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Life Lesson number 6,969,696,969 22 Feb 25 12:05 pm
Posting Weirdness 202 Feb 25 9:24 am
eluding the alt monkey fuckery 91 Feb 25 9:15 am
wherever you go, I go 317 Feb 25 8:22 am
Are You Better Off Getting A Dog Or A Cat?. 33 Feb 25 7:49 am
Deep Thoughts With Vladvampirelord 306 Feb 25 6:54 am
Porn Star Of The Day 366 Feb 25 6:12 am
Vladvampirelord's Vampires 397 Feb 25 6:00 am
Rubber 500 Feb 25 5:45 am
There's a crack in the mirror And a bloodstain on the bed There's a crack in the mirror And a bloods 457 Feb 25 5:31 am
Saw a Fish Hitching a Ride Up the Hill 23 Feb 25 5:22 am
She moves by I am burnin’ About her darker side I’ve been learnin’ Well I lost that trust when she t 476 Feb 25 5:17 am
Down in the backstreets in a shaky part of town I met a woman she sure put me down Lost all my money 479 Feb 25 5:12 am
I get lonely baby I get real strung out and blue I get lonely baby When I’m away from you yeah, yeah 199 Feb 25 5:05 am
Standin’ on a roof thinkin’ ’bout rock and roll Got a thorn in my side shakin’ like a snowflake Well 140 Feb 25 4:59 am
Lock me up, throw away the key I’ve been a bad boy, don’t crucify me I ain’t a saint no, I’m a sinne 106 Feb 25 4:55 am
In mission town if you ain’t down You’re driven by your greed The kind of place where they cut someo 49 Feb 25 4:49 am
My Blog
by  UglyCouple56   61M/61F
so embarrassing 6 Feb 25 4:47 am
Goin’ out of my mind, goin’ out of my head Let’s do something crazy Goin’ out of my mind, goin’ out 35 Feb 25 4:44 am
Heard that voice Calling your name On the howlin’ wind Heard it cryin’ Like a lone wolf dyin’ Honey 41 Feb 25 4:38 am

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by  MissLadywood   45F
Is he a master or abuser...what do you think ? 4270 2/22
caption me 3490 2/24
My Blog
by  jennalovesit   29F
My Pictures 3130 2/25
A 2-fer for the last January 3593 2/22
Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi: Embracing and Repairing the Imperfect 2309 2/6
Wankbombs. How it all started... 6633 2/24
i have this fantasy of having two men at once 2905 2/10
Asking For A Friend 527 2/24
My Blog
by  rosaenaluin   58F
The Siberian bear is on the loose... 206 2/25
Dangers of Curation 3780 2/15
Amazing ... 316 2/23
In which one lays a ghost with a spanking 180 2/24
I'm alright, how about you? 11553 2/6
A thought for this evening 1648 2/12
Some weird numbers and an announcement 5623 2/7
This is not a Pick of the Dick Post, but it satisfys 1603 1/28
24/7, Does it work? 10428 2/24
The Deep End...
by  tsarah    58F
Queen/Foreigner 7047 2/7
My Blog
by  tiedu25    46M
are there any real ladies on here? 3382 2/4

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