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How does it fell babe To taste sweet revenge Do you want me on my knees How does it feel babe To let 2 Feb 18 8:53 pm
You never take the easy way The wind is blowing straight into your face You never ever close your ey 4 Feb 18 8:48 pm
I get lonely baby I get real strung out and blue I get lonely baby When I’m away from you yeah, yeah 6 Feb 18 8:43 pm
Goin’ out of my mind, goin’ out of my head Let’s do something crazy Goin’ out of my mind, goin’ out 8 Feb 18 8:38 pm
Painted on her body Was the mark of her fate She was taken by a strange spell Was it something that 10 Feb 18 8:34 pm
You got me all screwed up So much I can't turn 'round And I've been running about with some funny g 21 Feb 18 8:21 pm
Josie's on a vacation far away Come around and talk it over So many things that I want to say You kn 24 Feb 18 8:14 pm
Since you've been gone There's something I want to say Since you've been gone There's no one taking 23 Feb 18 8:11 pm
Give me what you can tonight Time is all we have to play Tell me you can't live without me Tell me e 24 Feb 18 8:05 pm
Holy Moses met the Pharaoh Yeah, he tried to set him straight Looked him in the eye, "Let my people 26 Feb 18 8:01 pm
She was a be-bop baby on a hard day's night. She was hangin' on Johnny , he was holdin' on tight I c 27 Feb 18 7:56 pm
Another night slowly closes in And I feel so lonely Touching heat freezing on my skin I pretend you 17 Feb 18 7:49 pm
Ah Ah [Chorus:] If you want my love you got it When you need my love you got it I won't hide it I w 14 Feb 18 7:46 pm
When I'm down I make a call Got the number written on the wall First it's busy then I try again Oh, 15 Feb 18 7:42 pm
I never thought that life could be so unkind Until I lost you No more times by the lake in June No m 118 Feb 18 4:50 pm
I have danced in the finest ballrooms I have loved, never losing sight I have sighed at the sight of 117 Feb 18 4:40 pm
Lonely sidewalks, silent night Bring the evening, deep inside Hold me darling, touch me now Let the 114 Feb 18 4:38 pm
Random message in the park 42 Feb 18 4:26 pm
The Howling 633 Feb 18 3:58 pm
Sin N Men
by  MicheleDeSade    28F
My Ass Hurts... 46 Feb 18 2:59 pm

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