one and while the other is holding my shaft creating a little pressure with your thumb and fore finger, as you do so I can feel the cylinders in my balls starting to fire up giving me a warm sensation at the base of my cock. I lay my hand on your head stoking your hair and slightly pulling from time to time, to keep the pace and rhythm. I pull you up and make you stand, as I go on my knees towards your now dripping pussy I place my warm hand on your Pussy using my forefinger and index finger to make a path through your bush, for my warm wet tongue to follow through. I slip my tongue through my fingers up towards your Labia and Clit lightly teasing, poking and curling making your pleasure more intense than you have eve felt. As I do so your body moves to the rhythm and writhes to the caressing pleasures your clit is experiencing. You writhe and wriggle with ecstatic pleasure as your Pussy juices up and you get a warm sensation travelling from the back of your vagina to the front and up towards your clit. I can feel your Clit s hardness against my warm hard tongue I can feel it wanting to gush it's contents onto my tongue as it starts to writhe in rhythm with the rest of your body. The Clitoral hood becoming ballooned and exposing a fine layer of membrane asking to be caressed and stroked as the warm exhilarating pleasurable sensation reaches the base of your clit. You grip my hair and push my head deep in between your thighs and up towards your pussy, you spread your legs wider giving me deeper access allowing me to dip my tongue deep inside you. You grip my forearm and tug at it as you do so you draw it up
squea1er23 said
Gurls Imagine the following I'm stand behind you and place one hand on your breast my other hand will roll down to your belly making small circles towards your Semi wet pussy. My hand on your breast is slowly, seductively caressing your nipple. As my other hand reaches your pubic area I stroke the hairs and find the top of your PUSSY. My hand on your breast has made the nipples stand alert to attention, my cock is semi hard and against your arse. With my knee I move your legs apart and slightly bending you forward I ease my cock towards your Anal Opening I now bring my hand from your breasts down your back to your ANUS and slide my forefinger over the passage. I then slide my hand further down to the lower part of your Pussy. I'm caressing your pussy from the Labia with 1 hand and the bottom of your pussy, and caress the opening. and the I'm feeling your juices drip from your Pussy. I slide my hand back and forth caressing your semi wet Pussy My Cocks getting harder. You feel this so you bring your hand towards my cock and start to masturbate me whilst caressing my balls at the same time. I make you turn and get you on your knees, you take my stem and place the head in your mouth caressing the head with your smooth tongue teasing the head and the slit to open but not actually penetrating. You 're now caressing my sack with one and while the other is holding my shaft creating a little pressure with your thumb and fore finger, as you do so I can feel the cylinders in my balls starting to fire up giving me a warm sensation at the base of my cock. I lay my hand on your head stoking your hair and slightly pulling from time to time, to keep the pace and rhythm. I pull you up and make you stand, as I go on my knees towards your now dripping pussy I place my warm hand on your Pussy using my forefinger and index finger to make a path through your bush, for my warm wet tongue to follow through. I slip my tongue through my fingers up towards your Labia and Clit lightly teasing, poking and curling making your pleasure more intense than you have eve felt. As I do so your body moves to the rhythm and writhes to the caressing pleasures your clit is experiencing. You writhe and wriggle with ecstatic pleasure as your Pussy juices up and you get a warm sensation travelling from the back of your vagina to the front and up towards your clit. I can feel your Clit s hardness against my warm hard tongue I can feel it wanting to gush it's contents onto my tongue as it starts to writhe in rhythm with the rest of your body. The Clitoral hood becoming ballooned and exposing a fine layer of membrane asking to be caressed and stroked as the warm exhilarating pleasurable sensation reaches the base of your clit. You grip my hair and push my head deep in between your thighs and up towards your pussy, you spread your legs wider giving me deeper access allowing me to dip my tongue deep inside you. You grip my forearm and tug at it as you do so you draw it
DrAwareness said
One of my favorite fantasies is relatively simple, or was it a fantasy at all? Maybe Im just sharing a part of life with you. There is a middle age, prim and proper, married couple, we will call them Richard age 38, and Jane age 34 along with two accomplishes name Eve and Mary. Jane, on a surprised visit to Richards office caught Richard fucking the hell out of his good-looking younger secretary; Mary, who was bended over his desk with her skirt up, her panties down and Richard was pounding her pussy for all that he was worth. After her initial shock, Jane informed Richard that this was going to cost him everything. Jane went on , in near hysteria, stating that she would pack him a bag and place it on the front porch but under no circumstances would she permit him in the house, at least until she had time to sort things out, that she needed some time alone to think. Richard and Jane love each other but there sex life was a disaster. It all started on their wedding night. Richard managed to become drunk at the reception and passed out shortly after there arrival at the hotel, leaving Jane high and dry with her virginity in tact and her romantic dreams shattered. Richard respected Jane but had placed her on a pedestal like a fine china doll and was afraid to express his true sexual desires. They both were unhappy with their sex life, as it had fallen into just another routine. Almost right from the beginning Jane started to dread Saturday mornings, after waking up Richard would without the any preliminaries or thought or foreplay roll over and pull up the skirt of her nightgown and proceed to fuck her; Richard felt that it was his duty. It was always the same missionary position with the covers pulled-up over them. Richard who did not have his heart into it would always shoot off far too quickly and Jane who was just beginning too warmed up look upon it as a chore rather than something of enjoyment. Jane was extremely frustrated, feeling that there just had be more to sex than this but Janes mother had instilled into her that only sluts and cheap whores acted as if they wanted or needed sex. Jane was afraid to covey her desires to Richard, she was very shy, and after all, what would Richard think of her, probably that she was nothing more than just another dirty whorish slut. Jane had always tried to be a good girl in order to please others, especially her mother then later on Richard. Immediately after shooting his wad, Richard would get up and leave to go play golf or whatever. Jane would get up, go into the bathroom, locking the door behind her, and masturbate while fantasying about being forced to do all of the forbidden things that she had read about and wanted to try. Jane was realistic enough to realize that she would never be able to all of those nasty things unless someone forced her to do so. Jane was a nervous wreck and beside herself as could not seem to stop crying, she almost had three accidents on her way home from Richards office, and the only thought that came into her mind was that she needed to talk to someone. However, who could she tell what she had witness in Richards office, certainly not one of her close friends, that would be to embarrassing. Finally, as if a bolt of lighting had hit her, the answer came to her. Eva, she was sure that Eva could advise her on how she should handle this situation. Eves late husband and Janes older brother was killed in an auto accident while on a hunting trip four years before. Jane burst into Eves house like a tornado and was by that time almost totally out of control; Eve was able to calm Jane down enough so that she could explain what had happened at Richards office, stating that it was probably all her fault, then she proceeded to pour her guts out about her lack of sexual experiences. Eve herself had been very frustrated, especially sexually, ever since lost of her husband. A couple of months back our paths crossed and Eve was in fact my part time sub in training, her life was far more under control, her life long desires and fantasies were being achieved and as a good sub she had learned that her primary function in life was to bring pleasure to me. Eve instinctually knew at once how pleased I would be to have this juicy little morsel at my disposal. She informed Jane t
spencer192 said
Zoe was a total 'fling' for me; over 60 miles away, I never expected anything to happen really but we got talking by email and then it started to get very interesting....she directs me to her business website and I just died..... a sculptress who specialises in erotic pieces of art ( including body casts etc) . Her private studio in a farm building, well equipped with numerous props, all manner of clothing and bdsm equipment.

A dream come true.

Her works of art & sculputures were just breath taking, fine, perfect human bodies in erotic poses.

The tour ended with a gin & tonic and then it began. The depth of her breathing increased as I attached wrist and ankle cuffs together with spreader bars between her ankles & wrists respectively. I secured her upper spreader bar to a heavy chain hanging from the ceiling; one ot two tugs and she was held spread eagle vertically before me.

My hands slowly massaged her naked body, my mouth and tongue licking her perfect breasts. Onwards, onwards and downwards moved my fingers to her vagina. Warm reddened and moist, pulsating and tender.

I picked a small whip and delicately at first toyed with her vagina; small cries and whimpers at first and then shouts ; her body tensed and relaxed as I toyed with her and started to insert the handle of the whip into her.

Her whole being started to erupt in orgasm; the pace of my finger movements increased, I sucked her nipples hard. Her eyes focussed into the distance and then glazed over, she trembled & shook. Fluid streamed over my hand down her legs onto the floor. Luckily she had warned me of her likely response to my bringing her to orgasm .

I was very bemused by her claims that she would orgasm intensely only once; I let her ramble a bit and let the emotions within her body subside. I buckled a gag to her head. Her vaginal area was incredibly sensitive to the slightest touch and before long she was again in subspace. -------------------------------------- Author's note - some minor details changed but this, my second meeting with this lady, took place last Friday ( 28th Sept. We first meet at a hotel for a meal two weeks previously. Uk mob no - 0791 3025946
BBWSubnTN said
Wow! It seemed like forever ago that I started looking for a Master that I could totally give myself to. Well, I found him on

He winked at me one day and just out of curiousity I looked at his profile and wow! he was a dream, Harley, tattoos, and all!

I emailed him back and we chatted a few times before I gave him my number. What was I thinking? I actually ignored his calls for the first few times. I thought to myself what was I going to do with this man? He wasn't what I thought I was looking for. It turns out that he is what I was looking for. We met, I placed a safe call, and went to have supper and a few drinks to get to know each other. The next thing I knew, we were at my house just talking. We did try a little session just to see what each other had and he left me begging for more.

So, here it is. I'm his property. When I lay my head down to sleep I still hear his voice echoing in my ears. My back is burning from the welts he left yesterday for my disobedience. I was taught a valuable lesson: don't cum when he says stop. So, I'm on a mission to learn self-control. I bet he will teach me quickly.

I am very happy with my new Sir. The collaring will be later. I'm not taking it lightly like so many here do. It is a serious committment and will treasure it with all my heart.

A little note to my Sir: Thank you for opening my spirit and letting it swell in your hands. You have given me a precious gift and I will treasure it always. I promise to take care of your property.
CastleLord46 said
W/we met teasingly in ALT. A look, a question, a discussion as W/we snuggled. Then a cyber scene, complete, satisfying, satiating. 3 months and W/we grew. O/our time was like a fire...keeping U/us warm, joined, together. I broke up with her, god how dumb was that, but then W/we came back, stronger, better, and committed. W/we finally met and all of our cyber came to life with the first hairbpulling kiss. All the good and wonderful things that were experienced in O/our online life have become true and positive in O/our r/t life. Happy? definitely. Amazed? Even more so. Would W/we do it again? Absolutely. Would W/we recommend using ALT to find O/others in order to find T/their O/one? Without reserve! Are people real on here one may ask? Yes, and when it happens, it will be sudden, it wil be unexpected, and when it is right, you will truly know. If you have doubts and are not looking for the LTR, then don't lead anyone on, move on, find your one, leave those that aren't for you for the others that seek. Don't damage the property that is not truly yours. Don't hurt or mislead any until you have no doubts of your feelings. My dancer and I did that...and the fire storm was all encompassing. Come on people - don't be skeered - give it a real chance!
spanyshrose said
It warms my heart to see so many successful stories on here. May i humbly add my own to this collection: My Master first contacted me on alt and asked me to view His profile. During the first few emails, He never once said anything deragitory or shocking. He was very polite and straight to the point. i was impressed with His honesty. i was very intriged by His integrity. It wasn't long before we exchanged emails in which He showed me "normal" pictures of Him and my now alpha sister. i was immeditately taken by their friendliness and openess. No games there. He was truthful in all he told and showed me, he didn't hide anything from me. When we met for the first time in New Orleans, i was gone! i knew i had found the One. Alt. has offered this site as a way to find companionship and leadership, and although there are alot of fakes out there, alt. is a continued link to my Master.. It's a way of showing how much His life is my own. i love the way i can express myself on my profile and make it individual for me. With my Master's approval, of course!! Showing off my photo's in my albums is fun and i love commenting on other's articles and magazines, something i'm just now getting into. There's always something new to do here on alt. My Master also keeps His albums updated for viewing and loves to display his "wares" LOL.. Thank You alt.. i would be a lost kitten still, mewling in the dark if it wasn't for your site and opportunities... destiny<<(property of Master Douglas)
nyTrouble65 said
Before discovering this site, I thought I was alone in my "kink", and had no one to discuss the yearning to serve. There is no other place on the internet that is as varied and real as here.

I have had the pleasure of meeting some great friends, as well as having had the pleasure of getting to know and meeting two very awesome Dominants.One whom I still serve when allowed.

This site has been great for all of the information it provides, as well as being a great place to discover "yourself". Thanks for giving us "non-vanilla" folks a place to gather and meet.
I fond a master online and set up to meets him. After a couple of sessions with my new master he ordered me to come with him. So the next long weekend I when to masters house. Master ordered me to strip I did. Master bond my hands behind he also collar and leash and blindfolded me. Than he put me in his can and drove to his cabin ones master and I got in the cabin. Master locked the leash to a ring in the sender of the cabin master sad I was his .In an hour or so master returned. With him were three men and a woman. I sad master whats going on master sad are you my property I sad yes master. After a couple of hours one of the men ordered me to masturbation I looked at master. I was to obey I sad yes master and then one of the man came over to me and pulled my head back and opened my mouth he sad I wood do. Next the woman sad to the three man time get startered and all the man removed their close .The man came over to me and the woman set up a camera she looked me and sad .Slave boy you are going to have a weekend you will not forget.
petra2006 said
Hi, I've been wanting to tell everyone about some fun I had with another member last November. He/She is named CDVeronica, he/she has really sexy legs and my heart raced as I answered the front door in my short white skirt, sexy striped stockings (I have a picture of myself wearing them on my profile) and three-inch fuck me pumps. Veronica has gorgeous legs and was wearing a pair of sexy stockings. I talked with Veronica and got to know her/him. We soon proceeded to the bedroom. I pulled my skirt down and Veronica went to work on my throbbing cock. Her warm mouth felt so good on my cock, I soon filled it with my warm cream. Veronica worked so hard to get me hard again. After about half an hour, I was ready to give some more cream to this beautiful cross-dresser. I smacked Veronica's ass with my cock until it was fully hard again. Veronica squatted down on my cock and rode me until I exploded again inside her hot, tight ass. I never knew hot it could be for two t-girls to get together and suck and fuck each other's brains out. Thank you Veronica, you gave me one of the best blowjobs I've ever had!!! Petra
deelight2u said
Just a BIG BIG THANK YOU to ALT.... I found an Angel among all the devils..... MboroSir and I got engaged last Wednesday and I will be relocating to the USA as soon as I pack up here. We are SOOOOOOOOOO happy and ALT will always have our gratitude...... if we had never joined... we would have never met...... THANK YOU.. XXXXXXXX Deelight2u
Lordandladykink2 said
"He (Lord/top) had been on Alt for a while and had almost given up when he winked one last time. She (lady/bottom) never took the site all too seriously when she winked back. They emailed within Alt a few more times, a couple of phone calls and eventually met for drinks. " Sounds like a fairytale? Well it is! We talked for hours that firdst night! And have spoken almost every day since! We are the 2 most unlikely couple, however we have naturally connected in every way possible. From vanilla to BDSM! We believe the key to our amazing relationship is honesty and patience. We were upfront about our situations and expectations from the beginnning. And as unexpected circumstances arose (and "they" will) we developed a level of patience that is second to none. Anyone who is out there desperatly searching for thier "One/one..Slow it down, smell the roses and let things happen naturally!
slick1670 said
Well hello ; first off dont mean any dis resepct to a d friendfinder. SO my storie goes like this??? WAS LOOKIN TO GET off.. fOUND THEM ; 2 GUYS AN ME. JUST WATCHIN THEM PUMP EACH OUTHER GOT ME OFF.And after that got to watch them; SUCK EACH OUTHER off. FUCK IT WAS HOT.I would love to see more of 2 guys FUCKIN SUCKIN AN JERKIN EACH OUTHER WATCHIN CUM SQUIRT AN GET ALL OVER THIER FISTS; Then lick each outhers ASSHOLES UNTIL THEY BOTH SQUIRT ALL OVER EACH OUTHER.. By the way im a chick an im one fuckin horney CUNT. MY husband is in iraq and i have no one to play with.. I have permission to play so lets get off. im waitin.

Heares my 2 nd story.. Met 2 guys on adult. finder; WE met at alocal bar.Had a great time. Anyway this bar has dif rms all over the bar. So we met at the bar had a few an went to a secluded rm. Well there they let me watch them rub each outhers COCKS when all of a sudden we thought we were BUSTED The owner came over to see what was up;; Well thank god i know the owner. Anyway he saw both dudes with 2 HUGE DICKS in their pants an knew what was up. Asked if he could join. So we said HELL YA. Well we all went into his office; an boy did i get OFF. As i watched they were all old hands at SUCKIN EACH OUTHER LICKIN EACH OUTHER. And ya lickin each outhers ASSHOOLES. So now we meet 3 times a week and we would like to meet outher men who like to SUCK each outhers COCKS. LICK EACH OUTHERS BALL ASSHOLES and FINGER EACH OUTHERES ASSHOLES..?? ALSO Write each outher HOT emails SO LIKE I SAID IM WAITIN FOR YOUR HOT LETTERS
subseeker2007 said
A couple responded to my ad recently and we agreed to meet. We went to a nice bar that was very quite and sat at a table away from every one else. She was a very attractive woman and was dressed to show off her attributes, short skirt, heels and a low cut blouse that barly kept her breasts covered. She sat down between us and came quickly to the point, she was looking for someone to humilate her submissive husband in front of and asked if I was OK with that. Sure I told her but I am straight so there could be no interaction between him and I. That she said was what they where looking for. We went back to their house and her and I got naked and into the hot tub while he was told to bring us some drinks. As soon as he left she started kissing me and rubbing my already hard cock. When he came back with the drinks she told in front of him that it had been a long time since she had a real man with a good sized cock instead of the pathetic little bitch she was married to and then threw her drink in his face. We went into the bedroom leaving the door open just a few inches, she made him wait outside while we started playing on the bed. She was on top of me, her breasts bouncing up and down as she rode my cock all the time telling me what a sissy her husband was. She got up and pulled him into the room, making him kiss her feet then pulling his face to her wet pussy and telling him all he was good for was cleaning it up after a real man. She got him to his knees and started flogging him while he begged her to stop and have me leave. Instead she cuffed him to the bed and came back to me. Watch and learn she told him! She sucked my cock inches from his face until I could not hold back anymore! I came so hard I almost fell down. By this time her husband was in tears but she spit my cum in his face and hair. We left him there on the floor and spent the next couple of hours playing all over the house, she would go back to him every once in a while and tell him what a useless man he was and how lucky he was that she just didn't go home with me. We fell asleep together on the floor, both totally spent. We woke up the next morning and as I left she asked if I could come back sometime. I have been there twice since, tell you about that later?
MsLise said
IT finally happened. Three years ago I meet a sub who wanted so much to be a slave. Distance kept us from meeting but I trained him online daily. We have had our ups and downs and he and I both have realtime experiences but just not with each other. Now he has decided no matter what I am his Queen and his rightful owner and he pays tributes to me.
CuteCple43some said
My boyfriend/dom and I met about a year and a half ago on alt in a chat room. We are extremely happy toghether. He rarely goes into the chatroom, but for whatever reason he did that day and we have been happy ever since. I never thought I'd actually meet someone who I talked to online, but I did and I couldnt be happier! Thanks ALT
Darkned_kiss said
I came on this site because of coven, I wanted to meet prople with my interests. I was immediately attracted to DarknessConsumed. And the man barely spoke back then. We finally had the chance to talk one night and we did for hours. Out of that one talk I have met the love of my life. We are making plans for a real life together. he is now in the process of moving to be with me. I never in any way expected this to happen. Alt I will thank you forever Sincerely Darkned_kiss
19squirter73 said
I came to alt to find a boy for my pleasures. I hit upon one that is totally adorable. We met one night, and sat out in the cold cuddling, and getting to know each other. It was freezing, but I didn't care. He is in school half a state away from me, but makes it to me often as he can. We play dressup, baby-play, collar and lead in public, And when he's a naughty little girl, I spank him. We are working out all our kinks together, and have good comunication. I'd like to find a third for our fun. He is Bi-curious. 5'11, 135 lbs, and sexy as fuck. We've met a few poeple, but no-body yet that we both agree upon. The best part about our relationship is that we are good friends, that can be open and honest, no matter what. Thanx alt for helping me locate a keeper!
subseeker2007 said
This happened about 4 years ago. We where both in our 40's and had some experience in swinging. She had a fantisy about being with several men at once but had never tried it. We took a vacation to Cabo where we went to Cabo Wabo. There if a woman showed her tits she got a free drink, and just having them done was not at all afraid of showing off. She had a couple of shots and a group of 20 year old something guys (4)was really interested and invited us to their table. Lots of booze and flirting later she asked if we could invite them to our room. I knew what she wanted and was OK with it, actually I was excited! Once there she started teasing them and changed into a a nice see thru dress and danced for them. The dress came off quickly and I could tell she was extremly hot! One by one she gave them a lap dance while kissing and letting them touch her. I got hotter and hotter watching this, more so when they pulled out their cocks. They where all in good shape BIG, most bigger than mine. She started to suck on them, just a little at first then harder and harder. The night went on and she started fucking each of them, one at a time at first then she let one fuck her in the ass with her on top as another started to lick her pussy before he entered her. I was extremly turned on watching her. They took turns fucking and sucking and at several times had one in her mouth at the same time. They drank, fucked, sucked and spanked her the rest of the night and most of the morning. Around noon the men where spent but she wasn't! I could tell she was passing out sometimes only to wake up to another cock in her. One guy came in her mouth so much she almost gagged, which was very unusual for her. She went on and on in a way I didn't think she could, begging at one point for some more. She acted like she had been deprived of sex and was finally letting go of all her inabitions. When they finally left she just laid there spent and passed out until late that evening. She was barely able to talk or walk that night but she thanked me! We flew out the next morning and I could tell she had a hard time sitting on the flight. Too much booze and cock at one time! Our sex life after that was great, after she healed up of course!
WatchMeDance said
Hello, My name is Sunny. I am hosting Sundays Entertainment at Ocean Drive Club and Lounge; 11230 Grandview Ave., Silver Springs, MD. I am providing private parties Fully stocked bar, Five star restaurant service, & 10-15 never seen before private entertainers. This is all going on while you are being entertained by the DJ and the All Star Game, this Sunday
LadyAislin said
Distance doesn't matter. I became a member on November 3rd of 2006 . I met some really great guys. But, by the end of November I started talking to the one. He was in Flordia but he promised to come see me after we had talked all day every day for weeks. He came to me on the 3rd of December and hasn't left. I truely hope things keep going well. I can't remember being happier. This man completed life . Thanks . The gold membership was worth every penny! Hopefully i'll be writeing in a year to say were still going strong. Thanks Again Alt.
vixen113 said
oh this is a good time for me to tell you all about my favorite beating of all its got me playing with my pussy now. i was at work when a guy came into the store right before i was to close and i saw him go into the restroom but then i got busy so i never saw him leave well then i locked the store up and started to clean. as i opened the mens room door a very tall sexy man told me to put my hands on the sink and bend over oh fuck if it didn't get me wet right then but at first i refused and he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me down in front of him then he began to pull his thick hard cock out of his pants fuck i wanted to suck it right then but instead he slapped me in my face with it oh it made me scream and then he told me to get my fucking clothes off and i did then he told me to hold my arms over my head and to keep them there no matter what he did, and i obey then he slapped me across both my fucking tits then he put my nipple in his mouth and began to suck and bite them while he put his fingers in my dripping wet pussy oh i wanted him to keep it up just finger fucking me but then he told me to get on my knees and i did just that and he told me to slowly lick his cock while i finger my pussy as i did that he pulled a big fucking toy cock out of a bag he had and he told me to put it deep in my pussy oh god it was so big but i got it in my wet hole then he told me to fuck that cock til i was ready to cum then to stop so he could watch me cum oh but while i was sucking his cock and fucking that toy he began to finger my asshole and slap my ass oh i had to cum but as soon as i told him i was cumming he said stand up and when i need he dropped to his knees and began licking my pussy oh it felt so good i came all over his face then he told me to turn around and reach for my feet and then he began to tongue fuck my asshole it felt so good that i fucked that tongue so hard then he rammed his cock into my ass so deep i screamed but it was so fucking good i began to fuck his cock hard and he beat my ass and fucked it all at once oh god i'm cumming right now just writing this it was so painful but i wanted more just as i started to cum he told me to laydown on the floor and he put my legs so for over my head and rammed his cock into my throbbing wet cunt so deep i'll tell you later what happened

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