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Words in my mouth Someone told me to say They go unspoken My mind gets in the way I hold my tongue 32 Feb 23 4:04 pm
Guess what, baby? The things we said Came true today 'Cause we listened to our hearts No one but yo 35 Feb 23 3:57 pm
It's shame That our paths should have crossed so young Who's to blame For the tears and the damage d 42 Feb 23 3:50 pm
Whoo, whoo, whoo Black top blazin', home town fadin' Out of sight in the rear view mirror Stevie Ra 50 Feb 23 3:42 pm
She just woke up, but she's still tired Is that the telephone ringing? The curtains can't hold back 52 Feb 23 3:36 pm
When I was a young boy My momma said to me Once a woman gets your soul You'll never shake her free T 58 Feb 23 3:28 pm
Ghostbusting past hurts 57 Feb 23 2:43 pm
I seriously need........ 219 Feb 23 11:52 am
My Blog
by  Lotusflower1   51F
A Tale of P.T.S.D. 123 Feb 23 11:26 am Now that I've lost everything to you You say you wanna start something new A 352 Feb 23 11:26 am
Going out? 63 Feb 23 11:25 am
It's late at night and neither one of us is sleeping I can't imagine living my life after you're gon 354 Feb 23 11:21 am
Hold on little girl Show me what he's done to you Stand up little girl A broken heart can't be that 356 Feb 23 11:15 am
My Blog
by  Enchantedwud    49M
cam fetish 4 Feb 23 11:08 am
Vampire Apocalypse Day 54, Love Songs Day 10 - Wonderful like me, Curse, DJ Renfield 377 Feb 23 10:55 am
My Blog
by  Enchantedwud    49M
femdom 11 Feb 23 10:18 am
the more things change... 173 Feb 23 10:01 am
My Blog
by  taximan6752   62M
why do the young always seem to want credit for what us elders have earned 95 Feb 23 9:30 am
Who Was Eva Cassidy? 51 Feb 23 9:04 am
we are learning 228 Feb 23 8:47 am

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Every time a blogger stops a vampire bat gets a few drops. 1906 2/21
Un-settling 2917 2/22
by  MissLadywood   45F
Is he a master or abuser...what do you think ? 3020 2/22
Submissive Alright 6241 2/13
A 2-fer for the last January 3039 2/22
My Blog
by  jennalovesit   29F
My Pictures 2589 2/23
Wabi-Sabi and Kintsugi: Embracing and Repairing the Imperfect 1989 2/6
The Deep End...
by  tsarah    58F
on the floor 7843 2/18
i have this fantasy of having two men at once 2905 2/10
Wankbombs. How it all started... 5351 2/12
Asking For A Friend 300 2/22
Sex Imp 11981 1/29
A thought for this evening 1641 2/12
Amazing ... 146 2/23
Some weird numbers and an announcement 4766 2/7
This is not a Pick of the Dick Post, but it satisfys 1602 1/28
Not interested 10519 1/26
My Blog
by  Gentlemancad   54M
In which one lays a ghost with a spanking 97 2/23
cock shots.... 415 2/23

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