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Banana Games #3   by Leta Carron

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This is a gritty little comic that happily breaks all the rules of good taste. The first page is a blood bath. Bloody boobs and balls, it's a mess. But amongst the carnage and debris, you still get big fat boobies on the heroines -- or they call themselves heroines. These chicks with dicks. Our heroine Alex Lopez (who has the smallest tits in the book) works the streets under a trashy pimp, and at 18 tough and wild years old, she likes it a little rough. Her fashion style: center-tied tit-topper and school girlish invisi-skirt barely off her ass.

So after the blood bath, Alex tells the "how I got my ass into this mess" story. Everything's "whatever" in this lady's depressive world, including getting fucked by sadistic she-males for the visual pleasure of "back seat driving" johns.

Canadian artist Christian Zanier, of the Buffy and Angel comics, likes a glossy finish on his silicone smooth bodies, and the hues are dominated by all shades of brown. Plus you have to like it out on the edge. "Ass play I like," says our heroine Alex Lopez, "but she would cut in with her nails as she did it. Shit would burn me for days." Ooo-ouch. Besides having a perfect pucker and well-stretched ass, little Alex loves to give head, which gets her on the good side of pimp Sammy. As Alex says, "My advantage was that I could deep throat a missile."

Zanier's visual forte is all about things going into holes. Rather than juicy and visceral, the surfaces always have a sort of ball bearing sheen to them, except for when taut penises ease into bulbous lips -- be it an asshole or pussy skin wrapping around cock in Zanier's close-up detail of lips and clit. In terms of close observations, the folds of his pussies are so lush -- shaded and lit, plump and full. Another unique detail shows up near opened holes, the worn, black nail polish half erased off Alex's fingernails.

Anal beads have luxurious little reflections in them, pulling out one by one. Closeup detail. The close-ups are rich, though, like the anal beads coming out "one by one" (each word being a frame) showing glassy balls, all magnified, reflecting the main character's tongue on the surface, as each monster bead works its way out the holes. It's a really in-close look at butt play: "mmm, and the bitter sweet taste."

Story-wise, it's a pretty dark world here in Banana Games 3. After giving her jane a serious plugging with monster butt plug, gagging her with a ball gag and cuffing her hands and feet, Alex, our horny hired gun decides to get her own rocks off by plugging her client with dick and, well, let's leave a little for suspense.

The ending of this one will leave you going "wha?" Unless you've read the first 2 volumes -- since the whole of book #3 is basically a flashback.

If you want some context -- although you have to realize that continuity is low priority for these comics anyway -- there's a really cool blog thread about Banana Games 1. Check it out at It's funny as hell and the commentary afterwards is also pretty cool -- these are some comic fans who know their shit.

They do make a good point; you don't go for these books because you like the story. It's more situational. If you like the situations -- she-male whore getting brutal ass-fucking and the likes -- you'll find the visuals more exciting. Then if you like the bronzed, photo-real kind of look, that's extra icing. Check out a few of these frames and see what you think.