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N.T. MorleyThanksgiving Feast

(November 1)
"She felt a surge of excitement and panic as he circled first one wrist, then the other, knotting them smoothly. He always favored ropes, never cuffs -- he knew the feel of the rope against her body did things to her." Fetish-flavored fiction from N.T. Morley.
10/31/200714 StaffInterview: Rachel Kramer Bussel

"I really love spanking people because its so tactile and visual and you get to hear your hand hitting their skin and their breathing change, and to me the posture of someone bending over with their ass in the air is just too sexy for words."

Author and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel talks about her new books, He's on Top: Erotic Stories of Male Domination and Female Submission, and its companion, She's on Top: Erotic Stories of Female Domination and Male Submission.

Bill Reed
You've Made It To The Party, Now What? Scene Etiquette

(May 21)
New to play parties? Floggers striking skin, whips cracking and leaving their marks, naked bodies bound in various positions. The scene is surreal, the music mysterious, the sounds of passion a song to your ear. Youre new, youre nervous, you dont know what to expect or what is expected. Expert kinkster Bill Reed offers some pointers on play party etiquette.
Bill ReedThe Art of the Mindfuck

(April 6)
"The mind is susceptible to notions, ideas, and illusion. If we learn to tap into this fun and exciting resource, there is no end to the vast amounts of fun, play, and adventure we can add to our list." Bill Reed lets us in on the secrets of the mindfuck.

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(June 4)
Leta Carron
Banana Games #3

(February 15)
"Our heroine Alex Lopez (who has the smaller tits) works the streets under a trashy pimp, and at 18 tough and wild years old, she likes it a little rough." Leta Carron takes a look at what comic strip porn artist Christian Zanier is up to these days with Banana Games #3.
Greta Christina
Love Story

(February 6)
"She likes his back, his ass, his hairy chest, his beautiful cock. He likes her breasts, her ass, her hair, her blue eyes, her beautiful pussy." If you're not entirely ba-humbug about Valentine's Day, check out what Greta Christina has found for porn with the taste of love in it.
Cleo Dubois
Voyeurs, Exhibitionists, Diversity

(February 5)
"A slender woman with pigtails is bent over an old-fashioned school desk, receiving a sound spanking. When her butt is good and red, her Top has her sit her naked ass on the chair, and spread her long legs." Cleo Dubois takes us on a meandering through dungeon land.
Lana Whitney
My Kinky New Year

(January 2)
"The fire dancer had pictures of friends who ate fire, used fire sabers, and did other acrobatic things with fire -- the kind of show and tell you don't get at many vanilla parties." Lana Whitney talks about bringing in a kinky New Year.
Sephera Giron
Planetary Gifts

(December 5)
"That quickie in the closet will be just the thing to send your head reeling over the holiday season. Dont turn down any invitations because you never know whos going to find you hot and delicious." Some stars are lucky; some are hot. Find out what to give and what you'll receive in the month of December as Sephera Giron checks out your stars.
Sephera Giron
Your ALT August

(August 1)
"A younger person may come flying into your life, bringing adventure, quick wits and turmoil. You will have the classic fighting to the death and then fantastic make up sex situation with this person." It's going to be an exciting ALT month. See what YOUR tarotscope predicts for August.
Sephera Giron
Tarotscope for April

(April 3)
According to our Tarot and Astrology expert, Sephera Giron, April is going to be a sizzly sensual month. And one lucky sign has this for a scope: "You are irresistible this month. People that you dont even know or like are clamoring for your attention." Find out if this is you.
Tristan Taormino
How to Use Your Mouth (to Talk About Sex)

Written Exclusively for Our Members!

"For weeks, Jake worked up to one finger inside [Jen's] butt while he licked her pussy. Not only did it feel good to Jen, but she could come that way." In her work with couples, Butt Girl and sex enthusiast Tristan Taormino reveals how open mouths open doors.
Summer Fey Foovay
Give Your Lover a Sexy Lap Dance

"I was an erotic dancer when I met my lover (in a club) and he has seen me on stage hundreds of times, but nothing compares to a personal, private erotic dance..." Former stripper Summer Fey Foovay shares erotic dance tips, just in time to prepare a hot Valentine's date.
Sephera Giron
Tarotscopes for February 2006

"Maybe you just need to find someone to tie you up and flog you with switches to feel alive again." Could this be your February tarotscope? Find out in Sephera Giron's colorful, kinky tarotscopes for the month of February.
Greta Christina
Learning Can Be Fun

"Nina loves both spanking and being spanked. She's been doing it for years, and she knows a huge amount about it." Greta Christina reviews the latest DVD from America's most beloved former porn star Nina Hartley.
Sephera Giron
Erotic Tarotscopes

"Funnel that tension into learning some new positions in the Kama Sutra. Try the exotic crab position. Your current lover will suddenly become more interesting to you." What's in the cards for your erotic BDSM life in the month of December? Check out your reading by Tarot/astrologist Sephera Giron.
Tristan Taormino
Tristan Taormino: So You Want To Have A Threesome

"My friend Lola routinely fucks her boyfriends friend, and all of them seem to work it out." Read Tristan's threesome pointers written exclusively for readers.
Greta Christina

"They make those horrible fake porn-grimaces that are meant to look like passion but actually look like constipation..." Oops! Reviewer Greta Christina trains the rocket launcher on Art School Sluts.
Tristan Taormino
Butt Jewelry and Other Tails

"I know lots of women who cant take anything in their ass without something working their clit." Read Tristan Taormino's anal advice on clits and butts, girls who get mouthy in malls, where to find anal jewelry, and more.
Greta Christina
Shock Treatment

Greta Christina finds a new fangled toy and gets down and creative with it in unique Greta style. Check out her review of the Electric Paddle.
Greta Christina
Caribbean Heat

"Her success made other producers realize not only that straight couples liked to rent dirty movies, but that both women and men were hungry for passionate, labor-of-love porn with good production values and not-completely-stupid writing and acting." Greta Christina reviews the new viewables from Candida Royalle: (Candida>>)
Greta Christina
Try, Try Again

"See, when I was bent over my bed, or sprawled on my belly on a pile of pillows, I could grind my pelvis against the pillows or mattress or whatever, giving myself just a little more pressure and a little more oomph." -- Another hot, informative sex toy review from Greta Christina (sextoyreviewer).
Greta Christina
High-Speed Wireless

This wireless communication system goes straight to the nipples. Read GRETA CHRISTINA'S first-hand, tits-on review!
Lady Bastet
PART 2: Whats a Nice Girl Like YouDoing in an Adult Theater?

"If you want to know how to 'spot' a potential playmate at an adult theatre, I suggest you read on"--Lady Bastet.
Lady Bastet
Whats a Nice Girl Like YouDoing in an Adult Theater?

"If you want to know how to 'spot' a potential playmate at an adult theatre, I suggest you read on"--Lady Bastet.
M. Christian
From his Ass to his Dildo

How's a guy to keep his butt-dildo in place when he's busy having a self-love fest? Advice columnist M. CHRISTIAN offers some suggestions.
Tristan Taormino
Trying the Tricky

Buttgirl TRISTAN TAORMINO takes on adventurous ways to enter the back door.
Tristan Taormino
Slow Jizz Fizz

Tristan Taormino tells why anal sex puts a smile on a lady's cheeks. Plus, if you have a squirting dildo, here's Chef Tristan's recipe for scrumptious cum.
Tristan Taormino
Burn, Bottom, Burn

"Buttgirl" Tristan Taormino answers butt-love questions, like what does it mean when the bottom burns.
Lisa ChavezMore XXXmas Toys

Follow Adult Santa through his sex toy shop in the second half of "Toys for a Happy XXXmas."
Maris LemieuxGetting a Charge out of Sex

Dial up your Shivers and shudders and tingles. The new world of e-stim electrifies sex.
Tristan Taormino
Dildos for Dommes

Buttgirl Tristan Taormino tells dominant ladies how to strap on the power and go after their bottom's bottom.
Tristan Taormino
Heavy on the Anal

Enemas? Anal fantasies? Tristan Taormino tells you how go at it -- safe rear action with a bite.
Geoff SmullinsTales of Hymen

Is she really a virgin? And if so, what should you do? The fine art of fucking a virgin.
Emory MellistosTricks with Toys

The sex toy world is vast. Rather than try to learn everything about it before jumping in, try adding a sex toy to an old favorite activity -- the blow job for example.
Maris LemieuxTake it all for Daddy

Ten Steps to DEEP THROAT or how to to take it all in.
Maris LemieuxHow to Give Good Sexual Massage

Building the big one; sexual massage starts with a slow buildup that fuels the full-bodied orgasm.
Lisa ChavezGourmet Eating at the Y

Going down on the Venus mound? Well, then. Here are just a few little things everyone should know about cunnilingus.
Lisa ChavezTake it all Off

Shaving the private parts is a rapidly growing trend for sexually active people. If you haven't had the pleasure of denuded nether regions, here are some things to consider.
Maris LemieuxWhat to do When the Sex Goes Away (III)

When your sex life with the partner you love has been in the deep freeze for far too long, it's not time for talk, it's time for action: Extreme frosts and how to melt them.
Maris LemieuxRemote Strip Searching

If you thought the movie Phone Booth was implausible, imagine your boss strip searching you according to instructions from someone at the other end of a telephone. Well it happened again -- this time in Arizona -- and it wasn't a movie.
Maris LemieuxWhat to do When the Sex Goes Away (II)

When you look around and notice your sex life with your partner is flat on the mat and down for the count, it's not time for talk, it's time for action.
Maris LemieuxRocky Romance Tip #2: When the Sex Goes Away

When the sex goes away, it's probably not because you're unattractive. Or unloved, for that matter. Still, you look around and notice your sex life is flat on the mat and down for the count -- what does it mean?
Maris LemieuxThe Love Drugs (III)

You want to fan the flames of desire, but subtly; so desire moves in on little stealth wings. There's nothing more subtle and convincing than approach by aroma.
Maris LemieuxThe Love Drugs (II)

Bees do it. And it's all because of pheromones. Do human pheromones work the same way? Will just a dab of pheromones behind the ears make you a sex magnet?
Maris LemieuxThe Love Drugs (I)

You want that love potion, don't you? Ah, Aphrodisiacs. Spanish Fly, Jimson Weed, Mandrake -- these are the names that come to mind from the horny halls of history. Do they work?
Shayla PandavaWhy Not Try Carnival in Rio? (Update)

Eat drink and be merry, for after Fat Tuesday we behave. In that way, Carnival's like Mardi Gras only sunnier, hotter, bigger, lustier. And it sambas.
Shayla PandavaSmooth Swinging for First Timers

Your first swinger party? Just remember, the first time out, you don't have to get lucky, you just have to have fun.
Maris LemieuxHave a Sexy Day -- Valentine or No

Whether the Valentine in your life is new, familiar, or make believe, you can have a Valentine's Day full of hot sensuality.
Maris LemieuxRocky Romance Tip #1

Be prepared to take action long before your relationship hits rocky terrain. A secret stash of Rocky Romance Tips might just help you avoid a landslide.
Ellen TreboretImprove your pictures on the site

Face it, it's the picture that counts when you are wandering the world of online dating - so how to improve yours? Take these few simple steps.
Laura Antoniou
Gourmet Play

Gourmet Play

By Laura Antoniou
Make yourself into a gourmet of kink. If hooking up isnt satisfying any more, no matter how popular you are or how many times you get hit up at parties, then cutting down on casual play will make you more aware of the pleasures in waiting, flirting, and in being with someone special.
Laura Antoniou
These Boots are made for Buffin' or The Erotic Power of Knowing Your Shit.

(August 11)

These Boots Are Made for Buffin;
The erotic power of looking like you know your shit.

By Laura Antoniou

"In retrospect, I realize it wasnt just the cute Bootblack, boy jareth. (Denver Bootblack, 2008.) It wasnt just the pleasurable thought of having my boots tended to even though I do love that. It was the sight of a man who was prepared to do his best with the best available tools. This bootblack came to buff, baby. And it turned me on. Proper prep = pure pleasure."
N.T. MorleyExam Room 3, Part 2

(July 3)
"There was no backing out now, not without interrupting her exam, and that was the last thing Jessie wanted to do." The conclusion of N.T. Morley's latest fetish fiction masterpiece.
N.T. MorleyExam Room 3, Part 1

(June 2)
"As soon as the receptionist was gone, Jessie unbuttoned her raincoat and took it off. She wore neither bra nor panties underneath, and she did not don the gown. Instead, Jessie climbed mostly naked onto the exam table, which was tipped up in a sitting position, and obediently put her feet in the stirrups, spreading her legs wide." More fetish-flavored fiction from N.T. Morley.
Laura AntoniouAt Your Service: the Art and Theory of Being Useful

(March 3)
""But like so much of what we do, service doesnt begin and end between our legs; it resides where the rest of our drives, fetishes and desires hang out - between the ears." Renowned author Laura Antoniou discusses the finer points of servitude -- from tea service, oral sex, and bootblacking to massage, home decor, programming.
Greta Christina
Spank!: Hot photos in Review

(January 1)
"Well, everything I said about the sex the blowjobs and the fucking and the fingering and the forcible spreading of pussies wide, wide open for the camera all of it applies to the spankings as well. It's the real deal." If you can't get enough of spanking, we've got it double barrel this week as Greta Christina looks at the hot new photo book from Eric Wilkins.