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Tarotscope for April   by Sephera Giron

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Under the name Ariana, Sephera Giron is the author of House Magic: The Good Witch's Guide to Bringing Grace to Your Space (Conari/Red Wheel Books), a book which blends concepts of wishcraft, feng shui and other disciplines to improve home, body and soul. She trained as a tarot counselor for three years with the Society of Metaphysical and Esoteric Studies International, and has received additional training and certificates in Reiki and Touch for Health. Sephera has been reading tarot professionally for over seven years, often under the name Ariana. Access Sephera's skills at her online office:

Tarotscopes are cast using a combination of astrology and tarot cards. Each month I will pull a fresh card for every sign of the zodiac to see what influences are in the stars for your love life. To get even more out of your tarotscope, read your moon sign and rising sign to get a better grasp on what you need to know. If you are born on the cusp, read the sign near you as well. You can never be armed with too much information to make the right moves in that age-old mating dance! For example, I was born on January 23, so I read Aquarius and Capricorn. My moon sign is Virgo and my rising sign is Leo so I read those signs as well. Your moon sign is your feminine side and the side you become more like as you pass through middle age. Your rising sign is your public face, the mask you wear before people get to know you. You can have an astrology chart cast at or

Most of you probably know your sign, but if you're uncertain - or if you want to check the horoscope of your partner - here's a convenient chart.
Birth DateSun SignBirth DateSun Sign
Mar 21 - Apr 19 Aries Sep 23 - Oct 22 Libra
Apr 20 - May 20 Taurus Oct 23 - Nov 21Scorpio
May 21 - Jun 20 Gemini Nov 22 - Dec 21Sagittarius
Jun 21 - Jul 22 Cancer Dec 22 - Jan 19 Capricorn
Jul 23 - Aug 22 Leo Jan 20 - Feb 18 Aquarius
Aug 23 - Sep 22 Virgo Feb 19 - Mar 20 Pisces

Here's April:

There’s full moon on Thursday April 13th (at 12:40 pm, to be exact). This is also the night that Passover begins. Then on Friday April 14 (at 1:08 am) the moon enters sensuous Scorpio for a couple of days. Since the full moon of April is already called the Wind or Seed Moon -- which represents fertility -- the fact that it's in Scorpio means you're likely to feel the effects of the Fertility Moon even more! These effects can carry through the month. This is time of sexual awakening and you may find that everyone around you is looking for love. You may also find yourself being more secretive. The new moon comes in on Thursday April 27. Finish up that spring-cleaning. You may be glad you took the time to organize your love nest.

Aries: Three of Cups
Sexual adventures will be on the agenda this month. You may have fun with two or even three people. The opportunity for threesomes may be more abundant then ever. There will be a party that will provide opportunity for meeting new people. Spring has made you feel alive and ready for some fun. Go to a swinger’s club or fetish event. A medieval reenactment festival may introduce you to partners of like minds. A wine tasting event may introduce you to the classy partner you crave.

Taurus: Five of Wands
You feel like you are wading through quicksand when it comes to your relationship. Stuck in a rut you stubbornly hold your ground. Even though it might not seem fair, you may have to bend a bit to get your relationship back on track. If you don’t have a relationship, you may need to change your thinking. You need to think outside of your usual patterns and try something new. A trip to a fetish club might loosen you up. Smoke a cigarette or have a glass of wine. Play with a stranger at the spank bench.

Gemini: Temperance
Being patient comes hard to Gemini, but you have to tread lightly or you may chase away a lover. If you are already in a relationship, you need to be calm and think of the big picture. If you are dating or meeting new people, don’t rush things. Pull back and relax. Enjoy a warm Jacuzzi together while sipping champagne. Give each other a foot massage with scented oils. Sucking each other’s toes while massaging each other’s legs is a great stress release for both of you.

Cancer: Knight of Wands
Single Lady Cancers may have the pleasure of welcoming an enthusiastic young man into her life. There may be a flurry of adventure, lots of frantic sex and promises made. Then before she can blink, he’ll be gone. Male Cancers may be the roaming Romeo. People in a relationship may find a lover leaving them or maybe they are the ones that want to go. There is the chance for a whirlwind affair. This fiery exuberant lover may be too energetic for homebody cancer.

Leo: 8 of Wands
It’s raining men or women, whatever your desire, for Leo. This flurry of activity keeps you hopping. You love the thrill of the hunt, the chase, and the capture. However, even you feel like there might be too much going on. If you are juggling lovers, be careful to cover your tracks, you might miss a vital clue that will give you away. Your sexual energy is high and you may find yourself at an orgy. Find swingers clubs and other sex clubs in your area or go on a hedonistic cruise.

Virgo: Ten of Pentacles
Family is on your mind. You want security and responsibility and aren’t afraid to work for it. But even serious Virgo has a dark side. You may find yourself fantasizing about someone at work. There may be some sort of family function where you’ll meet someone that catches your eye. For the kinky Virgo, you may have fun playing with a St Andrew’s cross. Use saran wrap to create a cocoon on a submissive before trying out that new suede flogger.

Libra: seven of wands
Are you torn between two lovers? You are irresistible this month. People that you don’t even know or like are clamoring for your attention. Part of you wants to escape to a fantasy world but your practical side keeps you grounded in reality. Even though you want to follow your lust, you do what’s right. Kinky Libra may enjoy being shackled to a table while having hot wax dripped on him. Getting a new piercing may get your juices flowing. Be daring and have fun.

Scorpio: five of cups
Scorpio has to stop worrying about what has been lost and take solace in the fact that there are many admirers wanting to meet you. You have a secret admirer who is just waiting for you to stop moaning and groaning over a lost love so that he or she can take a chance with you. You are emotional and moody this month but it’s only temporary. Your passion may overtake you and you find yourself drinking more to escape what you have to face.

Sagittarius: page of pentacles
You may finally receive that ring you’ve been hoping for. If you are single, someone new is entering your life. This potential mate is steadfast and grounded. A refreshing change from some of your more whirlwind relationships may get you focused. Someone has been watching you and will finally get the nerve up to introduce him/herself. For a change of pace, you may hire a stripper or even an escort for that special function. Get a golden belly or nipple ring to shake things up.

Capricorn: Judgment
You have to let your hair down sometime. It doesn’t matter what other people think, just let loose and have fun. Try something new that you haven’t before. Single Capricorn has to learn to lighten up. It is impossible to know what someone is really like until you spend a bit of time with him or her. If you are in a relationship, stop being so judgmental about your partner and in turn, they will stop picking on you. Your dry wit can be charming. Strap on a corset and venture out to a goth club where you can embrace your dark side.

Aquarius: eight of cups
Sometimes you just want to take your toys and go home. And you have plenty of fun with your toys by yourself so you don’t care what people think. Sometimes you just need to step away from the big picture and take some time out to analyze what’s going on. There could be temptation to stray away from a relationship. A new relationship probably isn’t working for you. If you’re single, you may want to stop going to familiar haunts and try a new scene. A change of pace is always so refreshing.

Pisces: Knight of Cups
Single Pisces will be thrilled to death when that knight in shining armor comes marching proudly into her life. Male Pisces will meet a dreamy intuitive woman. This could be just the person you’ve been looking for. Pisces in a relationship may be charmed by a new stranger. You can take him or her home as a couple or meet secretly behind the scenes. Romance is in the air. Put a soft fur carpet over a bondage horse and enjoy the sensation of the soft fabric against your body while a crop stings your buttocks.