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Erotic Tarotscopes   by Sephera Giron

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Under the name Ariana, Sephera Giron is the author of House Magic: The Good Witch's Guide to Bringing Grace to Your Space (Conari/Red Wheel Books), a book which blends concepts of wishcraft, feng shui and other disciplines to improve home, body and soul. She trained as a tarot counselor for three years with the Society of Metaphysical and Esoteric Studies International, and has received additional training and certificates in Reiki and Touch for Health. Sephera has been reading tarot professionally for over seven years, often under the name Ariana. Access Sephera's skills at her online office:

You and the Stars

I’ve been casting tarotscopes for many years by combining my knowledge of tarot cards and astrology into one reading. My clients have told me they are quite accurate.

For each sign, I pull a tarot card. Making the readings as accurate as possible requires that I pool my experience with the qualities of each sign and my awareness of how these qualities relate to each tarot card. For example, a card that may inspire an Aquarius may be the card of doom for a Taurus.

For you to get the most out of your reading, you should have your birth chart created either at one of the free astrology sites or by a professional astrologer. The more you know about your birth information, such as time and place, the more accurate your chart will be. If you know your exact birth time is not known exactly, but within two hours, you can still have a pretty accurate chart. A lot of people over forty don't know their time at all. Though this means that you may never know for sure what your rising sign is, don't let it stop you from having a chart created. There are a few sites on the Internet where you can have a birth chart generated for free. Try or . You can even have fun trying some of the compatibility reports if you know the birthday of the person you have your eye on! When you read horoscopes, whether they are mine or ones in the daily papers, make sure you read not only your sun sign, but your moon sign and rising sign too. You can take it further, especially when it comes to erotic horoscopes and read your Mars and Venus. Combining the energies of all the signs will give you the most accurate picture of what you can expect for the upcoming month.

The more you know about your birth information, such as time and place, the more accurate your chart will be. If you know your exact birth time is not known exactly, but within two hours, you can still have a pretty accurate chart. A lot of people over forty don't know their time at all. That shouldn't stop you from having a chart created. You just may never know for sure what your rising sign might be.

Once you have your chart generated, you can see where all the planets fall and in what houses. You don't need to know all the complicated facts about houses and planets. Here's a way to remember and understand the three basic signs.

Your Sun Sign: This is who you are, your basic personality, your masculine side, or at least it is until you reach your forties to fifties, at which time you start to become more like your moon sign. Some people have the same sign for sun and moon, so there would be little change.

Your Moon Sign: This is your "secret" side, your feminine side, hopes and dreams and wishes. You become more like your moon sign as you age.

Your Rising Sign: This is the face you present to the world or your social "mask". When people have a first impression of you, it's usually your rising sign they see until they get to know you better.

For example, I am an Aquarius with a Virgo Moon and Leo Rising. I'm born on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius (Jan 23) so sometimes I tend to be more like a Capricorn or earth sign, since I also have an earth sign as my moon. With my Leo rising, when people first meet me, they think I'm outgoing and sociable, which I usually am, since Aquarius is a friendly sign as well and I tend to like to experiment with my style and am never embarrassed about anything I wear. Once people start talking to me, they tend to ask me if I'm an earth sign. The Virgo moon keeps me grounded and business-oriented which is good for me otherwise as an Aquarius with Leo Rising I'd never get anything done, I'd just talk and talk about it and maybe make someone else do it for me and play with my hair and makeup in the mirror all the time. The Virgo and the Capricorn and the fact that my Chinese Zodiac sign is an Ox keeps me hardworking and focused. I work hard and I play hard.

Venus is the planet of love and rules feminity. And there are all kinds of theories about how people's Mars and Venus should match or be compatible.

Mars is the war planet but it also rules men in matters of the heart.

Personally, I find that people with compatible moons do very well and you don't have to worry about all the other planets. For example, my boyfriend and I both have Virgo moons, so even though our signs are normally not a great match (Pisces and Aquarius), our Virgo moons pull us together. People with Virgo moons are said to be sexually adventurous and experimental. Pisces and Aquarius seem to be compatible on the outside cuz they are both free spirits and open to new ideas; however, Pisces can be clingy and emotional while Aquarius can be cold and intellectual. Passion and intellect can be a frustrating combo but we get through it with our Virgo moons.

December Reading:

The new moon comes both on December 1 AND December 31, which are a great times to light a candle and create hopes and dreams for the coming year. The New Year's Eve new moon gives us all power to really focus our energies on actualizing our wishes for 2006. The full moon is on December 15, which is a time to reflect on what we want from life and to get rid of people and habits that aren’t working for us. You can put crystals on your windowsill in the light of the full moon to cleanse them. Some people like to keep them there from new moon to full moon, or full moon to new moon. Rose quartz is especially good for attracting new lovers. Wear some dazzling rose quartz on New Year’s Eve and have fun.

Page of Pentacles
Aries has attracted the attention of a younger person who is not only hot, but is bearing gifts. If you want this person, you have to grab him/her by the cajones and tell him/her what you want. The wife of Indra position from the Kama Sutra will knock his socks off.

Five of Wands
There is a power struggle going on whether you are in a relationship or not. Try some good old-fashioned SM to see who is really on top. Have your lover tie you up and see if you can lose control for once. A wide firm paddle tapped along your butt may help you see things more clearly.

Fast cars always get your blood racing. Try not to get too cocky, especially when you have the attention of the one you want. She may like it hard and fast, but learn when to keep your mouth shut. A blowjob in the car is always great fun on a Saturday night.

Two of Wands
You just aren’t quite satisfied now, are you? Even though you have a lover, you are always scanning the horizon for more adventure. Funnel that tension into learning some new positions in the Kama Sutra. Try the exotic crab position. Your current lover will suddenly become more interesting to you.

Six of Cups
You will have a blast from the past. That old lover you used to bang boots with has shown up for the holidays. Relive old memories and show her/him your new skills. Use that engaging Leo tongue of yours to really get things rolling…and I don’t mean talking.

Three of Swords
Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve and don’t let a past heartbreak ruin your current chances. There may be disappointments this month but don’t let them drag you down. Put on chaps and a mask and cruise a fetish club for the beautiful people. Let your lover drip wax on you from coconut-scented candles.

The World
You have the world at your feet and that feels great. Your sexual energy is so high you feel like running naked in the streets. Try a nudist club or go to a fetish club wearing nothing but nipple rings and a G-string. You can have anyone in the club you want.

The Fool
You have always been a fool for love and this month the stakes are high. You are game for anything and it seems like anything goes. A bit of dressing up and flogging are the perfect way to start a long lengthy love session that should conclude with a grand finale doggy style.

The Star
You have many hopes and dreams for your sex life and it's time to put your money where your mouth is. Take your lover by surprise with an intimate dinner at a fancy restaurant. Follow her into the ladies room and take her in a stall. You will feel naughty and giddy at your secret when you return for desert.

Six of Wands
You are so horny you could die but you are in luck. It looks like your libido will be satiated. You may even go so far as to bag a celebrity. If not, treat yourself to one of those new fangled vibrators. This goes for guys too!

Nine of Cups
It's party time and you are good to go. Your sexual drive is high and you may be lucky enough to find a willing partner. Take your chances and go for it. You may find yourself at an orgy or a naughty dinner party.

The Hermit
You may find yourself masturbating a lot this month as you contemplate the meaning of life. Your teacher or boss is sure looking hot. You may find a way to score a quickie on a desk with your mentor or maybe even on a mountain with a sexy ski instructor.