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Lking4daddy 37F
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7/2/2009 12:51 am
Daddy had to teach me a lesson (story 1)

After spending all day at school studying and being a good girl, I was relieved to get home and change from my professional attire and heels into the soft little pink strappy tank top and short cut-off skirt my daddy recently bought for me. I snuck a quick cigarette on the balcony and rushed back inside to brush the smell out of my mouth and sprayed perfume, hoping this would mask the smell before daddy arrived. I looked around and realized staying late after class was a mistake because I would never be able to clean-up (daddy insists on an immaculate house) and have dinner on the table before daddy walked through the door. Daddy loves me very much and showers me with so many nice things and attention, and I never want to disappoint him or make him have to teach me a lesson, although I enjoy them thoroughly every time. I hurry and put together the casserole (daddy's favorite), put in into the oven, vaccuum, and begin dusting and windexing the glass. Then my cell phone rings, so I stop and answer. It is a classmate that talks incessantly, and I feel a wave of guilt and anxiety wash over me, as I know daddy will be home any second now. Just then, I hear the sound of the front door opening, and I know because I have not finished my chores, tonight will be a long one. I look up to meet daddy's eyes, he quickly scans the environment. The look of anger registers immediately as he stares into my soul. I no longer hear what my classmate is rambling on about and realize I have been caught what appears as disregard for the rules. I quickly make an excuse and hang up the phone. I scramble to my feet, knowing daddy does not tolerate disrespect and has made it clear not to upset him when he gets home from work. He just stands inside the door glaring at me. My spine tingles, and I truly feel like a failure for following the simple directives he has given. I wipe the table down quickly, pretending not to realize what is happening, and ask him, "How was your day daddy?" Before I know what's happening, he lunges toward me, grabbing my hair and throat, pushing my back onto the couch behind me. He grinds his pelvis in between my legs, and says, "My day was fuckin long, and all I want is to come home to a clean house, dinner, and not my lazy little girl talking on the phone!" He loosens the grip on my throat but continues to press hard against me, and I feel my little pussy get hot and moist. I say, "I'm very sorry sir," then wait to decide if I should continue, his look tells me he is exoecting to hear more. I add, "That was Sasha from school, but my phone is silent now. Dinner should be finished in 20 minutes.... I'm sorry you had a bad day daddy.... let me help you relax daddy, please". His look softens a bit, "This incident will not be forgotten, when I get home, it is quiet time." He checks my phone to make sure I am not lying about who called, and thankfully, I am not. I instinctively bend down and unlace daddy's shoes and remove his shoes and socks and begin rubbing his feet. "Daddy had a rough day today, ahhhhh, poor daddy." After a few minutes, daddy motions for me to sit with him on the couch. I get off the floor and am happy to be near him after missing him all day, waiting to be touched by him. I start massaging daddy's shoulders and he moans deep, which makes me aware of the wetness dripping from my pussy again. I rub deep and sensual, daddy tells me to take his shirt off for him. I eagerly do this and continue rubbing and softly kiss his neck and ear with my tongue. I can see daddy's cock getting hard through his pants, and just as I reach for it, he stands up, walk to the bathroom, and says when I get out of the shower, my dinner will be ready and you will show will learn who the man of this house is, because it seems you have forgotten. When I hear the water stop, I bring daddy a fresh towel and cannot help but stare at his large hard dick. He pushes me down by my shoulders and says suck my dick bitch. He walks forward, pressing me against the bathroom cabinets while he presses his hips forward, pushing his cock deep into my mouth. "All the way down, suck it like a big girl, be daddy's good girl and suck my cock". I push my mouth down over his entire dick until my lips touch his stem, and start fucking his dick with my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and my hair and fucked my face so hard I couldn't breathe, then he pulled out, yanked me to my feet, pushed me forward, and said I'm hungry, I want to eat but you will just have my cock for dinner tonight. I felt a twinge of hunger, but understood my punishment. He sat at the dinner table with his towel open in front exposing his raging hard on. I served him his supper and crawled under the table to service his request. I stared up at him through the glass table as I took his cock back in my mouth. "Slowly. I'm not cumming yet." I wrapped my mouth arouch his head and worked it with my tongue gently until he finished his dinner. "I'm done," he said and I got up from beneath the table and cleared his setting. It was just past 7pm now, and that means quiet time in the bedroom in our house, daddy's rules. I knew this, but daddy said "Quiet time little girl, let's go." He grabbed the back of my arm and walked me into the bedroom. I don't know why, but I said it. "I know it's quiet time, I was on my way". With that, he whipped me around, jerked my skirt up, pushed me over the bed with my ass up, and tore my panties pulling them to the side. He shoved 2 fingers into my cunt, slamming them into my tight little pussy. I yelped and made a squeaking sounds. He rammed his fingers into me so hard and fast, I was grateful I was already wet from sucking him at dinner. Then he pushed in a third finger and put his thumb in my ass and said sternly, "I don't like doing this, I wanted to come home and give you your good girl night time rubs, but you have to learn. Do you undestand me?" I cried out, Yes daddy, I am so sorry, please stop daddy, I will be good, I promise!" He ripped his fingers out and pressed me down flat on my stomach and mounted me from behind. He pulled my ass cheeks apart and spit on my tight asshole. Then he started jackin off his big dick against my ass, "You have to learn to listen, I am fair and clear, and will not tolerate excuses". Then he shoved his throbbing cock into my very tight pink asshole. He rode wildly, bucking my tight ass, making sure I would forget this lesson. "It hurts daddy!" I screamed. He put his hand over my mouth so that I could not protest any more. "This is for you baby girl, daddy loves you and has to fuck your ass hard and good!" After what felt like forever, I felt daddy's hot cum squirt hard, deep inside my ass. He laid on top of me with all his weight, pinning me under him while he pushed the last of his cum inside. Then, he tenderly wiped the hair from my face and whispered, "Good girl, you took your punishment. Now, we can have a nice evening, can't we?" I was spent and dissociated from time and place, so i did not answer right away. He pushed in hard one more time, and I stammered, "Yes, I-I l-learned my lesson, I'm sorry daddy, it will n-n-never happen again." Daddy said, and? "And I love you daddy, and thank you for helping me remember to be good." He stood up and walked me into the bathroom, turned the water on in the shower and lovingly helped me in, knowing I was sore and my balance was poor from the lesson. He began soaping me and helped me wash my hair and body, then gently toweled me off, and lead me back into the bedroom. He told me, "Lie down". I was timid still, and he pulled a bottle of lotion from behind his back. A big smile came over me as I knew this meant he would massage me, which meant he forgave me. "That's right my good girl, now you can be my princess again, and daddy will make everything better." He massaged me entire body paying attention to my thighs in the end, rubbing them sensually until I felt that wetness again between my legs again. "Turn over, it's time for you good girl eating". I turned, and he placed a pillow behind my head, and draped my legs over the edge of the bed. he sat on the floor and began licking my thighs and around my pussy until, finally, he licked along my lips and found my clit with his tongue. "Daddy, that feels sooo good, please keep doing that, keep kissing my pussy." He had his mouth all over my pussy, and used his tongue to fuck my cunt. "Ohhh, God... yeah". He said, "My name's not god, baby girl". I replied, "I'm so sorry, daddy, that feels good, you are the best daddy." he said, "Cum for daddy, good girl, cum on daddy's face, cum on". Just then I felt my legs lose control, and I began grinding my pussy into his mouth, as he sucked my pussy hole and clit alternating until i was cuming so hard I was lost in the moment completely......

route2couple 47F

7/2/2009 5:53 pm

yes continue very hot!!!

dickpleaser6962 30F
5 posts
10/11/2009 11:25 am

please do couldn't tear my eyes away until i was finish fantastic

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