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Groups about techniques, humilation stories,and suggestions for play ideas.

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Small Penis Humiliation312 3,186 
Forced feminisation3,258 26,907 
Male Humiliation Chat3,294 23,611 
human cows2,605 21,558 
Erotic Catfighters Humiliated128 20,457 
Humiliation Chat3,192 16,692 
Humiliated White Slaves/Subs923 16,247 
BLACK DOM LODGE white fem sub587 11,228 
Cuckold Humiliation1,677 10,694 
CBT& Female Gen/Breast Torture450 5,718 
Fat pig slut lovers701 5,272 
Mock The Smaller Cock199 4,874 
FUCKMEAT IN HEAT4,664 4,454 
Humiliated Catfighters161 4,100 
Cunt Degradation3,405 3,892 
UK Humiliation and Degradation101 3,011 
Kennel & Cages861 2,883 
Less Than Human684 2,848 
humiliated men wrestling35 2,424 
Face-Fucking285 2,348 
females inferior to Males727 2,252 
Dirty Whores for use266 2,088 
post your humiliation ideas339 1,903 
The Ranch- Intimate to Intense569 1,770 
Lobby Overflow765 1,760 
Use and Abuse of Women878 1,581 
small cock denial111 1,343 
Submissives Seeking Dommes841 1,300 
Sugar's Raceplay Room370 960 
humiliation ideas144 950 
Extremely Sadistic Humiliation227 894 
Asian Humiliation607 881 
Face Slapping101 745 
sluts, cunts, useful fuckmeat805 726 
Quality Sluts R Us194 665 
Sugar's Forced Breeding Barn1,320 652 
Degradation and Depravity135 651 
Cuckold Enlightenment128 627 
Sub Human Females337 439 
Bimbo Fuckmeat155 428 
KR's Ranch and Stockyards947 407 
Slave to a Black Goddess112 371 
Extreme Humiliation Online114 359 
Do what the fuck I say26 346 
Instructions201 312 
Back to BDSM Basics; M/s & D/s273 
Dirty Bad Girls288 254 
Females superior to males77 233 
Darkdreams BDSM FUNHOUSE38 194 
Blackmail Me!125 177 
A Great Hall of Fantasies1,370 162 
ass licking bitches133 152 
Real-time Fuckslut Humiliation293 148 
cheapwhore's domain187 148 
diapers240 133 
Human Garbage Disposals65 133 
Beg For Mercy !130 120 
Abuse & Humiliate Fat Cunt89 120 
Your Black Sirs Whorehouse114 111 
females created to serve males273 110 
Female Fuckpigs245 110 
Nastiest whores on alt240 109 
Financial Humiliation91 104 
The Room of the Bitch29 96 
Loyal slaves of Princess Jolie20 89 
Country girls to use and abuse76 82 
closed due to lack of interest358 80 
Lesbo Bondage Lovers102 80 
reverse cuckhold42 79 
offers for humilitation54 71 
Muscle men as slaves70 
Whores to humiliate173 69 
forced into diapers128 67 
displayed4humiliation55 66 
Sluts that crave torture83 54 
ts dom here!!74 54 
Modern Cuckqueaning41 51 
Lesbian Humiliation263 50 
Stupid Romanian Cunt21 50 
Auntie Em\'s Barn44 48 
Sinful Delights89 47 
Hu Cows63 46 
Black Goddess for white slaves10 46 
Mistress Taylor's room156 45 
vivian's Pig Pen24 45 
T-Gurls for you11 45 
Humiliated Black Slaves & Subs43 
Worship room30 34 
Competitive Humiliation34 
Worship Royalty57 33 
prissy sissy faggot maids26 33 
Humiliation: Doms and subs60 32 
Degradation & Debauchery25 31 
Keeping it Simple41 30 
Black Owners-white slaves39 30 
Bi / Lez Girlz Using Str8 Guys67 29 
the new human cow group18 29 
Bitches That Seek Revenge !29 
D/s Hideaway94 27 
Sissy Humiliation24 
Human pigs21 23 
Forced Prostitution Fantasy20 23 
pig sluts11 23 
human pigsluts23 
simone's room23 
Sluts 4 Humilation Play Pin63 22 
Puppy Playground21 22 
Webcam Humiliation Room92 20 
Slut Humiliation Online33 20 
Sir MKS Private Room26 19 
Brothel for sluts and wives194 18 
Human Pets29 18 
Ebon's Castle31 17 
nasty alt whores23 17 
Japanese, Chinese, Native Amer16 16 
Fat Slut Lovers15 
Degredation of females74 14 
The Kinky Cottage67 14 
Humilation for females only.22 14 
people who hate white girls18 14 
Cum eaters14 
Female Humi and Pet Training25 13 
BLACK vs. WHITE Catfight13 
Anything Can Happen12 
Males Rule Females10 11 
Females humilate Males11 
Luv Boy Farm11 
Mistress Vickey's new sissy's11 
Interrogation Sub slave camp16 10 
Dirty use for females.10 
Subbie Olympics10 
The Fight and fuck Room10 
humiliating coffee27 
Whores Love Being Degraded21 
Fantasy Island
Ms Sues' palace of need
needs a fat oral slut
Fantasy Candy29 
Red Can't Ban You Here23 
cuckold slavery18 
The Farm

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