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I'm your boogieman, that's what I am I'm here to do whatever I can Be it early mornin', late afterno 9 Feb 24 8:00 pm
Shape shifting high and a haunted eye. Falling plastic and paper demons! No trace of time, I'm brand 12 Feb 24 7:55 pm
Jesus lived his life in a cheap hotel on the edge of route 66, yeah! He lived a dark and twisted lif 20 Feb 24 7:47 pm
Why don't you ask me what it feels like to be a freak! Hey, do ya love me I'm untouchable darkness 31 Feb 24 7:41 pm
I feel so good I feel so numb, yeah Yeah! Mud bath, acrobat, a midnight drive Everybody's slippin', 42 Feb 24 7:35 pm
Oh high noon, dead moon A-hangin' all over you, yeah Devil man, yes, I can cut a little piece of you 57 Feb 24 7:26 pm
Mars needs women Angry red women Mars needs women Angry red women Can you hear it calling ? Highjac 57 Feb 24 7:20 pm
Hey, we all know how we're gonna die, baby We're gonna crash and burn, burn, burn, burn, burn... Mec 61 Feb 24 7:15 pm
"Use my body to keep you alive" (spoken) Yeah my Durango, number ninety-five Take me to the home, k 66 Feb 24 7:08 pm
I speak the truth, I dare not tell a lie One child is in fits, the other child dies Now the yellow b 63 Feb 24 7:00 pm
This is a journey meant for your anxiety This is a journey meant for your anxiety This is a journey 60 Feb 24 6:50 pm
six in 8 45 Feb 24 6:08 pm
My Blog
by  taximan6752   62M
you can never have enough mothers. 151 Feb 24 2:23 pm
Scum of the earth, come on Yeah, run and kill, I destroy the will A hero that doesn't exist, yeah S 458 Feb 24 2:13 pm
Shriek the lips Across a ragged tongue Convulsing together Sing violently Move the jaw 457 Feb 24 2:07 pm
Superstition, fear, and jealousy Dead I am the one Exterminating son Slipping through the trees Str 458 Feb 24 1:58 pm
Rage in the cage And piss upon the stage There's only one sure way To bring the giant down Defunct t 452 Feb 24 1:51 pm
(Don't lie to yourself it gave you pleasure) Hell on Earth For What It's Worth Dead on Dreaming You 452 Feb 24 1:46 pm
Creature core you can't ignore I got a 5000 fingers of dead yeah A Rats are we you can't break free 451 Feb 24 1:40 pm
Vampire Apocalypse Day 55, Horror Rock Day 1 - Wasted 2 Much Time, Curse, DJ Renfield 77 Feb 24 1:24 pm

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Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi: Embracing and Repairing the Imperfect 2236 2/6
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by  tsarah    58F
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My Blog
by  tiedu25    46M
are there any real ladies on here? 3296 2/4

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