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Give Your Lover a Sexy Lap Dance   by Summer Fey Foovay

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Summer Fey Foovay is a try-sexual ("I'll try anything once") bisexual former exotic dancer, dominatrix, artist, author of kinky erotic tales, and webmistress. Among others her websites include: (Transsexual Blog Dawg)


I was an erotic dancer when I met my lover (in a club) and he has seen me on stage hundreds of times, but nothing compares to a personal, private erotic dance. I tie him to the chair, so he will behave, and tease him unmercifully until he is slavering and begging me to fuck him.

You don’t have to be a professional to get this effect! The secret is to tease, tease, tease, and set your atmosphere. Men and women both love erotic lap dances, and I’ve done them for both sexes. In fact, my very first private dance was for a woman lover (you can read all about it at My girlfriends love it just as much as the men do! Maybe more since it is a new experience for them. Oh, and guys, you can certainly do this for your lover, too.

Chose your outfit with care. You want something that turns your lover on, but you also want clothing you can get out of -- with something approaching grace and without help. It can be anything from street clothes to club wear to exotic lingerie. I have a pair of skintight spandex jeans I peel out of on stage, and let me tell you it drives the crowd wild.

There is a trick to getting out of pants. Slowly inch that zipper down and spread it wide, running your hands over your body and teasing with a glimpse of pubes (if you have any ‒ I’m shaven). Then turn your back and bend over, showing off your marvelous ass, and push the jeans slowly down the curve of your ass and all the way down your legs. Remember, slow and seductive. Push the legs of the pants down to your feet and you should be able to hold them down with your hands and just step out of them.

Oh ‒ which brings us to shoes. If you are stripping out of pants, be sure you can get them off over your shoes. You don’t want to get caught like I did once with those spandex ‒ first I toppled backwards into my lovers lap (okay, that wasn’t so bad) but in the end I had to fall forward and crawl onto the floor to sit down and tug them off over my boots while he laughed and I blushed madly.

Girls, you gotta wear the three-inch heels. I know, they are hell, but you aren’t going to be on your feet in them all that long, trust me. Wait until you see the look in his eyes when he sees you in them. Even guys who don’t have a foot fetish drool when I pick up one heel and set it on the chair arm next to them, or even better, against the wall right next to their face, then lovingly run my fingers over the shoes and all the way up my leg to sweeter things.

My current lover loves exotic lingerie and exotic lingerie is so much fun to strip out of. I have a favorite floor length almost sheer, shiny robe. With slow seductive music I spin slowly, allowing it to whirl gracefully around me, revealing and concealing, tease, tease, and tease. With something like that to dance in, all you have to do is strut and spin and you look like a great artiste!

Go slow, tease, and dance so close you are right in his or her lap. I love to lean in and lick an ear then breathe my hot breath over it, maybe nibble his neck just to see him shudder. I'll barely touch his nose with a breast, dodge his flicking tongue, then slowly, hardly an inch from his body, lower myself until I am looking up at him from between his knees, rubbing my hands up and down his thighs.

The fun thing about a private dance at home is you can be a whole lot naughtier than you can in the club. I love to undress someone slowly as I strip, too. Open those jeans and draw that big hard thing out and then turn around and just barely touch it with my ass, rubbing up and down. This never fails to draw a deep moan from my man. He starts struggling to get loose from his silken ties and begging me to do him “right now.”

That’s your cue to dance away a few steps and tease some more until you are both in a fever!

If he manages to chase you across the floor chair and all…have mercy. It’s time to turn him loose and reap your rewards.

Visit Summer at her sites: (Transsexual Blog Dawg)