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You really like my limousine You like the way the wheels roll You like my seven inch leather heels A 3 Feb 19 8:16 pm
I gotta tell you what I'm feelin' inside, I could lie to myself, but it's true There's no denying w 4 Feb 19 8:12 pm
Hmm, yeah Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, 5 Feb 19 8:07 pm
Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto Mata o hima de, Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto Himitsu wo shiri tai, You're wond 8 Feb 19 8:00 pm
Babe I'm leaving I must be on my way The time is drawing near My train is going I see it in your eye 14 Feb 19 7:53 pm
I'm sailing away set an open course for the virgin sea I've got to be free free to face the life tha 17 Feb 19 7:48 pm
My Blog
by  trackdog500   50M
just images 57 Feb 19 5:31 pm
Met a woman, she had a man Couldn't help it, I had a plan Right around midnight he was gone Saw her 77 Feb 19 5:29 pm
[Chorus:] Rag Doll livin' in a movie Hot tramp Daddy's little cutie You're so fine they'll never see 72 Feb 19 5:26 pm
Short poem by Dylan Thomas 11 Feb 19 5:20 pm
Plop Plop Fizz Fizz 65 Feb 19 5:17 pm
My Blog
by  Phoenixxxx    45F
What the hell am i doing here? 24 Feb 19 4:44 pm
My Blog
by  talentfinger   49M
HOT IMMIGRANT WOMEN: The American Man's Solution to Sexual Harassment and Ra_pe? 4 Feb 19 4:42 pm
This One's for You, DreamCatcher 91 Feb 19 3:50 pm
Okay, Here's the Thing with Dick Pics 56 Feb 19 2:50 pm
Asking For A Friend 72 Feb 19 2:20 pm
My Blog
by  alison692   44F
The Interrogation 74 Feb 19 1:29 pm
Camellias in Bloom 293 Feb 19 11:50 am
Turn Me On x2 160 Feb 19 11:37 am
My Blog
by  Shiny_Slut   25F
How do I delete a blog post? 21 Feb 19 11:23 am

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The Best Laid Plans... or Expect the Unexpected... 1672 2/8
Every time a blogger stops a vampire bat gets a few drops. 1894 2/10
Un-settling 2892 2/18
Fine 11652 2/14
by  MissLadywood   45F
Is he a master or abuser...what do you think ? 2392 2/16
Submissive Alright 5502 2/13
Happy Birthday, Dicktosuck, er, DiscoSocks..sighs..That means you, Vlad Honey 8215 2/3
A 2-fer for the last January 2486 2/6
Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi: Embracing and Repairing the Imperfect 1485 2/6
My Blog
by  jennalovesit   29F
My Pictures 1916 2/19
The Deep End...
by  tsarah    58F
on the floor 6966 2/18
Birthday Surprise 2 5926 2/3
i have this fantasy of having two men at once 2900 2/10
A thought for this evening 1631 2/12
Some weird numbers and an announcement 3848 2/7
This is not a Pick of the Dick Post, but it satisfys 1599 1/28
Not interested 7821 1/26
My Blog
by  tiedu25    46M
are there any real ladies on here? 2832 2/4
exactly.... 514 2/19
My Blog
by  Lotusflower1   51F
Why..... 1514 2/16

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