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The Purity Test

Are you a sexual prude or a full-blown hedonist? Or somewhere in between? You can quickly find out by taking the Purity Test. The lower your score, between 1 and 100, the less pure you are. What's more, you'll be able to share your score with friends, plus coax them to take the test, so you can discover who the true "deviant" of the group is.

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes." The "submit" button is at the bottom. No one will ever see your specific answers. After you take the test, you will be able to email your score to your friends.

"MOS" refers to "Member of the Opposite Sex"

"Have you ever . . ."
1)been a member of
2)bought/read pornographic periodicals?
3)bought/read Modern Primitives or some other BDSM related book (such as Different Loving or the Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices)?
4)been involved in a situation where if something went wrong in any way the only means you had to stop the situation was to call out a "safe" word (a word selected before the situation began)?
5)used your "safe" word?
6)had someone use their safe word to stop or slow down a situation you and they were involved in?
7)been restrained with ropes or other bondage devices where you could escape if you wanted to?
8)been restrained with cuffs or other bondage devices where you could not escape unless someone helped you?
9)been restrained inside of a body bag?
10)been wrapped in saran wrap?
11)given someone an orgasm while they were tied up?
12)had an orgasm while tied up?
13)been blindfolded?
14)been gagged?
15)been forced to drink from a non-standard object or in a non-standard way? (such as licking champagne from the floor or drinking from a dog bowl)
16)eaten without using your hands or off of a non-standard surface (like the floor or a dog bowl)?
17)tortured someone with the threat of discovery? (for instance, tying them up somewhere where someone could discover them and then leaving them there or threatening to leave them there?)
18)worshipped someone's feet?
19)given someone a tongue bath?
20)forced/coerced someone into worshipping you or your body?
21)been forced/coerced into worshipping someone or their body?
22)punished someone for not doing something or doing it incorrectly?
23)been punished for not doing something correctly or refusing to do something?
24)been required to call someone Master/Mistress/Goddess/God/Owner/some-other-variation during BDSM play?
25)required that someone call you Master/Mistress/Goddess/God/Owner/etc. during BDSM play?
26)been involved in a Slave/Master contractual relationship for longer than a day? (contract meaning verbal/written agreement setting up codes of behaviour for participants)
27)considered yourself a "top"/sadist for at least a year?
28)considered yourself a "bottom"/masochist for at least a year?
29)considered yourself a "switch"? (Someone who likes to top or bottom)
30)played both "top" and "bottom" in the same night?
31)worn a collar around your neck/wrist/ankle that was locked by someone other than yourself?
32)locked a collar around someone?
33)kept a slave for at least 6 months? (someone who you treated as a slave perhaps by restricting their movement or proscribing their activities in some other fashion)
34)been kept as a slave for at least 6 months?
35)gone to a play party or other BDSM show (like a BDSM club)?
36)made modifications to your home/room to make BDSM play easier? (such as installing hooks in the walls, floor or ceiling)
37)been stripped naked and had your genitals exposed by a person in control of you? (at play party, BDSM club)
38)been "given" to someone as a slave or toy?
39)been "given" a person as a slave or a toy for your pleasure?
40)had sex with someone whose name you didn't know? (and still don't know.)
41)had sex with someone whose face you never saw?
42)paid or been paid to dominate someone?
43)paid or been paid to have someone dominate you?
44)given or received a fisting?
45)been restrained in a straightjacket (PVC, leather, whatever, variations count)?
46)been involved in the acting out of a sexual fantasy? ( fantasy, sex-in-a-public-place fantasy, dominating-boss fantasy)
47)bought tools for sex play (such as a dildo or a vibrator or a blowup doll)?
48)made video tapes of BDSM play?
49)had your partner take pictures of you in a compromising situation? (such as tied up, naked, or during sex)
50)taken erotic pictures of your partner?
51)lead or been lead around on a leash in public?
52)had BDSM play with more than one person simultaneously?
53)flogged or been flogged with the intention of giving/receiving pain?
54)been flogged with a flogger/whip/paddle/cane so that there were bruises showing the next day?
55)flogged someone with a flogger/whip/paddle/cane so that they had bruises the next day?
56)been flogged/beaten with a non-standard object such as a hard loaf of bread, a shoe or a hairbrush?
57)achieved orgasm while being whipped/flogged?
58)had nipple clamps/clothespins used on your nipples or other sensitive parts?
59)used nipple clamps/clothespins on someone's nipples or other sensitive parts?
60)had ball locks placed on you or placed ball locks on someone?
61)used melted wax for BDSM play?
62)used food for BDSM play? (such as using a vegetable as a penetration device)
63)received an enema?
64)practiced forced lactation?
65)drawn blood during BDSM play?
66)tasted or drank human blood (not your own)?
67)bled (not menstrual) during BDSM play?
68)been involved in the use of a penis as a leash?
69)been suspended entirely off the ground for BDSM purposes?
70)been confined in a cage?
71)given or received electric shock as a part of BDSM play? (for example, the violet wand)
72)used a butt plug?
73)worn a cock ring or had a partner wear a cock ring?
74)spent more than $500 on a single BDSM toy? (a corset, a suspension harness, a latex bodysuit, a metal cage, etc.)
75)worn a chastity belt or put a chastity belt on someone?
76)had sex with two different people separately in a 24 hr period?
77)had your pubic hair shaved?
78)had your pubic hair bleached and/or dyed?
79)gotten a genital or nipple piercing?
80)received a temporary piercing (anywhere on the body)?
81)received a temporary piercing (on your genitals)?
82)pretended to be an inanimate object such as a chair or a table?
83)used someone pretending to be an inanaimate object by sitting on them etc.?
84)pretended to be an animal during play?
85)treated someone as an animal during play?
86)been involved in water sports? (i.e. drinking someone's urine, or urinating on someone, being urinated on)
87)obeyed an order to defecate on yourself or your clothing?
88)worn a corset?
89)worn leather/rubber/pvc/latex as a fashion statement or part of BDSM play?
90)worn a "dominatrix/or" outfit or been forced to wear humiliating clothing?
91)practiced transvesticism?
92)worn diapers during BDSM play?
93)required that someone wear diapers during BDSM play?
94)been a fetishist? (by definition, a fetishist is someone who has, at any point, strongly felt that the presence of the fetish object enhances or otherwise enables mental/sexual fulfillment)
95)been to a BDSM shop where BDSM toys and accoutrements are sold?
96)purchased BDSM toys? (a flogger, a pair of handcuffs, etc.)
97)owned 10 or more devices intended for BDSM play?
98)used a dildo or vibrator on someone or had one used on you by a member of
99)written an explicitly erotic story and submitted it on
100)participated in play at a play party or BDSM show/club with a member of