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Cleo DuboisSpanking Good Time!

(January 4)
"To spank or be spanked? For me it is not a question. Both, of course!" Cleo Dubois discusses the pleasure and power of the mutual gift of kink.
Cleo DuboisPresents = Priceless!

(December 1)
""I stand in front of Jade. Our eyes are locked. We breathe together deeply. She waits. She knows I am about to pounce like a cat on its prey. She stifles her screams as I suddenly yank the clothespin zippers off her breasts, radiating shockwaves of pain out of her eyes in a torrent of fire. Her thin body jerks, her eyes still focused on mine as she lets in the searing sensations. Kiss me, she says. I step closer to her. What did you say? Her voice drops an octave into a primal growl, I want you to kiss me now." Cleo Dubois discusses the pleasure and power of the mutual gift of kink.
Cleo DuboisBound to Be Free

(November 1)
"You can go a long way with some soft rope, a few knots and basic knowledge of where and where not to tie.For some, rope is a fetish and nothing will make them fly like tight rows of hemp cords biting gently into their flesh. " Cleo Dubois explores the appeal of bondage, from soft ropes to metal shackles and cages.

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Title Author Date # Responses Holiday Gift Guide!

(December 6)

Looking for the perfect fetish-flavored present? A kinky little stocking stuffer? An extra-naughty splurge? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for dozens of gift-giving ideas!
Shotgun JesseReview: Bakushi

(November 1)

A sneak peek at the new art-house documentary on rope bondage masters in Japan, Bakushi.
ALT.comFeatured Blogger: Keres

(June 4)

In honor of "Playtime!" Month at, we spoke to featured blogger [blog Keres], author of the blog "Ex Luna Scientia" ("For the uneducated that means "From the moon, knowledge."") Keres lives in England, and her blog is humorous, scathing, and unabashed.

She says, "I really get off on fear. As in putting the fear of Gods into someone. If I can get inside their head and make them believe they're really in trouble, I'm all for that."

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Title Author Date # Responses
MidoriA Special Evening

(November 1)
"Hes read the instructional books, taken classes and went on-line in search of information. He wanted to make sure everything was right, that nothing would go wrong to ruin the evening, disappoint or harm her. Being new to such things, he wasnt taking chances. If done incorrectly, the consequences would be dire for her and their relationship, and he knew it."

Special guest writer Midori provides an unusual Thanksgiving-themed story surprise.
Greta Christina
Rolling in Lube

(March 19)
"It's lovely to be able to give a massage and glide right into some serious fooling around, without having to deal with the drippy massage oil bottle and the oil getting all over everywhere." Sex toy tester Greta Christina discovers some new winners (and losers) in the lube and massage department.
Cleo Dubois
Found and Bound on ALT!

(August 1)
"After a brief fine tuning of our email negotiations, we moved into the dungeon. As soon as we started to play, I noticed that his sadism was running him. They met on! and ultimately found their way to Cleo Dubois' dungeon for a session. Read how this ALT couple met, tied the knots and played in the dungeon with BDSM sexpert Cleo Dubois.

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Title Author Date # Responses
N.T. MorleyThanksgiving Feast

(November 1)
"She felt a surge of excitement and panic as he circled first one wrist, then the other, knotting them smoothly. He always favored ropes, never cuffs -- he knew the feel of the rope against her body did things to her." Fetish-flavored fiction from N.T. Morley.
10/31/200714 StaffInterview: Rachel Kramer Bussel

"I really love spanking people because its so tactile and visual and you get to hear your hand hitting their skin and their breathing change, and to me the posture of someone bending over with their ass in the air is just too sexy for words."

Author and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel talks about her new books, He's on Top: Erotic Stories of Male Domination and Female Submission, and its companion, She's on Top: Erotic Stories of Female Domination and Male Submission.

Bill Reed
You've Made It To The Party, Now What? Scene Etiquette

(May 21)
New to play parties? Floggers striking skin, whips cracking and leaving their marks, naked bodies bound in various positions. The scene is surreal, the music mysterious, the sounds of passion a song to your ear. Youre new, youre nervous, you dont know what to expect or what is expected. Expert kinkster Bill Reed offers some pointers on play party etiquette.

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Title Author Date # Responses
Gina de VriesReview: Candy Cane Glass Dildo

(December 11)

Looking for a tasty holiday treat? Our reviewer gives us her assessment of the Candy Cane Glass Dildo's potentials.
Lucy PeignoirReview: Bondage Book Round-Up

(November 21)

Our reviewer takes a detailed look at four of the best bondage how-to books on the market. Which one is right for you? Read on.
by Gina de VriesReview: Seven Piece Fantasy Restraint Kit

(November 16)

Looking for an easy bondage starter kit? Our reviewer takes the Seven Piece Fantasy Restraint Kit for a spin.

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Title Author Date # Responses
Lacy Stahl, a Review
Spanks for Everything!

"Who would have known getting a spanking could get your rocks off in so many different ways?" -- Review of The Compleat Spanker.
Rik Sanjung, A Review

Do you feel the wild call of flogging scenes but haven't yet taken the plunge? Joseph W. Bean's informative, seductive book, Flogging, may give you the push you need.
Maris LemieuxA Note For Newbies

How newbies can improve their BDSM skills without ever stepping into a dungeon. And how surfing can help.